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Google Contact Number Helpline
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Google UK Contact Number Tips

Google Contact Number Helpline Contact Number Int’l Number
Contact Google UK Customer Support 0800 169 0409 +44 800 169 0409

Google Overview

Google is an American company that operates as a multinational technology firm. It specializes in providing Internet related products as well as services to customers around the world. It is mostly renowned for being the first true search engine in the world.

The technology giant was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998.  These days, the company operates from its headquarters in Mountain View, California. The firm changed the location of its headquarters from Menlo Park, California.

It is one of the biggest global players in several industries that include Internet, computer hardware, and telecommunications equipment. It now boasts a chain of products, in addition to making several multi-billion dollar acquisitions. The Google Contact Number Helpline was established to bring the best customer service for the most respected customers using Google today.

Google has employed more than 40,000 individuals directly to operate the different products and services that the company offers. It has employed over 10,000 software developers in more than 40 locations or offices around the world as well.

Google Services

Google is one of the best platforms for advertising. In this regard, it has introduced tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords to help advertisers achieve their goals more efficiently and be able to monitor the progress of each advertisement campaign. Google contacts is a feature of Gmail that can connect you with everyone you know.

The company is responsible for close to 70 percent of all searches conducted online using computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The search engine has been able to index billions of web pages thus making it easier for users to search whatever they need with ease.

The company has created several productivity tools as well. Such tools include Gmail contacts and multiple Google apps. Other productivity tools include Google Code, Google for Work, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Google Docs to mention a few.

Contact Google Customer Service

To contact Google Support UK representatives by phone, you should call the number above, or 0800 – 169 – 0409. Google Contacts customer service numbers operate from 8am to 5pm every day between Monday and Friday, local UK time. On Saturday and Sunday, the office is closed thus no need for dialing the number. They will field any challenge or request whether you have a question about your google account, your gmail contacts, the google app store, or even how to start a new gmail account.

Google Contact Number Helpline

Write to Google Customer Service

If you are not able to contact Google UK you can always try writing to the Google Customer Service department in the US.

Send to:

Google Inc.

c/o Google Support
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Google Contact Number Helpline Tips

When calling the Google Support Apps for Work number, it is important to have the PIN ready as evidence that your organization has authorized you to administer its Google Apps account. The other numbers have different requirements that you must fulfill. Proof of identity is crucial. If you have questions about your google contacts, gmail contacts, google+, or other google related apps, please have that information ready for the representative.

Google Contact Number Helpline
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  • I have been trying to acess my gmail account for 4 days going round in circles,got throu to one gmail number 08000588092 who wanted to charge £150 for security charge this my last time can you help

  • I cannot reset my password as my phone has died and I have tried using my other gmail account but not recognised can you help please email me.

  • Hi having tried to recover my email address the automatic system i just too fast for me to get the passcode number correct so it has failed miserably. suggest it be slowed down to just giving out the numbers one at a time.

  • i have been trying to access an old email account to forward the settings to a new account but cannot log into old account to reset password…Google’s automatic procedure is stuck in a loop and I’ve made numerous phonically to Google, to be told that they cannot help and to keep trying the recovery procedure!!!!! It’s glaringly obvious there is a glitch in their system and that they’ve no intentions of doing anything about it!!!

  • hello
    please could you help me.i have just tried a google search for my business and it says we are permanently closed
    obviously this is not the case and i would like to know how this has happened
    my business address is;
    chadwicks car breakers ltd
    broughton mills rd
    ch3 7pb

  • Icant connect to server says it doesn’t recognise my password which I haven’t changed, can you help please

  • I have had this account for years and use it for my playstaion4. nolw I cant access any of my content without changing password and google wont let me do this. my password has always been the same and nowit isn’t working..HELP

  • My passwords are not working which i;ve not changad. Not worked since last upgrade! Could you fix it

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