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Google Customer Service
Google Customer Service

Google UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Google UK Routing Number
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Google Phone Number Tips

Google Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Google Customer Service Toll-Free  0800 169 0455
Play Store  0800 328 6081
Press Inquiries and Media Resources  0800 169 0703
Gmail Support  0800 031 4244
AdWords  1800 169 0409


Google Overview

Google was founded in the year 1998 by two friends Larry Page and Serge Brin. They were both students at the Stanford University in California pursuing their PhD degrees. Originally, it was named Backrub. It began as a simple search engine. It grew from being a search engine that used links to determine the importance of page ranks, to one that offers a whole range of services. All these services are directed towards bringing the world to your fingertips. Google is translated into more than 123 languages.

Googleplex is the corporate headquarters of Google. It is located in Mountain View, California. In the UK, Google offices are located at Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London.

Google Services

Google is primarily a search engine but it also offers a variety of business, media, mobile, geo, home and office services as well as social applications and products. Some of the products and services offered by google are

  • Web-based products
    • Documents
    • Excel
    • Slides
    • Video
  • Operating systems
    • Chrome
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Hardware
  • Cloud
  • GPS
  • Fibre
  • Crisis Response
  • Firebase
  • Ideas

Today, Google receives 40,000 searches in a second which translates to 3.5 Billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion searches in a year. The company has over 70 offices across the globe, in more than 40 countries. To learn more about the company, you can contact Google customer service toll-free, by dialling 0800 169 0455. You can check their products and services online too.

Contact Google Support

The Google customer service centre is essentially an online system. It offers help through both online assistance as well as FAQ systems to ensure that you do not face any problems while using their products or services. For media resources and press inquiries, dial toll-free, 0800 169 0703Alternatively, any enquiries regarding Google Play Store can be handled by the Google support team toll-free, 0800 328 6081. The phone lines are open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are open from 9am to 5pm. The phone centres are closed for public holidays.

For more information on how to contact Google and its various departments check out the Google Contact Us page.

Google Support

Write to Google Customer Service

Google supports a multinational technology company which deals with internet based products and services. In one way or another, in your day to day life, you have to use their products or services. They are also fun and easy to use. Especially since they are usually online based, it makes it so convenient for a mobile user. These products and services are used by trillions of people all over the world. Therefore, it is not always easy to contact Google support team members. For instance, most of the people I know use Gmail for communication, either in the office or with their family and friends. If you have any problems using your Gmail account, you can get assistance by dialling toll-free, 08000314244.You can also reach out to Google support via their address:

Google UK Ltd,

Belgrave House,

76 Buckingham Palace Road,

London SW1W 9TQ,

United Kingdom

Contact Google Helpline Tips

Google is an international company that has offices all over the world. If you want to contact Google, calling your local Google customer service phone number line is most likely going to be successful. Also, it is very important to note that you should call a helpline that suits your needs. For example, if you want to call about Adwords, make sure that you are calling the Adwords phone number, 1800 169 0409. Also, other ways to contact Google customer care is their social media platforms Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have digital customer care representative who will answer your posts within minutes.

Google Customer Service
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83 Comments to “Google Customer Service”

  • sir I wish to inform you their has been two payments taken out of my bank account one for £9.99 the other for £21.44 for something called google play witch I have never even heard of ,I would like this rectified A S P .this is down as direct debit on my bank account as I can assure you I did not autherise this or sign anything to allow this i want this rectified asp or i shall take further action .

    your mrs Christina Pire
    i hope to hear about this matter asp .

  • I have been blocked on my iPad aps can’t download when you send me an e mail the message is all overlapped help please

  • It’s very insensitive to advertise mothers day on your home page. Think about all the people who have lost their mothers be it recently or some time ago, they can’t contact them or give them a card or present. Plus I don’t think you should advertise a commercial enterprise on your home page. Just keep putting up facts etc like normal. I find it very stressful having mothers day rammed down my throat, it’s bad enough with the ad’s on the telly etc without google doing it as well.

  • Hello i am hoping you can help us. A while ago we signed up for a website thinking it would promote our business and grow/expand our bodyshop after several weeks we realised it was not helping us at all, the biggest problem we have is that we have had people writing really negative if not personal reviews on our page, this is very upsetting. We have cancelled all the web page for ashington cars but the google review page is still live, on speaking to Digital kitbags we have been told it was not set up by them and they no control over the page, can you please close this review page as it is very distressing for all of us. Please let us know if you need anymore information.
    Kind Regards
    Sharon/ Chris Luke

  • Please can you take away my password from Pay Pal as I want to enter it myself when I log in to Pay Pal account.

    Yours G. Owen

  • I have been playing clash of clans for months now and decided to buy some gems for £14:99 to speed things up a bit but when I try to buy it keeps saying high risk please try again in 30 minutes and when I do that the same thing keeps happening. I have been in touch with PayPal and there is not a problem there and I have been in touch with clash of clans customer service and they say there is no problem there and the problem is with google not allowing the transaction. After trying to purchase numerous times could you please rectify the problem or tell me why? Thank you.

  • My business has unwanted information on the google search of “detail group”. I wish to update the google+ account that has this information held within it. But I do not know the password or email that was used to create this google+ page. Changing this information is crucial to the business as it could be informing clients the incorrect information.

    Could you tell me what email address this page belongs to? or is there any way I could restore the whole page.

  • Do you do work experience?

    kind regards


  • I have a complaint payments taken out of my bank account £300 for something called gold on tagged without gave any information bank card or allowed to this tagged site to take any money from my account,so i want my money back or i will fallow this site tagged and google Judicially in the court,i want to hear soon as possible from you please before take any legal steep to google

  • I have a complaint payments taken out of my bank account £300 for something called gold on tagged without gave any information bank card or allowed to this tagged site to take any money from my account,so i want my money back or i will fallow this site tagged and google Judicially in the court,i want to hear soon as possible from you please before take any legal steep to google

  • Really disappointed with your image on st George’s day . From friends of the green dragon , am sure in my opinion the friendly green dragon wouldn’t hurt a horse . The horse looks frightened , couldn’t you change it to make it look less frightening

  • Disappointed in the image for st George’s day

  • Candle on the water by helen reddy from peters dragon

  • Hi I cant receive any email on my recovery email address

  • I’m wrighting to tell u that I brought the kids a android tablet for Christmas and downloaded clash of clans for them little did I know the kids have been able to buy gems off this game witch is not authorised by me I would like to sort out this matter and get my money back please

  • I have a problem at the moment with my Epson printer, the black cartridge is completely blocked and I have been told that I should be able to request that the font in my emails is changed to blue, for a few weeks. Please help

  • Hi

    can you confirm that Google sent me mail about someone trying to access my google account from Moscow today ??? and request me to change my password ????


  • I can’t sign into Gmail on the Mail browser on a Macbook Pro.

    It works when I sign on in the Safari browser but comes up with this message –
    A Connection Error has occurred.

  • Please tell me WHY it is necessary to keep changing formats!! I am refering to saving “favourites” it now dosnt just put your favourite into the drop down menu you have to go through a hole lot of rubbish to retrieve them WHY cant your geeks just leave things as they are!!! SO DAMNED ANNOYING!!!!!!!

  • I have been using Google Chrome as my default browser for some time now. However this past month or so this has repeatedly crashed and this morning whilst placing an online order it crashed & the details completly lost.
    I do get a message saying “Woops – Google Chrome craashed” & I have the option of clicking on “Restore”
    This is becoming far too frequent & causing a great deal of trouble.
    I dont know if this is a TalkTalk issue but would appreciate your commenst


  • Dear Google UK,

    Do you have a new business mentoring service?

    As a Golden One, and potential new entrepreneur with an idea, I feel a bit overwhelmed and could do with some help and guidance.

    I am not sure if customer service is the correct place to start my online app journey but at least I am now making a start! Please forward me onwards if necessary.

    Linda The Explorer

  • your Gmail security sends us round in circles: what if I don’t remember when I started using Gmail/ not even approximately, and what if I have no favourite food and can’t remember the bullshit I typed to keep you happy.
    Without answering these questions your security just bounces me round and round, hoping I lose interest.
    Please stop asking stupid security questions, we need to think up the question and answer so it stays in our heads.
    Why can’t I be verified through my Hotmail account only…?

  • i have been blocked from Google, can’t play music on my I pad, nothing, the recovery phone number SIM card has now been cut down to go into iPad, the I pad will not received text messages, the recovery email address is no longer in use, deleted some how, or by someone, can you explain on the e mail address provided who is going to sort this out!!!

  • just bought blackberry leap…cannot set up email addresses that worked well on previous blackberry…when into virgin media account google error message states “the page you requested is invalid “…need help please

  • Salam you state fraudelent activity is orohibited on your websites, yet you are encouraging selles to view our transaction history and selling info to them I think this needs to be challanged and I request other users to join force for classcaction against this violation of our first amandment

  • Hi, I went to sign into my emails to be met by a information screen about privacy. It said to click on “I agree” to continue. As you have not given a I AGREE option this is difficult. Please do tell me how I get to my important emails that need actioning tonight! I now stand to lose contracts due to your inability to add a damn button for something that is less than needed. Please tell me how to AGREE so I can continue to work.

  • Hang on, google help line states on this very page your opening hours to be 7 days 24/7. Just rang and was informed you are shut. You really do offer the WORST service going. Get this issue sorted asap please or I will not only walk away but make you pay in the process.

  • There was a fault on our website and it has somehow automatically been removed from Google, could we please have a re-submission of the URL (web address), as above.

  • Google does not verify my account when I type in my new password. What can I do to verify it? I have not signed up for 2 step security.

  • Hi,
    I’ve received an e-mail from google for google anniversary award. is that true?

  • Please could you explain why, when I do a search on GOOGLE and limit it to UK only, the USA seems to have taken over the world, well, GOOGLE search. What is the point of having the option to search the UK when it doesn’t work? It’s more than a little frustrating.

  • I’m trying to use the google photos app on my galaxy phone without success. every time i try to open the app, i get message “unfortunately photos has stopped working”. Tried clearing photos cache etc without success. Any ideas?

  • I can’t get past your privacy thing to access my emails, nothing happens when I click “agree”

  • Hi, I don’t know if you can help or not bus someone told me to enter my name and town into the search engine and see what comes up. I did this and some things have come up that I am ashamed of and I really don’t want them to be public. They are about me so surely I have the right to get them deleted or hidden? Can you help please?


  • What no reply from the great Google Customer Services?
    This seems to reflect other peoples experience of this organisation.
    Lets see what tomorrow brings

  • I forgot my password , my account has a outdated phone number I don’t remember , an old email address , I can not remember , So all the ways to recover my password , are blocked please advice.

  • Please can you help with this problem, recently made changes to my website and published some time ago with godaddy i have resubmitted to webmaster tools unfortunately google is still crawling my old design even after i have removed the urls and services. I have been in touch with godaddy and they tell me its Google i need to contact I have tried several times with no success.
    Mr H.Ford

  • I had to change my password as I suspected fraudulent activity and since then I can sign in with my new password everywhere except Google Chrome, please advise how to rectify this. Thank you.

  • Google told me i had suspicious activity on my account and to change my password which i have done. Now my Gmail notifiers of incoming mail (Gmail Notifier and Scotts Gmail notfier) no longer work. I have inserted my new passwords into the notifiers to no avail. Google must have somehow blocked these from working. I have downloaded new notifiers but my name and password are not recognised. Please help, thanks

  • I have recently, among many others, questioned my ISP over it’s involvement with tax evaders. They agree.
    Since Friday 11/07/2015 adverts from your company have blocked access to my email.
    Kindly remove these, according to my ISP your infection has affected and I have no intention of using your company so please remove your adverts.

  • Why am I unable to log in to view my email via my android mob to This problem started yesterday. I cannot check my email and is so frustrating

  • Google Maps U.K. used to be so easy, pleasant to look at and quick. What has happened? The new diagrammatic map is HORRIBLE. Trying to find directions is impossible. The text account is o.k., but the map does not download, even when left alone to carry on slowly, and to do a few tasks (see below) As usual, it is always the last part of the destination which can be confusing, I expect a map to download, to take a quick look at the general route and then Zoom into the destination and examine area, Check names of turnings before the required turning Load satellite with map overly and again, if necessary, zoom in and out to get a clear picture Then to get a street view of destination and road leading up to destination. Then print map All of this was possible with old Google Maps U.K. This morning I managed to get the written destination and then waited for the map: I unloaded my washing machine Put in another load Found a snack and typed this comment! THE MAP STILL HAD NOT LOADED at least 20 mins! Update, finally downloaded map at about 12.00, actual routes showed up on the map at about 12.15 pm. I’m giving up and will be using another service, unless something is done quickly.

  • I need to know how I can set up another gmail address in addition to the one I already have. I want to use it for my business.

    • Need to know how I can set up another gmail address in addition to the one shown above. Need it for my business.

  • How can I contact you directly to remove sensitive information? Please e-mail me as this is a case of fraudulent activity.

  • I had a ‘joke’ nickname (not offensive- just an awful pun) many years ago which i have since removed from my account (or so i thought) my friends now tell me that it appears (and apparently has done for the last 2 years) EVERY time i send an email. My email account is not with you (as you can see- it is a tiscali account). Please tell me how i remove this stupid prefix – it makes me look stupid. If i opened a new email accolunt with another provider would the prefix attach to that as well? Please advise it is very frustrating. As said it is no longer the name of my you tube account and has not been for at least 2 years. Thanks

  • My work involves a lot of web research and I am being driven nuts by intrusive and definitely alienating advertising – “interest led” or some such privacy invading software. You do not have my permission to hassle me on this way.
    I am not in the slightest bit interested in a lot of things I have to research.
    I take the view that if a business has to advertise in this way it’s dodgy or sells crap.
    If I have purchased anything recently I am continually offered exactly the same thing – I HAVE BOUGHT IT ALREADY, I DON’T NEED ANOTHER ONE.
    The worst problem is that pop-ups constantly block the search box of the online dictionary I use (constantly)

  • For the second time this morning – these bloody adverts are driving me mad AND STOPPING ME WORKING
    How dare you impinge on my income in this way

  • I am receiving phone calls because my phone number and address appears on a google map when people search for Bacton Parish Council.
    I send in info about this and the map now shows this as “closed” but leaves the info there to see. I would like the whole reference removed. I have no idea how it got on there in the first place.

  • I have a few words to say to you about changing my old E-mail address but I am too much of a gentleman every time I try to go online shopping where online payment is required now on such sites I am asked to give email address plus password no email is known my old one plus the two new ones you gave my password is also a nightmare I had kept to just one a sort of one size fits all rather than a bunch easy to recall one for all logins now I do online shopping with Iceland stores my old email address is no longer accepted even with my original password to get round this I tried opening a new account using the new email addresses both new addresses along with original password not accepted I am not internet savvy as a touch of Murphy’s law comes into play on this android not use to this as I had a laptop better keyboard than this so what is going on old laptop failed on me I am trying to find a place where the Lazarus effect can be used to restore my laptop at an affordable cost

  • i want to take all personal details of google and stop others from puting my pics and informastion on websites . i wounld like google to stop any off my personal data being posted on there sites and others how do i do this

  • I believe my emails are being intercepted and not reaching the intended receiver – is this possible

  • Panic over, daughters just come home and explained it is her college joint account, that she had left logged on.

  • Hello there,

    I just wanted to ask what on earth have you done with our emoticons for email? lol. The new ones are horrible, and only a few of them…which is probably just as well. Can we have the others back please?

  • Every time I try to send an email or get someone to send me one I get the message server cannot be found. Can you tell me what the problem is.


  • I’m just wandering how to change my Google search from Australia to UK?


  • HELP Yahoo seem to have taken over my computer. I keep resetting it to Google but I just goesback to aut blank or yahoo – I do not want either. How can theytake over your pags? Please help me get google back

  • Hi. Is history image availiable for android mobile device..if so ,help please.(.Google earth)

  • have tried to remove the Flash Player out of date by all the methods indicated but to no avail have used AVG, Antimalaware Bytes. Super anti spyware these do not register any problem whats next????

  • Why do I keep getting pop up messages from apple each time I go out the above website, it’s bloody annoying.
    . I want to smash this tablet against the wall.

  • Sir

    Re- The word Arabic

    Is there any reason why when searching the meaning of a word/phrase, as soon as we type : (meaning in…) we then get other phrases that are not alphabetically accurate such as (hindi, tamil…etc) when priority should be given to other languages starting with letter A.

    Furthermore, when typing (…meaning in A…) in Arabic, google search still don’t come up with the word Arabic?

    I hope you will look into this matter and hopefully we’ll get to know why is that?

  • Another company has a similar name to mine, but the other company went in to liquidation several years ago. I am losing business because of the other company’s name. Apart from changing my company name how can I stop the other company appearing on the google list and destroying the family business?Thanks

  • My company phone number has changed. The old one appears, along with our address on the search pages. How can I change it please?

  • I always Google as my main search engine and until a couple of months ago it was virtually problems free.
    Now though the site is constantly crashing on me, i.e. becoming non-responsive. This happens also with my partner’s laptop and my own brand new laptop.
    Can you fix this? I can always use another search engine but, having always preferred Goggle, I thought I would bring it to your attention in the hope that normal service can be restored.

    Bob Dunn

  • Sirs
    I received an e mail from google indicating that if I did not mark agree then my access to google and associated companies would be withdrawn, as you currently have an almost global monopoly. I do not like to be coerced into agreeing to something which is not laid out in plain english.
    There fore i do not agree with your coercion and will minimise my use of all google products with immediate affect another success to your business development team

  • How do I stop SPAM mail on my Gmail account, please email me with the answer

  • My listing on google has an incorrect phone number, the person who keeps receiving my calls is blaming me, also I am losing business, how can I get the number corrected

  • Today I bought an Android phone, and after quite some time managed to connect it my internet and also to google. Now the icons on my laptop are HUGE and wont all fit on the screen. I am not allowed to downsize them for some reason, and am told by Control Panel that my only monitor is Mobile PC. WHY? Please can someone help me?

  • This: ‘Privacy reminder from Google it is a pain in the arse!!!!!!!!!!
    how can i stop it

  • google at the moment is very low .i have been half a hour trying to get into my gmail and change my password and google keep sending to my email which i cannot get into

  • how can I stop the annoying message about privacy policy coming up every time I open your search page ?

  • I have the same problem as Tony Howard – Jan 6 question re getting
    rid of the privacy statement. Why do get this repeatedly after answering
    it repeatedly and how do we get rid of it.

    Surprise me and give me an answer!

    Alan Leech

  • I was noticed I have been selected as a winner for using Google services, and win 950,000,00. I trust it is an illegal email and sharper. The email includes a Google UK’s official-like letter. Will you do something for this?

    Hoping you will reply me then do something for this sharper.

  • very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  • all my folders are empty on my gmail account, these were important emails such as invoices bills etc.How to retrieve then

  • Hope you can help.
    We have a small family business- I know people like it because of the reviews and feedback we get.
    People also access our website but enquires are few.
    Today I looked at the Google view/ image of our business- THE IMAGES ARE 7 YEARS OLD AND THE VIEW OF THE ADDRESS IS INCORRECT.

    PLEASE how can this be changed?

  • I recently had my mobile reset…but i cant get past my google password to use my phone…i just cant remember my password, how can i get passed this…thanks

  • I was looking at pics of the Osmonds when I received a message from you
    saying that you are keeping a eye on me and to stop downloading what I was doing

    As far as I know I am not doing anything wrong but could you tell me why i got those
    2 messages please.

    I signed up for the internet last October 2015 and have only had it 10 months, My
    husband found this pc and my brother in law got it up and running in other words
    repaired it, so I did not have a PC in 2014

  • I bought a new desk top from Chillblast and down loaded Google UK as it has always acted as my main search engine. It was only this evening that I noticed it to be Google Nederland.
    After searching on the computer how do I or can I change the country I deleted all of Google from my PC, WAITED, searched for Google UK and then re-downloaded only to find that once it was completed it again read Google Nederland…. Please can someone assist with what to do and what is going wrong.

  • My e-mails have been disabled for reasons unknown to and I can’t retrieve them. Can anyone please help? I am an elderly lady and find it very frustrating and annoyed that this should happen – SO MUCH FOR MODERN TECHNOLOGY!

  • Why does this website say call the 0844 number 24 hrs 7 days a week and I called at 15.00 on Saturday and the answer machine says you are now closed?

  • Why is it none of this numbers will help me with my account issue, when i try and sing in or reset my oassword all i get is this — Google couldn’t verify it’s you, so you can’t sign in to this account right now. Someone pls help ????

  • Trying to create an account so I can complain about the incorrect name of the street I live on.
    I cannot get passed the selection box for the month. The up and down arrows do not work, so I cannot continue.
    The problem with the street name is it also appears on satnav’s so delivery people cannot find the correct address.
    How can these problems be sorted.

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