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GoSkippy Contact Number
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The GoSkippy Helpline consists of all the required GoSkippy Contact numbers. For your convenience, it also constitutes of related web links and other desired information for gaining access to the GoSkippy customer service department system.

GoSkippy Phone Numbers List

GoSkippy Helpline UK Contact Numbers
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 840 6300
Car Insurance 0344 840 6300
Home Insurance 0344 776 5306
Van Insurance 0344 776 5309
Bike Insurance 0344 776 5748
Breakdown Coverage / RAC 0330 159 0452
For Filing Complaint 0344 776 5725

GoSkippy is the one and only insurance brokerage company which delivers the best policies at easy and affordable prices. Rest assured, when you are insured by one of their leading insurers, you are going to get the best deal as their customer. They claim to have the best customer care department constituting of world-class agents ready to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week. “Service with a smile” is their motto.

For more information you can visit their GoSkippy Contact Us page.

Ways to Contact GoSkippy

  • You can call any of the GoSkippy Contact Numbers mentioned above
  • Check out their website
  • Through Email
  • Sending a letter
  • You can check out and visit their online pages and other social media channels

GoSkippy provides you with total coverage-based insurance. This means that you are totally insured against any damages which occurred due to vandalism, accident or hit and run in case of vehicles. It will also provide you with fire, theft and third party insurance including Provisional insurance.

As UK recognised entity, they claim to have the best quotes for you for Car, Van, Bike and Home Insurance. You can always visit their online portal and see the options they give for yourself. You can also email or contact GoSkippy helpline number agents, 0344 840 6300.


Car Insurance

GoSkippy Contact Numbers

GoSkippy brings you the finest and most affordable car insurance in UK and since car insurance is an absolute must nowadays, you are bound to benefit as the company brings you just the right insurance in an affordable price range best suiting your budget.

Get your insurance quote right now by clicking on the “Get a Quote” button on the landing page of the website, fill out the forms displayed and somebody gets back to you with the appropriate quote. Or you can also visit their office for filling out forms, talking with their representative there and getting a quote.

With a veteran team of Customer service executives behind the scenes to assist you and your car insurance queries and needs, rest assured you will get all the support you need whether you are enquiring for car insurance policy or simply have a query post buying it, you can simply call GoSkippy Customer Service and they will be happy to help.

If at any time you feel like you have a question, you can contact GoSkippy, 0344 840 6302. All of your queries are welcomed and GoSkippy would love to tell you more about its RAC breakdown cover, unlimited windscreen cover, Up to £100 personal belongings cover, home-start breakdown recovery service and also £100,000 Legal expenses cover etc.

If you want to add or even customise your existing car insurance policy or you want to renew it, you can dial the GoSkippy helpline for renewals at 0344 840 6301. The customer has a wide range of insurance options to choose from including European cover, Roadside rescue, onward travel and Recovery at home rescue etc. and can choose and add as per their need.

When the moment finally arrives and you need a claim for your car insurance without going through any hoops or hassles, you can simply Contact GoSkippy 0344 840 9503.

Home Insurance

Contact GoSkippy

Owning a home is a lot of money and it is always beneficial to get it insured in case you have to go through fire, theft or other such incidents. Homeowners insurance will help protect you against that. You also require insurance in case you have a mortgage, your lender would like you to have insurance. Also, before funding your mortgage or refinance, the mortgage company will require adequate proof that your home is insured. This is the lender’s way of being sure that their investment in your house is secured in case of any unforeseen act damaging or destroying your house completely or partially.

With Home Insurance features such as lock replacement, a 24-hour emergency coverage for your home, £500 of Appliance breakdown coverage, a £100,000 family legal protection and much more, you will have the whole package.

Use the GoSkippy Contact Number, 0344 776 5306 which is their sales department number and you can ask for a quote or you can visit their website page GoSkippy Contact Us for more information on contacting them.

Ensuring the house and the contents are two separate things. House insurance is basically the building insurance, the structure in which you are living and contents being the things that are inside the house, like your furniture, valuables etc. You can inquire about both in detail from one of GoSkippy customer service agents by calling them at 0344 776 5311 and get a quote for same. You can also get a quote by clicking on the Quote button on the Home Insurance page.

Get your home insurance renewals for both contents and building by calling at GoSkippy contact number 0344 776 5306 and one of the agents from GoSkippy will assist you for the same. As with other insurance types, you can make additions to your policy and customise it as per your need while simultaneously renewing your policy.

Van Insurance

Goskippy Phone Number

Vans are an integral part of small scale businesses. They use it to transport products from one place to another and some people even have mobile shops in place in their vans. All in all, many people who are doing small scale businesses are totally dependent upon the income they get from these businesses and since vans are a critical part of it, without an insurance cover to protect these people, there is huge risk for them if something happens to their van or it simply breaks down for that matter which can result in huge financial loss for the business owner dependent upon it. This includes businesses such as florists, plumber and other such industry workers or private business owners.

GoSkippy provides such business owners with comprehensive insurance coverage. This coverage includes any accident, vandalism, hit and run or any accident in which your fault was there or not. You can check out the Van Insurance Page for more details or if you want to know more about Van Insurance you can call the GoSkippy Contact Number 0344 776 5309 and somebody from the sales team will be happy to answer your queries.

Have questions? Simply Contact GoSkippy at 0344 776 5308. You can ask about a wide array of queries ranging from the obvious questions regarding quotes to questions regarding Environmental damage cover, damages occurring from attempted theft or theft, any or all accident cover and Third party cover etc.

You can renew your van insurance cover policy or edit is as per your need by simply using any of the GoSkippy phone numbers above or  for renewal services at 0344 776 5314.

Got into an accident, everything is safe and sound lest your van suffered damages. The emergency GoSkippy contact number 0344 840 9504 is there for you to make a claim.

Bike Insurance

GoSkippy Customer Service

With a huge number of growing bikers every year in the UK, bike insurance has become the need of the hour for bikers here. GoSkippy bike insurance constitutes of a wide array of features such as a 30 day EU cover, 70% of super cover, home start breakdown recovery service, 16 common modifications covered as standard, Helmet and Leathers cover till £1,000. You can learn more and contact the GoSkippy helpline,  0344 776 5748.

Enjoying peace of mind with your Bike insurance with GoSkippy? Make sure you have the end date of the policy in mind such that you can renew it right away after it’s over. Simply place a call 0344 776 5315 and place your request for renewal with one of the GoSkippy executive.

For claiming your bike insurance, you need to Contact GoSkippy claims department at 0344 840 9505 in a case of any vandalism, hit and run or accident etc. Your case will be thoroughly processed and you will get a claim as soon as it gets through.


  • With RAC: As we all know is your neighbourhood friendly roadside assistance service. In the case of a car breakdown, if you have your breakdown cover with the RAC, you can Contact GoSkippy at 0330 159 0452.
  • With GoSkippy Rescue


All complaints and feedbacks can be given by calling the GoSkippy phone number 0344 776 5725, or you can contact the GoSkippy Helpline number 0344 840 6300. You can also fill the form on the following page online complaints form.

Contact GoSkippy via Social Media

GoSkippy Contact Number

Like every efficient customer responsive organisation, GoSkippy has plenty of online presence through which its customer can stay connected with it even when they are on-the-go. You are able to contact customer service through one of the main media social channels available like:

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