Groupon Customer Service

Groupon Customer Service
Groupon Customer Service

Groupon UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7

Groupon Phone Number Tips

Groupon Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Groupon Customer Service 020 3510 0410
Abroad Contact Number +44 203 510 0444
Business Contact  020 3510 2248

Groupon Overview

The name Groupon comes from blending the words group and coupon. Groupon is an online guide that allows you to find handpicked deals regarding places to eat, things to buy, places to visit and things to do in any particular city. The company was launched in September 2008. It connects millions of subscribers to the local sellers within their radius. The subscribers get great discounts and coupons through email, Facebook and Twitter.

The beauty of Groupon is that it brings local information at your fingertips, which you can enjoy and use at a really great price. The headquarters of Groupon are located in Chicago, Illinois, US. In the UK, the company’s head office is located at Seal House, No. 1 Swan Lane, London. Today, Groupon has around thirty-five million registered subscribers worldwide and the Groupon Toll-Free number to get connected today is, 0800 0075719.

Groupon Services

Groupon, as mentioned, is an online service, which provides you information about deals that are available in your city. These include deals with restaurants, spas, places of interest and many such offers that you might be unaware of. What makes the website and its services truly special is the fact that it offers all these deals at really affordable rates, making it a wonderful experience. So, whether you are shopping for some goods or looking for some great deals in your city, Groupon is the place to visit.

To the local sellers, some of the advantages of using Groupon are:

  • Groupon gives them an advertising platform for products and services.
  • It helps in selling the slow moving goods.
  • The company helps to build an ongoing relationship between the seller and the customers.
  • It increases customer traffic.

To learn more about the company and its services, you can check out the official website or contact Groupon through the Groupon phone number 020 3510 0410.

Contact Groupon Customer Service

If you are calling from abroad, you can use the Groupon contact number +44 203 510 0444  from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Groupon customer care agents via 020 3510 2248You can use this Groupon customer service number to contact them for advertisements or sales promotions. Also, you can use their social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can use the online support form to key in your personal information and query but always remember to put your personal contact details too for a prompt reply.

Groupon Customer Service

Write to Groupon Customer Care

For any further assistance and you do not want to use the Groupon customer service number list or their social media platforms, you can be able to contact Groupon by mai. Just write a handwritten letter to Groupon customer service,

Seal House,

No. 1 Swan Lane,

London, EC4R 3TN,

The United Kingdom.

Groupon Contact Number Tips

The Groupon helpline might not be available for use 24 hours, but at least the online assistance is always available 24/7, 7 days a week. It can be accessed for all your needs. If you do not have an account but would still like to know more about interesting deals and offers, you can easily access the help wizard as well as the FAQ section. It will answer most of your queries. However, it is also important to note the nature of your problem and choose correctly in order to get the correct answers.

Groupon customer service numbers belong to different departments. It is advisable to know which department you want to contact for a prompt solution. Also, you should always have your personal details at hand regarding your account or any coupon purchases.

Groupon Customer Service
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19 Comments to “Groupon Customer Service”

  • I have two groupon vouchers for Stacks Pizzeria purchased on 20th November – I have attempted to book with them on 3 occasions but do not get an answer to their phone. Can you advise?

    Many thanks

  • 25.12.2015 I ordered Light Protection,still I do not have a package !!!!!!!What happens, where is my Light Protection?A Child Is Waiting already 25 days………..

  • Posts like this make the inrnetet such a treasure trove

  • dear groupon

    Further to my conversation with customer support regarding the treadmill I had delivered to me yesterday there were no instructions included although it seems easy to operate it does not work I am being sent a set of instructions . If it still does not work after receiving them I will have to sent it back

    Regards M J Gurr

  • HELLO!I would like an appointment over 3 weeks,I have a voucher for 4D scan.Thank you!

  • I bought a Chloe Knitted Ribbed Blazer from Groupon and the description was 85% cotton and 15% elastane. I have just received it and it is 100% Acrylic. I think this is something for Trade Description.

    Thank you

  • I bought a Chloe Knitted Ribbed Blazer from Groupon and the description was 85% cotton and 15% elastane. I have just received it and it is 100% Acrylic. I think this is something for Trade Description.

    Thank you

  • I bought a set of 72 seedling plants, 6 of each different varieties (supplied from Van Meuwen) but the advertised varieties were not supplied. The one I most wanted was substituted by another type! I wont be doing this again.

  • I am trying to return a garden bench which we received and the box was damaged when we have gone to put it together there is a part of broken. I have tried to do a return and am getting nowhere with your website or your customer service telephone number. Please help.

  • Have tried to book afternoon tea at Holiday Inn Ashford North, they have emailed me to say that I have to do the booking with Groupon, is this correct, need to use voucher in the next week

    Please advise kind regards

  • I ordered a pair of “Snow White” pyjamas and was sent a pair of “Me to You” pyjamas.
    I don’t want “ME to YOU” pyjamas….I wanted the ones I ordered.

  • I want to buy the 100 page leather photobook but got to redeem by june 9th or near to that but I want to use it in july can it be extended

  • I have purchased the voucher for weight watchers however when trying to enrole I can only find an enrollment box for weightwatchers at a cost of £48 there is nowhere to redeem your voucher . As i wish to attend a class on Tues could you please advise me. Thank you.

  • The telephone and the email on the voucher are no longer working.

  • i purchase do £139 hotel voucher bought it back in June and now in August, I’m at hotel for couple of days break. However the print out I have has a nice thank you for purchasing etc…. But hotel say I need security number from group on. I’ve tried e-mailing but it wasn’t delivered. I’ve tried to ring their “24/7” customer care no, only to be told they are closed 24/7 ??????how do I get the security code from them?? I don’t want to have to pay AGAIN

  • i have recently signed to groupon, please can you email all offers for the uk

  • please email offers for the uk

  • Dont bie mickeal kors bags from this sight they say there over stocked from last year but in truth they are cheep shoddy fakes ablnd u will loose ur money as will never get any reply from them


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