Gumtree Contact Number

Gumtree Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

If you’ve got a problem or need some advice, you can use this guideline for Gumtree Customer Service information. Get in touch with Gumtree Helpline. If you need a really quick response, contact Gumtree Customer Care Helpline. It’s easy, and you’ll be talking to someone from their team. Phone Gumtree Classifieds Number to discuss a classified ad or feedback you have. If you would like someone from Gumtree to look at your particular issue, then call the Gumtree Contact Number. The Gumtree Phone Number is one of the company’s methods of communicating with their individual customers and clients. You will find here the current and up to date Gumtree Customer Care Helpline. You can find all relevant Gumtree Contact Numbers and other pertinent company information on this page.

Gumtree Phone Number List

Gumtree Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Gumtree Customer Service 0208 605 3325
Business Queries 0203 5800 500
GumTree Classifieds Number 0208 605 3325
Gumtree Complaints 0208 605 3325

Gumtree Customer Service

GumTree Customer Service Team

Gumtree informs clients of long waiting times when calling Gumtree Customer Service. Gumtree Phone Number is 0208 605 3325.

The Gumtree Customer Care Helpline becomes very busy with its millions of users. However, the committed Gumtree Customer Service team works at their best to serve you better. If you have any questions or facing problem while using their site, you can contact them at the Gumtree Contact Number. For any disputes or complaints, you can contact the Gumtree Phone Number.

If you do not want to call Gumtree Classifieds Number, you can send your correspondence to their trading address.

Gumtree, 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN

Business Queries

If you’re a business customer and would like to use Gumtree as your online shop and advertising platform then call them at the Gumtree contact number 0203 5800 500 or you can also write your queries and send an email to them by filling in the contact form found at Gumtree Contact Us for business. They will make all possible efforts to reply back or call back as soon as possible.

If you utilise Gumtree a lot each month to post in Motors, Jobs or Property, you might want to consider a business account. You’ll save money and get extra services from them.

Advantages of a business account:

  • An account manager committed to you and your business
  • Customised packages to suit you
  • An exclusive phone line
  • A pro-account console to make posting more convenient
  • Methods to easily update your company details

You will benefit from deducted prices for multiple ads, and the option to choose from different modes of payment. You can talk about this and more with an account manager that will be taking care of you and your business account. You’ll also get a kind account console which helps you manage your ads more easily and effectively. If you need any assistance, you’ll also have an exclusive phone number and additional email support.

Business accounts for Jobs:

If you advertise in the Jobs category regularly, since it’s a paid category, you will probably benefit from opening a business account with them.

Business Accounts for Motors:

Motors is a paid category. If you advertise there frequently, you could benefit from opening a business account. It’s particularly great for commercial sellers who use the Cars section a lot. You can receive all the other business account benefits!

Gumtree Classifieds Number

Gumtree Customer Service

Are you advertising to sell your car? Do you have an ad about wanting to meet the love of your life? The only way you can do this is by using the Gumtree Classifieds Number, 0208 605 3325. If you need to get in touch with them, besides Gumtree Contact Us, another way is through this Gumtree contact number. Most advertisements are free because of the online interface but there is an advantage to being a registered member because you can create an ad even on the go. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or negotiate a trade, you can do it online or via your mobile device.

GumTree Complaints

For any disputes or complaints, you can call them at their complaints number 0208 605 3325. They will make every effort to sort out the issue. If you encounter something that upsets you or makes you suspicious, click the ‘Report this ad’ button or get in touch with one of their representatives. They’ll take a look (usually within a few hours) and determine what to do next. They are available 24/7, every day of the year to assist you.

Someone’s sent you a suspicious response to your ad:

If the response makes you suspicious, don’t respond yet. Before anything else, check for signs of scam. If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Gumtree sent you a safety alert:

It’s for the reason that they think you might be speaking to someone suspicious.

  • Provided that you haven’t sent any personal info or money yet, they’ll hide your email address. Be very careful about going any further with someone suspicious.
  • If you’ve been talking or texting but haven’t sent money, be cautious if the person gets in touch again particularly by text.
  • If you’ve sent someone your curriculum vitae, be careful what else you share with them. Additionally, reset the password for your email account and keep an eye on your bank account.
  • If you’ve sent them private details including your bank details, get in touch with Gumtree right away.

Someone’s scammed you:

Get in touch with Gumtree right now. They’ll get on the situation immediately and give you advice on what to do next. They’ll also work hard privately to protect their other clients. They work very closely with the authorities and their fraud teams and often share information with them. If this occurs, they’ll guide you through what happens next.


We suggest that all grievance and disputes should be raised with Gumtree. They will make every effort to solve your problem with them.

Contact Gumtree on Social Media

Gumtree Customer Service

Provided that you need to contact them on-the-go, the best way is through their social media network channels. Getting in touch with them has never been easier. They are busy on social media, with over 230,000 fans on Facebook and a busy Twitter account available during the working week.

Each social media channel is a convenient and welcoming place for all things Gumtree. All queries, comments, including criticisms are welcome. They don’t permit any type of hate speech like personal attacks, profanity, racism, spam comments, etc. Anything similar to this will be deleted immediately. Provided that an individual continues to violate this, they reserve the right to block individuals from posting to their accounts. These accounts exist to make your life easier and share all the fun bits they are up to. They will help you if you have a concern to raise. They even share your ads on their instagram!

Gumtree Overview

The classified ads is an in demand way for people who need things to browse or seek items. Persons who can provide stuff can seek prospective buyers or interested individuals. The Internet became a natural place for such channels of communication. That was when Gumtree was born. The company used to be an online community that mainly targeted Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans arriving in the city but quickly grew as the UK’s number one classifieds site, spanning the entire length and breadth of this fine nation. It has approximately a million new ads on its site each week and 8 million visitors every month.

They’ve also come a long way from being just a desktop site, as half of their visitors now go to them via their mobiles and tablets in search of success, mostly on their iOS and android apps. Gumtree Support team are also available on a live chat between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm every day of the year. They keep on growing and improving, but still sticking to their original aim of creating successful connections between individuals. If you have some queries about the services that they offer, then you can check out their FAQs page. You can seek and browse the solution to your query here as this is an extensive knowledge base that aims to answer the common questions that most users might want to raise.

If you can’t locate the answer to your questions on their FAQs page, or if you would like someone from GumTree Support team to look at your particular issue, then contact them by sending an email the Gumtree Helpline team will respond back as soon as possible. If you’re a business client and would like to use Gumtree as your online shop and advertising platform then you can send an email to them by filling in the contact form at Gumtree Contact Us.

If you are a police, or any other law enforcement agency, you can also reach them via their email for law enforcement. Most of your questions will be answered by visiting their help page. For all the media enquiries, you can get in touch with the Gumtree support team at the Gumtree press office contact email.

Free classified ads from the top classifieds site in the UK!

There are various ways to get in touch:

  • Calling the Gumtree classifieds number listed above
  • Visiting the website
  • Live chat
  • Sending an email
  • Using their contact form
  • Writing a correspondence
  • Following and subscribing to their social media channels


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