Harrods Contact Numbers

Harrods Contact Numbers
Harrods Customer Service

Harrods UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am - 6.00 pm

Harrods, a high-end department store, providing you with ample in-store services under one roof is now in your reach using the contact information that follows. At All Services, we work on making your contact with various entities around the UK easier and hassle-free. Therefore, we have brought together much of the essential information which you would require to contact Harrods.

Harrods Phone Tips

Harrods Departments UK Contact Number
Harrods Customer Service 0333 300 1000
Harrods International +44 (0)203 626 7020
Harrods General Store Enquiries 0207 730 1234
Harrods Personal Shopping 0207 893 8000
Harrods The Gift Bureau 0207 225 6500
Harrods Fax 0208 479 5225

Harrods Customer Service

Harrods customers enjoying christmas sale

You can get in touch with their customer loyalty team at the Harrods customer service number 0333 300 1000. If you call them on the given number, you can learn about the process of placing an order with them. You can also get in touch with them in case you need some help with ordering, or you are unable to place an order online. Even in case you have questions about some item you saw on the Harrods website, they will be addressing your concerns. For every kind of order enquiry, like regarding the ways of payment, delivery, returns and refunds, you will be getting in touch with them. If you have a discount voucher or a gift card which you need to use with your order, you can learn about its usage by asking appropriate details from their customer loyalty team.

The lines for calling their customer services are open from Monday to Saturday between the hours 9.00 am – 9.oo pm and on Sunday between 11.0 am – 6.00 pm. Therefore, to ensure your queries are heard and responded to, kindly give them a call during the mentioned hours.

Harrods International

If calling from a mobile or outside of the UK, he Harrods international number +44 (0)203 626 7020 is to be dialled. Earlier number was to be used if calling via UK landline. Basically, all the matters discussed earlier for their customer services number are what you will be contacting on this number as well.

Harrods General Store Enquiries

To learn about their in-store services, dial the Harrods general store enquiries number 0207 730 1234. They are dealing with more than 330 luxury brands for a variety of items, ranging from jewellery and beauty products to furniture and interiors to real estate and travel. You will be enlightened about each of these departments, what you should expect to find there, their contact details, and what department you need to see for your requirements if you get in touch with their trained staff. Also, by calling the given number, you can learn where you will be finding the specific brand you are looking for. Moreover, they will also be guiding you about their airport stores if that is what you require. Simply, if you are interested in learning about the services and products that the Harrods stores are offering you, you will be dialling this number.

Harrods Fax

You might as well use the Harrods fax number 0208 479 5225 to get in touch with them. They will be receiving and addressing all your queries and concerns via fax as well. Therefore if none of the above-mentioned numbers works out for you, you can send them a fax. They will get back to you at their earliest possible.

Harrods Personal Shopping

To arrange an expert to guide you at every step of shopping with Harrods, dial the Harrods personal shopping number 0207 893 8000. At Harrods, they realise the importance of your shopping reflecting your style and being a representation of who you are. Therefore, if you have any questions about how their personal shopping team will be at your disposal to help you choose the right piece of furniture or the right fit for your wardrobe, contact at the given number. They will address each of your concerns and ensure you why you should be going for this globally known service at Harrods. For gift concierge services, as well as for booking an appointment with them, the number will come in handy. After the first interaction with your personal shopper, they will remain in touch with you via any of the available means.

Harrods The Gift Bureau

Harrods lets you make a list of gifts for your guests to choose the gift from. For more details, contact the Harrods The Gift Bureau number 0207 225 6500. Therefore, for one-on-one consultation regarding which luxury items should make it to your list and devise the final list, you need to get in touch with their experts on the given number. They will also be assisting the guests in choosing the gift from the list which best suits their hosts. You can also ask them about the items and products which are to be the part of the list and those that are not. In case you want to add some item or remove one, give them a call and ask them to make the required adjustments. For any further information with respect to their services at The Gift Bureau, please give them a call and they will address all your issues.

Harrods Head Office Address

Harrods London Store

Harrods has its headquarters at Hammersmith, but its registered office is in London. If you need to meet them in person, you will be following the address shared later in the work. They will be assisting you with your every need with respect to their services and market offerings. You can see for yourself all that they have to offer if you visit them there. This multi-story iconic department store in London is the Harrods’ British landmark!

Moreover, in case you need to contact them via post, the address will be the one to use. You can write them your queries and concerns with respect to any of their services or anything which you are not clear about. If some information is partial and you need to know more, then too you can drop them a letter on the given address. Write down your name, contact details, and the message clearly so that they can respond accordingly.

87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

Harrods Alternate Contact Details

Other than the mentioned numbers and the address, you can also get in touch with them using the following contact details.

Harrods Customer Service Email

If you were not able to catch Harrods customer service via phone or fax, you can drop them an email at [email protected]. The subject of your email can entail any kind of query you have with respect to their services and the store. If you wish to know about their offerings for the children, the restaurants or the fashion range available with them, you can get in touch with them via respective means. For requesting any kind of information, do not hesitate in contacting them as superior customer service is one of the promises they make to their 15 million customers.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form on Harrods contact us page to email them. You will be asked a couple of details and after filling in the gaps, you will be good to go.

Harrods Complaints Email

In an unwanted event of a complaint arising, report it using the Harrods complaints email [email protected]. They will try rectifying it at their earliest possible. Your dissatisfaction with any aspect of their store, the parking maybe, or the attitude of the staff or probably the item(s) you bought at Harrods, can all be expressed to their customer loyalty team via provided an email address. In an unlikely case of the team not being able to solve your complaint, you can check out the customer services section of the Harrods terms and conditions page for further instructions. They have guided you as to what needs to be done in such a case.

Harrods Careers

Harrods member of the HR

Being the dynamic department store that Harrods is, it also ensures employee satisfaction and motivation. If you think you have the guts to grow with the success of Harrods and maintain their position as one of the leading department stores of the time, you need to see for the available jobs on Harrods job page. The mentioned posts will let you know if that is the one you are eligible for and in case you are, reading more about it will allow you to enlighten yourself about your responsibilities and the specifications you need to have to be able to qualify for it. Further, you will also get to learn about the entire applying, screening, recruiting and finally the hiring process.

Harrods Delivery

If you are interested in learning about the delivery procedure and other related details, please check out the Harrods delivery page. They have mentioned the charges and the timescale for each of the delivery types, including the international delivery. For international delivery, the destinations to which they are delivering to are mentioned as well. The postcodes that are unavailable for next day delivery option have been outlined as well. Moreover, the returns procedures, as well as the method for cancellations have been taken care of on the mentioned page. Anything that you will need to is there. However, in case you are not clear or want to learn something more, simply get in touch with the Harrods customer loyalty team.

Harrods Contact Tips

Harrods customer service contact number for Twitter social media account

Other than these means, you have an option to connect with them 24/7 on their social media profiles. Through such connection, you will also stay updated on every happening, a new offer and the job vacancies all the time. Join them on:

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