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Hastings Direct Contact Number
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Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. Insurance is usually to hedge against the risk of contingent and uncertain monetary loss, primarily meant to be a risk management strategy.

It is usually provided by entities who are known as an insurer, insurance company, or insurance carrier, while entities who purchase insurance are known as the insured or a policyholder. When you are trying to assure that you are protected from too much damage to your financial status and that all losses are accounted for, it is best that you approach an insurance broker, or an insurance agent, for assistance in obtaining a trustworthy insurance policy, which outlines the conditions and circumstances for which the policyholder will be compensated financially in case there is a loss.

Hastings Direct is a UK company providing insurance products primarily to customers and to offer the best service they could to ensure that you are protected from unnecessary losses. This post consists of all the important Hastings Direct contact numbers that you can use to reach out if you require any assistance about your insurance policy.

Hastings Direct Phone Number List

Hastings Direct Helpline UK Contact Number
Hastings Direct Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 035 4781
Car and Bike Insurance 0800 035 4801
Home Insurance 0800 035 4917
Van Insurance 0800 035 4946
Car and Bike Policy Renewal 0800 035 4790
Home and Van Policy Renewal 0800 101 8158
Quotes 0800 101 8172
Claim Registration 0800 035 4260
Emergency Breakdown Assistance 0800 035 4781
Multi-Car Insurance Quote 0800 422 0951
SmartMiles Customer Service 0344 800 2561
SmartMiles Car Insurance Claim/Theft 0800 048 2954
Complaints Registration 0800 035 3949

Hastings Direct Customer Service

Hastings Direct Customer Service

Before purchasing any insurance policies, it is always wise to collect all the information in regards before making your decision. That way, you could be sure that you have purchased an insurance policy with benefits and conditions that suit your needs.

Hastings Direct Customer Service is a team of trained representatives who are adept to resolving your enquiries and issues in the minimum amount of time by providing various channels of communication. They offer extensive support, aiming to ease your worries and smooth over your insurance policy acquirement process.

Contact Hastings Direct toll-free 0800 035 4781 to resolve any enquiries you have and to provide solutions to any issues that might have surfaced. They will do their best to help you in as little time as possible.

Car and Bike Insurance Customer Care

Contact Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct offers numerous packages for car and motorcycle insurance policies, followed by a wide range of optional extras – enhanced personal accident cover, breakdown, and motor legal expenses etc. – to make sure that you are well cared for in case you encounter a loss in that department.

To acquire answers to your general enquiry, know more about related policies’ optional extras, or ask about a specific package that is available for you. feel free to dial the Hastings Direct phone number toll-free, 0800 035 4801Look for expert information for acceptance criteria and required documentation for a company insurance policy for cars and bikes through this number as well.

Home Insurance Customer Care

Hastings Direct Phone Number

There is nothing more important than the place you call home. When you’re finished with work, school, or even just a simple grocery shopping, the next place you go to is home. Each and every nook and cranny are filled with memories and emotional attachments that are not easy to disrupt.

Hastings Direct understands the importance of home to their customers and would like to help them in keeping their homes safe and sound with their insurance policies. They offer a number of insurance policies to cover you from unexpected damages such as theft and loss. With Hastings Home Insurance policies, your losses will be minimised and compensated in the best way possible. Their policies are tailored with precision to suit whatever your needs may turn out to be, such as buildings-only insurance, contents-only insurance, or combined cover.

Speak to a Home Insurance customer care agent using the Hastings Direct contact number 0800 035 4917 to obtain knowledge about their policy details, policy requirements, and general questions you may have about their services.

Van Insurance Customer Care

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Van-like vehicles are normally used for business purposes. Hence, it is important to keep it insured from unexpected losses to avoid any detriments it could do to your business. With HD insurance policy protection, you can get the coverage you need at the right price for your budget and get back to business quickly in case something goes haywire with your vans. Optional extras like breakdown coverage and replacement vehicle are also available for your selection.

Call Hastings Direct contact number toll-free, 0800 035 4946 and communicate with an expert agent to acquire information related to their van insurance policy.

Policy Renewals

Existing customers can also check policy renewals to see if they are happy with the refreshed details upon automatic renewal. If you have any questions regarding the terms in your policy renewal, the Hastings Direct telephone number is 0800 035 4790

Most of the policies of HD are set to automatically renew. It is wise for you to check the renewed policy so that you can know the exact terms of the policy and make sure that you are satisfied with it. In the case of any setbacks or details that you would like to know more about, contact Hastings Direct helpline toll-free 0800 101 8158 for clarification and answers.

Insurance Quote

Hastings Direct Customer Service

You are required to answer an array of questions to request an insurance quote from HD. These questions could go from your car’s make and model to your employment status. This is purposed to allow the company to perform a thorough evaluation before providing you with a suitable quote for their insurance policy.

Hastings Direct will provide you with sufficient information so you can make an informed decision about your insurance policy. They will not make any formal recommendation, allowing you free will to make a choice about the future protection of your properties from losses.

There are several ways to request a quote from HD and you can use the Hastings Direct contact number 0800 101 8172 to speak to a professional representative to request a quote. Or you can easily navigate through the company’s official website and get a quote for your desired insurance policy – car, bike, van, or home. If you would like to insure more than one car call Hastings Direct phone number on 0800 422 0951.

Register Claims

Hastings Direct Contact Number

Get in touch with the company on the Hastings Direct phone number 0800 035 4260 to make a new claim for your car, bike, or van. If you are calling from the Europe, you can contact them on +44 1424 738 585You can also obtain updates about your existing claims through these helplines. There is an online form for you to enquire about your existing claims as well.

However, there is a more thorough process if you wish to make a new claim on your home, where you are required to reach out to your insurance agent directly.

Emergency Breakdown Assistance

It is one of Hastings Direct’s insurance policy benefits to provide vehicle breakdown assistance to their customers. Do not hesitate to dial Hastings Direct telephone number 0800 035 4781 in the case of emergency. This number is toll-free for such an event to happen when you are the UK. If it occurs in the Europe, contact this number +44 1737 815 876 instead.


Contact Hastings Direct

SmartMiles insurance policy is a telematics car insurance policy, designed for young drivers in the country. When you apply for a SmartMiles insurance policy, they will install a SmartMiles telematics box in your car, which will not affect your car’s performance whatsoever. This will monitor your driving speeds and distances to ensure you are driving safely on the roads.

To voice your questions or concerns about your SmartMiles insurance policy, reach out to their customer service on 0344 800 2561Visit their FAQ site and check to see if there is an answer to your question before calling.

Register a claim or report a theft of your car that is insured under SmartMiles by calling 0800 048 2954.


While it is always Hastings Direct’s goal to ensure that all their customers satisfied with the services they have to offer, they also understand if there are some of their customers who wish for better services and have some opinions about their current ones.

You are encouraged to mail a letter of complaint to the following address:

Customer Relations Department
Hastings Direct
Conquest House
Collington Avenue
East Sussex
TN39 3LW

If you wish to voice your complaint directly to a customer service agent, contact Hastings Direct phone number complaint services toll-free, 0800 035 3949 to register a complaint.

Contact Hastings Direct via Social Media

Contact Hastings Direct

There is also the option to avoid using phone calls altogether. You can be in touch with Hastings Direct to direct your enquiries or complaints through their social network outlets. Any of these channels can be used to get answers to questions or concerns. Please note, personal details should not be shared and unlikely can you receive personal policy information.


Hastings Direct Contact Number

Hastings Direct, also Hastings Insurance, is a UK insurance brokering personal lines servicing customers through online portals, phone and branch. Their insurance products include car, motorbike, van, and home insurance, along with an array of ancillary products and services like breakdown compensation, personal accident, substitute vehicle, and key and legal cover.

Built in 1997 based on a business plan by David Gundlach and Andrew Bowen, HD received widespread recognition through the gaining popularity of the Internet, becoming a leading insurance provider in the UK. They currently service more than two million customers across the country. The company offers a streamlined service coverage for those who approach Hastings Direct for insurance policy purchase.

A multi-award winning business, Hastings Direct customer service is one of the things they are proud of within their area of operations. With their hassle-free and direct assistance, customers are assured to be satisfied at all times.

To get in touch with Hastings Direct customer care centres, you can:

  • Contact Hastings Direct contact numbers listed above
  • Visit HD Help to get answers to frequently asked questions
  • Direct your queries through the online chat platform
  • Send a letter
  • Drop an email
  • Social media
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