HBC Salvage Contact Number

HBC Salvage Contact Number
HBC Salvage Customer Service

HBC Salvage UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
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HBC Salvage lets you sell your car damaged in an accident or recovered from the theft, and other kinds of vehicles. It then auctions them to those who require them. If you were looking to get in touch with them, you can make use of the following information that we, All Services, have brought together for you. We are a very dedicated customer service company, therefore making it easy for you to connect with them, amongst many other across the UK.

HBC Salvage Phone Tips

HBC Salvage UK Contact Number
HBC Customer Service 0126 869 6444
HBC Canvey Island 0126 869 4590
HBC Canvey Island Fax 0126 869 4179
HBC Nottingham 0162 387 1147
HBC Nottingham Fax 0162 3871 439
HBC Teesside 0164 256 5642
HBC Teesside Fax 0164 256 1277
HBC Head Office Fax 0126 851 0087

HBC Salvage Customer Service

HBC Salvage website homepage

You can learn about the services at HBC Salvage by contacting at the HBC Salvage customer service number 0126 869 6444. Their trained well-equipped staff at the end of the line would help you out with every query you have with respect to their services. In case you want to ask about the cars and vehicles that you can get for auction there, you want to sell one, you have to get one picked or you want to learn about a specific kind of salvaged vehicle with them, their customer services would come in very handy. Likewise, if you have issues learning to use their online auction or even if you do but you are having other issues using it, you can contact them. They will guide you on what should be done. Further, they will also be there for you in case you need guidance with respect to delivery, payments, and pick and drop. Whatever it is that you need to get in touch with them for, the number would be the one to call on!

HBC Salvage Canvey Island

One of the three main location sites for HBC Salvage is the Canvey Island. You can reach them via HBC Salvage Canvey Island number 0126 869 4590. Basically, if this site is nearer then you can call the given number in case you want to arrange pickup for a vehicle, or if you have bought some vehicle from their site and want to retrieve it, or also if you want to ask them about all the available vehicles they have. Even if you want to ask them about the charges for using their facilities that they are providing, you can give them a call.

Moreover, in case you want to pay them a visit in person, you would need to know their address. Their Canvey Island site’s address is Haven Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0NR. Reach out to them for availing their storage and disposal facilities there.

HBC Salvage Canvey Island Fax

You can also make use of the HBC Salvage Canvey Island fax number 0126 869 4179 in case the telephone number discussed earlier does not work out for you. You can fax them your concerns, queries, and feedback. To get in touch with them for any and all things, the fax number could come in handy.

HBC Salvage  Nottingham

Another of their site is in Nottingham. Get in touch with their respective representatives at the HBC Salvage Nottingham number 0162 387 1147 to avail their storage and disposal facilities. To learn how they operate, meaning how will they be collecting your vehicle or dropping off one at your doorstep, what will they be charging you and other related details, give them a call on the mentioned number. Basically, all your queries and concerns with respect to HBC Salvage’s Nottingham site will be addressed using this number.

The address is Braidwood Road, Bilsthorpe, Nr Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 8UA. Pay them a visit in person if you wish too. This is where they keep all their salvaged vehicles from the respective site as well.

HBC Salvage Nottingham Fax

To reach them via fax, make use of the HBC Salvage Nottingham fax number 0162 3871 439. They will be addressing your matters very satisfyingly using this means as well. Just be sure to get in touch with them when needed.

HBC Salvage Teesside

HBC Salvage Truck carrying vehicles

Their Teesside site can be contacted using the HBC Salvage Teesside contact number 0164 256 5642. If this site is nearer to you and they are catering to your area, give them a call to arrange a pickup of the vehicle you sold. Even if you bought some vehicle from this site and want it to be get dropped at your required address, you should get in touch with them. Other than this, if are not sure about the delivery charges and want to some guidance with respect to that, you can yet again use the given number. All other enquiries that you have with respect to this specific site of HBC Salvage can be resolved by giving them a call.

If you are unsure of their location, they are situated at Haverton Hill Road, Billingham, Cleveland TS23 1PY. You can go there yourself and make suitable arrangements, learn about their facilities and get entertained personally.

HBC Salvage Teesside Fax

The HBC Salvage Teesside fax number 0164 256 1277 can be used in case you are not able to reach them via the telephone number. Other than this, for any other matter, you feel like a fax would be a better option, you can make use of the number provided. They will be addressing queries and concerns via fax as well.

HBC Salvage Head Office

The HBC Salvage fax number 0126 851 0087 can be used for getting in reach with the head office officials. For your queries and issues that you need to the head office of HBC Salvage, fax them all of it. To reach them via phone though, you can make use of the HBC Salvage customer service number for that is their head office number as well.

If you wish to get in touch with the officials at the HBC Salvage head office personally, you can follow the address shared below. The address would most come in handy if there is an official matter that needs their attention or even if there is a situation which you need to bring to their notice.

Wishing to write them a letter and communicate? In such case too, the address would be the one you will be posting to. Make sure that your name contact details and the matter for which you are contacting them are clearly mentioned so that appropriate course of action can be taken and they can get back to you in case required.

HBC House, Charfleets Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0PQ

HBC Salvage Alternate Contact Details

There might be issues that remain unaddressed even after learning the prior contact details for HBC Salvage. Well, we have compiled a couple of other means to get in touch with them as well.

HBC Salvage Customer Service Email

You might use the HBC Salvage customer service email [email protected] to get in touch with them. All your queries with respect to their services, auction, the kinds of vehicles they deal in, salvaged and non-salvaged and other related services, all can come to a resolution via electronic means as well. Therefore, if none of the earlier discussed means for getting in touch with their customer support work out for you, drop them an email!

As for contacting their various locations, make use of the HBC Salvage contact us page. They have provided with address and contact details for each of their sites.

In addition to this, you would want to check out the HBC Salvage FAQs page to see if your concern has already been addressed there. In case it is not or you still have information to ask for, make use of any of the contact information for their customer services.

HBC Salvage Canvey Island Email

To develop a connection via electronic means with the HBC Salvage Canvey Island site, make use of the email [email protected]. Each of your matters that you wanted to talk them about over the phone, can be written down and communicated to them via email. Hence, if a phone call does not suffice, email them.

HBC Salvage Nottingham Email

The HBC Salvage Nottingham email [email protected] can also be used for getting in touch with the representatives there. They will be addressing all your concerns relating to their concerns on email as well. This might take a little more while but if there is anything that you feel would be more effectively understood in writing, be sure to consider sending them an email on the shared address.

HBC Salvage Teesside Email

The email address for reaching out to the HBC Salvage Teesside site is [email protected]. They can also be reached via their email for any matter, of any nature with respect to their services and facilities on this site. The matters discussed for the use of their telephone number can be addressed using the provided email as well.

HBC Salvage Jobs

HBC Salvage jobs and careers helpline

HBC Salvage is very much dedicated to providing quality services and for that, they need even more dedicated human resource. If you think you can be a valuable asset to them, really believing in giving it your best, then you can look for the vacancies on the HBC Salvage jobs page. The current job openings have been shared there. To send in your CV, make use of the email [email protected]. You might as well apply online. However, if you are interested in learning about the job specifications and description for each, click on the vacancy and rest of the information will be in front of you.

HBC Salvage Contact Tips

HBC Salvage customer service number for Twitter social media account

Other than all these channels, you would not want to miss a chance to stay connected with them all the time! Their social media profiles can help you stay updated on every happening at HBC Salvage, a new vehicle coming up for an auction or an auction itself, or even the new job openings! Join them on:

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