Hertz Contact Number Helpline

Hertz Contact Number Helpline
Hertz Customer Service

Hertz UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 7:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Hertz UK Routing Number
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Hertz Phone Number Helpline

Hertz Contact Number Helpline UK Number
Hertz Customer Service Car hire 0207 365 9035
Contact Hertz UK Online Booking 020 7026 0077
Dream Collection Enquiries (UK Rentals Only) 020 7727 6969

Hertz UK Overview

Hertz UK or The Hertz Corporation is a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings plc. It is an American car rental company with its headquarter in Estero, Florida. The company has its international operations in 150 countries worldwide.
In terms of sales, it is the largest car rental company in the United States. Walter L. Jacobs founded the company in 1918 and sold it to John D. Hertz in the year 1923. The public traded company offers services in the rental and leasing industry.
The majority of the cars offered by Hertz for renting are the GM cars however, customers can even opt for luxury cars from brands such as Mercedes, Cadillac, and Infiniti. Earlier, the company had an affiliation with Ford and thus, most of the rental card included Ford and its other brands such as Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo and Mazda only. As of December 2012, the company has a fleet that consists of around 500,000 cars in the US and over 177,000 cars internationally.
Later, Hertz also introduced Specialty cars, electric cars and green collection for Hertz Car rental in the US and other international locations where the company has operations. The company also launched its Green Collection in Sep 2006 with its environmentally safe vehicles.
Customers who need a hassle-free process of booking cars can now do so through the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards package to make the process not only easier but also faster and more rewarding. The program enables customers to save huge amounts of money and rent cars faster.

Contact Hertz UK Services

The company offers an array of services worldwide. In the UK, the Company offers a wonderful program that enables customers to hire a car like the rental cars. They can drive it as a rental car for the next 10 days and can even get it checked with their trusted mechanic. Once they are totally satisfied, all they need to do is inform the company on call. Hertz ensures that all documentation of your experience arrives directly to you at your doorstep. They also assist you in getting finance through their finance partners. Thus, this way, you saved yourself from all the hassle of buying anything before testing. And guess what, your rental for 10 days is waived off too! They follow a simple policy of Choose it, Try it and Buy it.
Apart from these, there is a contact Hertz UK 24/7 service that ensures Hertz car hire and Hertz car rental 24/7.

Contact Hertz Customer Service

The main hertz contact number helpline is +0207 365 9035. Use this for all Hertz Car Rental enquiries. For calls regarding Dream Collection Enquiries and other Hertz customer service related needs use 020 7727 6969.  For website support or help with a car hire you can do so with Hertz online booking, call the Hertz phone number 020 7026 0077.

Hertz Contact Number Helpline

Hertz  Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you have any question regarding Hertz rentals from the past, you may enquire it either via mail or by filling all the appropriate details on a form available on the official website. Do the same for any question regarding rates and reservations of cars at Hertz Customer Service.
If you want to directly get in touch by voice call with our representative, dial the Hertz phone number 020 7365 9035, only applicable for customers in UK, and our Hertz Car Hire representatives would be happy to serve you.
Customers can ask also questions regarding website support through the above-mentioned numbers. On the other hand, for information regarding dream collective enquires, a separate Hertz contact number helpline service is available.

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