HMV Contact Numbers

HMV Contact Numbers
HMV Customer Service

HMV UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
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Are you an entertainment enthusiast? You sure would know about HMV, the leading entertainment retailer chain in the UK, if you are! Well, we, All Services, is enthusiastic about bringing you contact guide for HMV this one, like many other entities across the UK, since that is what we excel at! Therefore, we hope that you find the following work sufficient enough to address your different matters to HMV. Enjoy!

HMV Phone Tips

HMV Departments UK Contact Number
HMV Customer Service 0333 323 4754
HMV Technical Support 0333 900 0241
HMV Head Office 0207 432 2000
HMV Beats Repair 0800 028 2329
HMV Oxford Street 0843 221 0200

HMV Customer Service

HMV contact number for main website page

Your questions regarding, stores, and social media will be addressed by contacting at the HMV customer service number 0333 323 4754. If you have enquiries about a specific film, movie, game or a gadget being available with them, and if yes then is it available online or at any of the stores, and such sorts can be resolved by their skilled and well-known staff available at the other end of the phone line. Likewise, if you are not sure how to buy online, or what methods of payment apply if gift cards can be used, or even if you are having trouble placing an online order at, then you can ring them on the mentioned number and they will address your concerns. In case you saw something on their social media profiles and need more information with respect to that, then again the number would come in handy. In any and all situations of confusion, request for additional information and concerns with respect to the mentioned three aspects of this company, their customer service team would come to your rescue.

Moreover, to ensure you are reaching out to them in time, follow their opening hours, which would be from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. Therefore, if you intend to all them, do so between the mentioned hours.

HMV Technical Support

To arrange some technical help, get in touch with the experts at the HMV technical support number 0333 900 0241. You are not sure about the installation of a certain technology product brought from this company, or you are facing some problems while doing so, or you need guidance on which product would be best for you in accordance with your tastes and needs, their experts can be looked up to for great advice on the given number. Your concerns about setup and installation of the Tablets, iPods, Speaker Docks, Headphones, and game consoles as well would be addressed to their technician experts available at the mentioned number. Likewise, you are finding it hard to explore the gadget or the game console bought via their store, the, their technical support would help you out with understanding its features as well.

HMV Head Office

The higher officials at this company for business enquiries can be contacted using the HMV head office number 0207 432 2000. They are entertaining only official and corporate issues and queries via given number. Therefore, if you are interested in learning about some aspect of their business, finances, HR, and the sorts, the number will be the one.

In addition to this, the head office address shared later in the work would be the one if you have to go and meet with their officials in person. This too would be restricted to your general business enquiries with respect to this company. Likewise, you can post them a letter on the following address if you have some issues relating to their business that needs addressing. You will have to mention your name, contact details, and the matter clearly and precisely so that an appropriate course of action can be taken.

HMV retail Ltd, Mermaid House, Puddle Dock, Mermaid House, London, EC4V 3DB

HMV Beats Repair

For getting your Beats product repaired, contact at the HMV Beats repair number 0333 323 4754. They fix theBeats products bought with them at first instance, in conjunction with apple care. Therefore if you are experiencing any manufacturing fault, give them a call on the given number and they will usually be resolving your issue in this single call only. Your queries with respect to this repair service of the Beats’ products will be addressed by the staff on the other end as well. Moreover, the product can then be delivered the next day on your doorstep as well. However, you need to have the Apple’s one-year limited warranty and the receipt of purchase as a proof. For any further instructions and call, do not hesitate in giving them a call.

HMV Oxford Street

HMV has its flagship store on Oxford Street, which can be reached out to using the HMV Oxford Street number 0843 221 0200. To learn about the films, movies, games, and technological products available with them, you can give them a call and enquire. Moreover, if you have questions about a product which you bought them specifically, the staff at the respective store will help you out if you give them a call. Likewise, if you lost something while you were shopping at HMV Oxford Street store, then you can call them ask if it has been found. Moreover, in case you wish you return a faulty item, you might get in touch with this store if this is the nearest one to you and arrange for the returns.

When you are calling them or visiting in person, please do so from Monday to Friday between the hours 9.00 am – 9.30 pm and on Saturday between 8.00 am – 9.30 pm as these are the opening hours for their Oxford Street store.

HMV Alternate Contact Details

If the previously discussed contact information has been insufficient in addressing your particular concern, you might find the following alternate contact details useful.

HMV Customer Service Email

HMV helpline number for contact us section

Have you been unable to get one of their customer support representative over the telephone? Well, use the HMV customer service email [email protected] to get in touch with them. All of your queries and concerns that you were addressing them over the telephone, can also be written and send out to the mentioned email address. They are very concerned about providing the best customer service and hence will get back to you with a satisfactory and knowledgeable answer about the matter in question.

PureHMV Email

Your enquiries relating to PureHMV can be addressed using the email [email protected]. If you need to ask about the benefits you will be getting by becoming a member of Pure or how you be able to join the club, you can drop them an email. How will you be earning points, how it all works and where can you spend those points, all such queries can come to a resolution by reaching out to the respective customer service. The range of their products that you will have access to via pure membership can be learned about using the email as well. For any other questions and concerns about pure can then be emailed to them. They will get back to you at their earliest possible.

HMV Store Services Email

Have you got any queries about the in-store services? Well, contact at the email [email protected] and get all your questions answered. The company has over 120 stores in the UK alone. In case you cannot contact any of the stores for returning a faulty item bought from the HMV store, you have questions about the products bought, you require special assistance when attending an event at this company, lost your receipt and want a replacement, your gift card is lost, or you think you have been charged incorrectly, in all such cases, you can drop them an email, constituting comprehensively all the details of the happening. Other than these, if you have other questions and concerns about the services of stores, you can simply drop an email at the given address.

Also, if you want to look for the nearest store, make use of the HMV store locator option available on Ways of contacting with each of them, along with their opening times will be displayed before you. There will also be a mad as to guide you where exactly the store is located.

HMV Website Email

The queries about HMV website can be resolved by emailing them on [email protected] as well. Basically, if you bought an item online and want to return it, the information for the required process and other details can be requested on the mentioned email. In case you have availed their website services and have some concerns and queries with respect to that, the email would come in handy. To learn about the usage of gift cards when buying online, or the methods of payment that are acceptable or even the products which you can buy online from, an email would suffice as well. Whatever is that you want to learn about their website and material posted there, just drop them a comprehensively written email!

HMV Complaints

In an unwanted event of your dissatisfaction with their products, you can write them a letter and post it on Customer Services, HMV Online Limited, 363 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2LA. They are very dedicated to providing highest quality customer satisfaction,  therefore if any of your experience with either, stores or social media has been unsatisfactory, you can let them know by writing a letter. Be sure to include the details of the event that made you feel so, expressing your unhappiness and mentioning your name and contact details clearly so that they can get back to you if required. An appropriate course of action will be taken so do make sure you let them know of even the smallest complaint if there is any.

HMV Contact Tips

HMV customer service contact number for Twitter account social media

Other than all these contact channels, you might as well connect with them on their social media profiles where they actively let you know about the upcoming events, releases, an introduction of a new gadget to their market offerings and a new job opening. To stay updated on every happening at HMV, join them on:

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