Iglu Cruise Contact Numbers

Iglu Cruise Contact Numbers
Iglu Cruise Customer Service

Iglu Cruise UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8.00 am - 8.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

All Services is the provider of ultimate information to get in reach with different entities, firms and organisations all over the UK. If you were looking for contact details for Iglu Cruise, you have certainly landed on the right page. In the following work, we will acquaint you with various methods that you can use to get in touch with Iglu Cruise.Iglu Cruise Customer Service Number

Iglu Cruise Phone Tips

Iglu Cruise Helpline UK Contact Number
Iglu Cruise Customer Service Number 0203 696 9450
Iglu Cruise Specialist Bespoke Holiday Team 0208 544 6302
 Iglu Cruise Website  and Business Enquiries 0208 544 6428
Iglu Cruise Travel Insurance Free 0800 276 1470
Iglu Cruise Aftersales 0203 696 9453
Expert Advice and Bookings 0203 553 6147
Concierge 0203 696 9469
Invoice and Ticket Enquiries 0203 696 9456
Iglu Cruise Accounts 0203 696 9455

Iglu Cruise Customer Service

Iglu Cruise contact number for main website

If you are faced with any issue, you may wish to contact Iglu Cruise customer service number 0203 696 9450. The company is the UK’s largest independent cruise agent. It offers cruise deals to over 3,000 ports in 30 destinations from various cruise lines. If you are planning to go on a cruise with your loved one, and want some feasible cruise deals, then you certainly need to book your cruise with this company. You might have some issues navigating their website, and you might not.

Iglu Cruise Bookings

However, if you something comes up after you have made your bookings and you want to get in contact with this company, you can reach them at the Iglu Cruise my booking helpline support 0203 553 6147. The customer service staff would be more than happy to get your matters resolved for you so better let them know of any inconvenience you have.

Iglu cruise has a very efficient method for booking your tickets for if you want to go cruising. Firstly, you should visit their online website to learn about all the available offers that are there for the cruises going where you wish to go. You can book your chosen cruise deals there and therein. However, to make the best of it, you would want to talk to an expert there, who can guide you better as to what offer you can opt for given the circumstances.

In case you have a query that results after you have made your bookings, you can get in touch with them at the Iglu Cruise contact number UK mentioned above and they will cater to your needs. For those customers of Iglu Cruise, who have their booking number starting with the letter “T”, for example, T441322, you would be contacting them at Iglu Cruise specialist bespoke holiday team to get assistance with respect to your booking.

Before booking any cruise, though, it is better to know their terms and conditions so that you don’t face any problems later. To get details about their booking conditions, you can check out the Booking Information and Important Information page, where you will get to know about the information you are to provide them when booking. For any further information required, contact them at Iglu Cruise booking conditions customer number given in the above table. They will guide you through all the terms and conditions one by one and you can know things in more detail.

Iglu Cruise Travel Insurance

To get details about their travel insurance plan, you can contact them at Iglu Cruise travel insurance contact number 0800 276 1470 or you can visit their online insurance website. You will get all the details about the things that your insurance covers. It is necessary for you to have travel insurance in some countries and Iglu Cruise realises that. Therefore, since Iglu Cruise is a diversified branch of Iglu.com Ltd, the travel insurance that they provide is applicable for your travel with Iglu Cruise as well.

You can also get your queries addressed if you check out the FAQ section on the company’s main website. They have answered two questions with regard to travel insurance there:

  • When should I buy my travel insurance?
  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Iglu Cruise Head Office

To contact iglu cruise head office you can ring them at iglu cruise head office phone number 0208 544 6428. Sometimes you need to contact the head office directly to talk with the officials who are handling all the stuff. You might have a problem that the customer service is not able to solve and you need to contact the higher authority. The people at head office will help you with any problem and you will get through your issue in no time. Their head office is located at the following address:

165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1NE.

Iglu Cruise Payments

If you are interested in knowing about payment details, then you can contact at Iglu Cruise payment number 0203 696 9456. Iglu cruise lets you chose from thousands of different destination and deals. However, if there is any urgent issue, you would need to immediately reach the Iglu Cruise customer care [email protected]. They will sort out your problem for you.You can choose any deal you want that suits your demands. They will help you with all details regarding the payment method. You get can information about different paying methods. You can also contact them in case there is some problem regarding your payment, or you want to know if your payment has been successfully made or not.

Iglu Cruise makes it very easy for you to make your payments for your cruise trips. To learn about these methods, you can certainly check out the How Can I Pay My Balance? They have provided an ease by having an option for you to make online payments. To go for this option, you can log into your account and use the Iglu Cruise UK online payment.

Since, Iglu Cruise has a variety of payment methods, one of them is online through credit card. But, using credit card means that an extra amount of money will be charged to your card for using this service. All their charges have been made public on the above-mentioned page, to let their customers know about them beforehand.

Iglu cruise Cancellation Policy

These can be learned from their Terms and Conditions page. But you can enquire instantly by getting in touch with the number for Iglu Cruise cancellation policy 0203 696 9453. Though, to make cancellations, you are to tell them in writing by emailing them at Iglu Cruise customer care email address [email protected]. In case you have made a booking through this company and now you are planning to cancel that booking, then you do not have to worry as they have a proper procedure to cancel your booking. You also need to know the attached charges that there are with making any cancellations.  For requesting additional information, though, contacting them at the Iglu Cruise UK contact number would be wise.

Iglu Cruise Complaints

Iglu Cruise helpline number for Complaints Contact us section

If you face an inconvenience before you have come back from cruising and while you were making bookings or on the cruise, you are to inform them by dialling Iglu Cruise complaints phone number 020 8544 6302. You may encounter something while making a deal through this company that is very unpleasant. However, if you need to make post cruise complaints, you can email them at the other customer care email address. Whatever the complaint may be, the customer support team at this company will apologise for the shortcoming and ensure that no such incident happens again.

Iglu Cruise Discount and Voucher Code

All the enquiries related to this service would be answered by simply giving a call on the number for accounts or Iglu Cruise Discount Code customer service 0203 696 9455. You can use these vouchers when making your bookings with them. If at any point you are stuck, you can always search for your query on their FAQs page. They aim to make your cruise experience as best as they can! The number for Iglu Cruise voucher codes customer service is the same as mentioned above. This company being the largest cruise travel agent in the UK offers amazing discount codes to further ease it for the customers. In case you are one of those lucky customers who has been benefited from their discount code, then you can avail it while making your booking. However, if you are having some issues with using it, it is best that you consult with the specialists at the Iglu Cruise UK customer service. Various voucher codes are also offered for availing a further discount on deals at this company.

Iglu Cruise Recruitment

However, they let you know about the vacancies on the Iglu Cruise Careers page as well but you can also enquire directly by approaching Iglu Cruise recruitment contact number 0203 696 9469. The company has many job opportunities and they are constantly looking for people to hire. If you think that you have all the required qualities to get hire at Iglu Cruise and want to learn more about it, you can contact them at Iglu Cruise recruitment [email protected]  All the information with regard to the vacancies is listed there, along with where to send out your CVs and cover letters. For requesting any additional information, you can always leave them a message on the given email address.

Iglu Cruise Contact Tips

Iglu Cruise Customer Service number for social media Twitter

If you are not satisfied with all the information we just gave you and want to stay updated with the recent news at Iglu Cruise, it is best that you stay in touch with them on:

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