JD Williams Contact Number

JD Williams Contact Number
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Online shopping, what used to be an exciting and interesting concept, has become a trend in today’s world that no one even blinks an eye about it. Amazon has been present for more than 20 years, followed by a number of online shopping marketplaces to allow everyone to make purchases online. The society has found ease with online shopping; the idea of being able to buy things without needing to step out of the house and go to a mall is far too wonderful an opportunity to let go.

You can literally find anything to buy on the Internet now: household items, decoration pieces, books, electronics, and most popular of them all, clothes and footwear. Online fashion retailers have gripped the society by a storm, with their large assortment of clothing pieces at competitive prices. You may find things that you might never find in real life fashion shops online, and easily get it by just pressing a few buttons and have the pieces you desire sent right to your doorstep.

JD Williams is one of the online home shopping marketplaces that have emerged to follow the trend. It also happens to be the leading online home shopping retailer in the UK. One of their pride and joy would be the excellent JD Williams customer service that is here to make sure their customers are satisfied with their online shopping experience. A detailed list of JD William contact numbers and numerous methods to get in touch with them will be provided within this article.

JD Williams Phone Number List

JD Williams Helpline UK Contact Number
JD Williams Customer Service 0345 071 9018
Retail Complaints 0345 026 3900
Financial Services Complaints 0345 026 3899
Financial Ombudsman 0800 023 4567
Cancellation of Plans 0344 481 0251

JD Williams Customer Service

JD Williams Customer Service

JD Williams is adamant in satisfying customers and meeting their needs with their wide range of products available on their website, along with the services that come along with doing business with them. Their rapidly growing customer base is partly in thanks to their ability to offer delightful services and online shopping experience. They have gained a stellar reputation within the market with their remarkable customer care team.

They pride on their expertise in size and fit, determined to make all clothes fitting for all sizes. They offer an extensive range in fashion to bring you pieces that would fit and flatter each person’s unique shape and bring out the best in the wearers, all these while boasting a varied price range for affordability. The products available through JD online are promised as a safe and secure shopping experience that will make you come back again for more, packaged with fast delivery and easy return options.

If you would like a friendly voice to guide you along the navigation of their shopping catalogue and to provide you with necessary details, contact JD Williams customer service on 0345 071 9018 to have one of the agents help you. You are required to include personal account details if you are an existing customer.

Alternatives to Contact JD Williams

While you have the choice to email the company it is not recommended. Customers are also given the option to submit general enquiries and product related information through written letters to JD Williams customer service. The address for their customer care department is:

Griffin House
40 Lever Street, Manchester
M60 6ES

Do help yourself to JD Williams’ FAQ to check and see if your queries have already been answered to save yourself the effort of having to place a call to customer service.

VIP Club

Contact JD Williams

Being a VIP customer of JD Williams means that you are in the club and that you are entitled to a number of benefits that normal customers will not enjoy, such as enhanced bonus rewards, improved offers, gifts and competitions, and brand new treats. These are all exclusive to VIP qualified members only.

If you are qualified to join the JD Williams VIP Club, you will find a welcome pack in your email, consisting of a detailed outline of the benefits you can derive from being a VIP. For some VIPs who are lucky, you will be invited to the JD Williams headquarters for meet and treat days and get to know some of the inner workings of the company.

As a VIP, you can join the VIP Product Panel and share your thoughts about the company’s recent updates.


JD Williams Contact Number

Online retail is simple and easy, except for one pesky thing – the wait. It is never easy to have to sit waiting for a confirmation email or specific updates on the progress of your order delivery status. Normally, when you make an order online, you should have it on your doorstep in 3 to 5 working days. Nevertheless, things are always unpredictable and you never know what could happen that would delay the delivery of your ordered item. Always double check your order by using one of the JD Williams phone numbers listed above.

The company has set up a retail department just for problems along this kind and you are free to dial the special JD Williams contact number for delivery status, 0345 026 3900By dialling this number, you can track your order and receive an explanation if anything were to happen to have delayed the delivery of your order.

Other than that, this JD Williams telephone number is also set up for you to enquire or complain about unwanted, incomplete, or faulty goods that are unmatched the items you have seen on their website.

If by any chance, you encountered a problem while dealing with the services provided by the company, you can file a complaint through the same JD Williams contact number and they will do their utmost best to resolve the issue for you. Head over to the company online store and write in your feedback by filling out a form.

If you would like to send a letter of complaint, please address it to:

Complaints Department, Contact JD Williams
Griffin House
40 Lever Street, Manchester
M60 6ES

Financial Services Complaints

When you are online shopping, make sure that all your account details are safe and that your bank account is secure so as to avoid any detriments occurring to your finances while shopping online. Always be aware of the safety of the website and make sure there are no viruses on your device while placing your order. Nonetheless, JD Williams customer service ensures safety and good services when it comes to placing your order.

However, if it is so unfortunate and you run into a problem in regards to your credit account, financial service, or insurance, please reach out to the JD Williams contact number for financial complaints 0345 026 3899 immediately.

Please reach out to the Financial Ombudsman Service on 0800 023 4567 to help you in solving your problems if JD Williams is unable to do so up to your satisfaction.

Order Cancellation

JD Williams Phone Number

JD Williams enhances your shopping experience with them by providing plans like a breakdown protection plan and a product replacement plan.

A breakdown protection plan is meant to pay for any repair of appliances or electronic products that you have purchased from their website. You are entitled to benefits like 3 to 5 years of professional care for the products, and protection against breakdowns, faults, and damages caused by accidents, trustworthy repairs.

When you sign up to a product replacement plan, you are signing up to a worry-free purchase of any product from JD Williams. If anything is faulty with your product, they will issue a replacement product of the same model for you.

However, if you feel these plans are no longer necessary and would like to cancel them from your account, reach out to the JD Williams phone number 0344 481 0251 to do so.

You can also cancel these plans by post, sending a letter to this address:

Domestic & General Services Limited
Leicester House
17 Leicester Street
Bedworth, Warwickshire
CV12 8JP

Contact JD Williams via Social Media

Contact JD Williams

There are alternatives to be in touch with the JD Williams customer service team other than dialling the JD Williams Contact Numbers above. Social media outlets are updated with the latest news also serves as a communication tool to solve your issues.

JD Williams Overview

JD Williams Contact Number

JD Williams is a UK-based online fashion retailer of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. They are also retail a variety of gift products, electronics, home and garden items, and toys for children.

It is a company that was first founded in 1875 by James David Williams. He was the first man to ever send his company products directly to customers using the UK parcel post service. James David Williams was the inspiration for the formula of providing quality, value for money, and fashionable purchases direct to customers.

With over 2 million customers and 4,000 employees, the company has managed to ensure that their customers receive spectacular JD Williams customer service offerings. These are the means to get in touch with JD Williams customer care team:

  • Contact JD Williams phone numbers listed above
  • Visit the website
  • Send a letter
  • Deliver an email
  • Social media
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