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Jewellery Maker Contact Numbers
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Have you been meaning to get in touch with Jewellery Maker? Well, you have certainly come to the right place! Here, at All Services, we provide interested people with the contact information for various companies. We have also worked on the contact details for Jewellery Maker.

Jewellery Maker Phone Tips

Jewellery Maker Helpline UK Contact Number
Jewellery Maker Customer Service Free Number 0800 644 4655

Jewellery Maker Customer Service

Jewellery Maker is one of the finest in the UK if you want to learn to make handcrafted jewellery at home! They have all the quality materials that you will be needing to make yourself a statement piece of jewellery, with guides from the best jewellery designers! If you are interested in making yourself some or want to make it for someone else, you can surely check out the Jewellery Maker website. They have all the information about what they deal in over there. However, if you have any queries as to how to go about their website, or about the products

However, if you have any queries, as to how to go about their website, or about the products listed there, you can always reach the customer support staff at the Jewellery Maker customer service free number 0800 644 4655. They will be available for help with anything you want and ensure that all your queries are resolved.

Jewellery Maker Discount and Voucher Codes

As Jewellery Maker has so many customers, it keeps offering discount vouchers from time to time to provide them with an advantage of shopping with them at lower prices. They have made making your own, personalised jewellery even simpler with them! If you too want to enjoy these discounted prices, you can avail their gift vouchers from the Jewellery Maker Gifts page. They have listed different gift vouchers with different discounted prices. You can go for anyone that suits your needs! The voucher can then be redeemed at the time of making purchases, be it online or onscreen. Though, if you are encountering any problem with availing or getting the vouchers, you can ring them at the Jewellery Maker UK contact number and get your matter resolved.

Apart from these gift vouchers, you might get discount codes for Jewellery Maker products from various other sources, probably the ones giving out such codes for a variety of products of other companies as well. These codes will also be useful when making your purchases from Jewellery maker. If you wish to learn more about them or are having trouble with using the one you already have, you can reach Jewellery Maker at Jewellery Maker customer support [email protected]. The staff there will help you out with your issues and guide you all about the discount codes. Also, when you purchase from them for the first time, even then they will have a discount code for you to use, ensuring that your first time buying from them is a pleasant one!

Jewellery Maker presenter on live show

Jewellery Maker Job Opportunity

If you believe that you are good in dealing with jewellery and are looking for a job like this, then you can apply at Jewellery Maker. Looking for sheer innovation and a very keen-to-detail individual, Jewellery Maker provides with grooming and advancing opportunities. To get more information and details regarding their job criteria, vacancies and application process, you can reach them at the Jewellery Maker UK contact number and they will resolve all your queries with regard to job opportunities at Jewellery Maker.

They have these guest jewellery designers on their show as well. Hence, if you are one and you would like your talent to be recognised, you can drop them a message in writing at Jewellery Maker guest designer [email protected]. For requesting additional information in this regard as well, you will be contacting them via mentioned means. Though, if you want to learn about the designers that they already have or have had, you can visit the Guest Designers page on the Jewellery Maker website.

Jewellery Maker Gems TV

Jewellery Maker also offers live auctions for different jewellery, including the ones that are up for auction on Gems TV. You can be a part of this auction by catching them on Virgin 756, Freesat 807, Sky 665, Freeview 76 during 8am-1pm. You can also view the items that are up for auction on their Live Show that you will be able to catch from the Jewellery Maker website only. Therefore, you can buy the jewellery from Gems TV through Jewellery Maker if you become a part of their auction. However, if there is anything that you are not clear about, you can always catch their customer support at the Jewellery Maker UK contact number.

Jewellery Maker Complaints

Jewellery Maker priority is their customers and they are always there to listen to them. There is a possibility that you are not happy with their products and services or that you encountered some issue while dealing with them, either online or on call. Whatever it is, if you have a complaint, you would want to file with them! They are always up for improving their customer experience so you should help them build a conducive environment by telling their areas of improvement. You can contact the Jewellery Maker UK contact number for filing the complaint. You can also write them your grievances and post them at Jewellery Maker, Ivy House, Henley Road, Outhill, Studley, B80 7DU, UK. Providing them with a written complaint would ensure that they have understood the matter well and that they would have a firm ground to investigate further to rectify the problem.

Jewellery Maker East London Office

Jewellery Maker is based in East London. where they have their registered office as well. To get in touch with staff directly at their main office, you can dial the Jewellery Maker UK contact number. They will sort out all your problems as they are responsible for everything. You can also visit them at their East London address: Vineyard House, 44 Brook Green, London W6 7BT, in case you feel that you are not given that much attention. For any matters that you think you will be needing to contact the officials at their East London Office, you can pay them a visit and they will be more than welcoming.

Jewellery Stone Gemstones

Jewellery Maker necklace

Presenting someone with a rare gemstone or gemstone jewellery can symbolise the importance of that person in your life. Jewellery Maker realises that and brings some of the most exotic and rare gemstones from distant areas, at pretty competitive prices to your doorstep. You can surely check out the gemstones offered at Jewellery Maker on their Gems and Beads page on the website. They offer pearls, topaz, opal and amethyst among various other gemstones. You can buy them separately if you wish to make your own jewellery using them. Or they also have a variety of jewellery with these gemstones for you to choose from, so you can go ahead with them as well. When you visit the page, you can filter your needs for gemstones and narrow down the options to what you actually need. Buying gemstones at amazing prices has never been any easier! Though, for requesting additional help and information, you can contact the Jewellery Maker UK contact number.

Jewellery Maker Insurance

When you buy expensive jewellery, you are always worried about it being stolen or being lost. Well, Jewellery Maker realises what of a valuable piece a jewellery can be, and so it advises the customers to use an insured delivery method when returning the goods. However, if they are the ones delivering, then too, they will make sure that you receive your jewellery safe and sound. They are not providing insurance themselves but would request you to have one anyway. If you do not much about getting your jewellery from Jewellery Maker insured, you can reach the staff at Jewellery Maker UK contact number.

Jewellery Maker Wholesale Details

If you are someone who makes and sells jewellery at a local shop and wants to get the best quality supplies, you certainly need to get in touch with Jewellery Maker! They provide a wholesale discount on their jewellery supplies and items so that local shopkeepers have an ease with selling jewellery at good prices! To get more details about their wholesale dealings, you can contact them at Jewellery Maker UK contact number or drop a message on the mentioned email address. They will tell you all details about their wholesale dealings, like how can you buy jewellery in wholesale, how much discount you will be getting, how much time it will take for items to get delivered and how much jewellery you can buy in wholesale. They have made it easier for everyone to deal in jewellery!

Jewellery Maker Contact Tips

There are chances that you might need more sources to get in touch with them. To stay on the trail of what is new at Jewellery Maker, you can certainly join them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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