Kenwood Travel Contact Numbers

Kenwood Travel Contact Numbers
Kenwood Travel Customer Service

Kenwood Travel UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8.30 am - 10.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 9.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am - 9.00 pm

Kenwood Travel is one of the leading travel agents for luxury holidays at the best prices. If you were looking for a reasonable, yet a super comfortable holiday to go to, you certainly need to get in touch with them. All Services, being the provider for contact information for different companies, brings you their contact information at a click’s away this once.

Kenwood Travel Phone Tips


Kenwood Travel Helpline UK Contact Number
Kenwood Travel Customer Service  0207 749 9220
Kenwood Travel Accounts 0207 749 9224
Kenwood Travel World Wide Deals  0207 749 9256
Kenwood Travel Special Offer  0207 749 7330
Kenwood Travel Ticketing 0207 749 9248
Kenwood Travel Far East Holidays 0207 749 9275
Kenwood Travel Multi-Centre Holidays 0207 749 9242
Kenwood Travel Europe Holidays 0207 749 7260
Kenwood Travel USA Holidays 0207 749 9282
Kenwood Travel Middle East Holidays 0207 749 9276
Kenwood Travel Fax 0207 749 7290

Kenwood Travel Customer Service

Kenwood Travel home page

To reach the customer service at Kenwood Travel, you will need to dial the Kenwood Travel customer service number 0207 749 9220. They have offered a variety of holiday packages for you to enjoy and to a number of places! To look for a package suiting your needs, you would need to fill in the form you see on the left side of the screen when you visit the Kenwood Travel website. For making a booking with them, you can call them at the provided number and they will assist you with further procedures and measures required.

If you have anything that you need assistance with, with respect to a holiday that you are planning, you can ask for an expert advice by talking to one of their agents on the given number. For any payment related issues, as well as requesting additional information about the visa, travel insurance, activities, and offerings of the packages available, you can contact them at the given number and all your queries will be resolved.

Their opening hours are mentioned above. On bank holidays, though, they are available from 10.00 am – 5.00 pm. Therefore, to get your queries resolved in time, it is best you contact them during the hours provided.

Kenwood Travel Flash Sale

Kenwood arranges flash sales through which the customers are able to avail the holiday packages and even more discounted prices! The Kenwood Travel flash sale helpline number 0207 749 9256 can be contacted in case there is a flash sale and you want to make a booking. The same number is to be contacted if there is anything you want to ask them about the offers up for sale! Sales are offered for various destinations, including Dubai, Maldives and Cyprus, and for various kinds, including all-inclusive, adult only and family holidays. If you are lucky enough to go on a holiday while they have their flash sale up and running, you are certainly in for a big treat!

 Kenwood Travel Ticketing

For any ticket related issues and queries, you can reach their agents at the Kenwood Travel ticketing number 0207 749 9248. The agents available at this number are trained in helping you out effectively to resolve your concerns with respect to ticketing. If you have faced an issue, or want to request additional information about how the ticketing procedure works once you are done making your bookings, you would be calling at the number provided.

Kenwood Travel Special Offers

Kenwood Travel Special offers section

The special offers by Kenwood Travel are the best ones available for all the destinations and with good value for money! The agents for such holiday packages can be contacted at the Kenwood Travel special offers number 0207 749 7330. If you are looking for late deals, as well as the ones at really good prices, but with best offerings for a holiday to your preferred destination, you certainly need to check this section. In case you cannot find the one you are looking for, or are confused amongst a couple of them, give their agents a call at the given number and they will help you out!

Kenwood Travel Holidays Booking

Specialising in tailor-made holidays, Kenwood Travel has a variety of options for you to consider when you are away for holidays! To learn about making your bookings, you need to check out the how to book page.

Kenwood Travel Far East Holidays

Looking to travel to the Far East? Well, you certainly need to get in touch with the agents at the Kenwood Travel Far East holidays number 0207 749 9275. They have a variety of packages available for holidays to Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Philipines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Taiwan. To ask further about the holiday packages available for Far East destinations and to make your bookings, you would not want to waste any more time and get in touch with the agents as soon as possible!

Kenwood Travel Multi-Centre Holidays

If you plan to travel to more than one destination during your holiday, the option for multi-centre holidays would be the best one to go for! Talk to the agents at the Kenwood Travel multi-centre holidays number 0207 749 9242 now and get your holiday customised! They are after all known for their tailor-made holidays since 1977! Not only will they let you know the most feasible route that you should follow, but also enable you to book and travel using their services.

Kenwood Travel Europe Holidays

Looking for feasible and viable holidays to enjoy in Europe? Get in touch with the agents at the Kenwood Travel Europe holidays number 0207 749 7260 now and explore your options! They have holidays arranged to Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Portugal and Italy. You can visit their website for more details and in case, of any query or book a holiday you like, give them a call at the given number and their experts will guide you further!

Kenwood Travel USA Holidays

You would not want to miss your chance to enjoy a memorable holiday in the USA! To make your holiday a more worthwhile one, contact the Kenwood Travel USA holidays number 0207 749 9282 and learns about the best holidays available to you in the USA. You can explore your options for Las Vegas, New York, Scottsdale Arizona, Memphis, Boston, San Diego, New Orlean, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Washington DC, Chicago, Santa Barbara and Philadelphia. So if you have been meaning to go to any of these places, you certainly need to book your holidays with Kenwood Travel!

Kenwood Travel Middle East Holidays

The Middle East has immensely exotic and vastly luxurious holiday destinations. To book an amazingly feasible and a valued package, get in touch with the agents Kenwood Travel Middle East holidays number 0207 749 9276 and get enlightened about the most attractive deals for holidays in the respective region! Offering holidays to Dubai, Fujairah, Oman, Abu Dhabi. Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Qatar and Jordan, they have provided you options for different holiday types to each of these destinations as well.

Kenwood Travel Fax

Even though they try their level best to be available to each of you, you might not be able to catch them over the telephone. In such a case, you can use the Kenwood Travel fax number 0207 749 7290 and get in touch with them. Be sure to mention your contact details and name clearly so that they can get back to you with a resolution for your concern or the issue addressed. They are very keen to make your holiday experience an amazing one, so do not hesitate if there is anything you need to get in touch with them for.

Kenwood Travel Head Office

Other than the fax and the UK contact number, you can also write your queries and post them at their head office. It would be wise if you mentioned clearly your name and the contact details where they can get back to you. You ask absolutely anything in the post and their experts would be more than happy to clear any doubts you have with respect to their holidays. Even if you want to learn about the holiday extras that are offered, you can educate yourself on the matter by posting them a comprehensively written letter.

Moorgate House, 5-8 Dysart Street
London EC2A 2BX

Kenwood Travel Alternate Contact Details

There are chances that you are unable to reach the agents at Kenwood Travel using the information above. Well, you need not worry as we bring you other contact channels that you can use in order to get in touch with them.

Kenwood Travel Email

You can write them at Kenwood Travel email [email protected] in case any of the means failed to connect you with the agents at Kenwood Travel. They will be happy to help you out in any difficulty you face while working out the best holiday for you! Moreover, you can request additional information with regard to their holidays and holidays extras in case anything is unclear to you. Just be sure to get in touch with them so that you are able to enjoy the best holidays!

Kenwood Travel Manage My Booking

You might have to make some changes to your bookings, change the name of the passenger, date of the booking or cancel your bookings. To learn about managing your bookings, you can check out the Kenwood Travel FAQs section and most probably your issue will be addressed there. In case it is not, you would need to get in contact with them using either their UK contact number or writing them at the head office, or via email.

However, if you are not sure about the cancellation policy, you will be needing to check out the terms and conditions page, where clauses 5 and 6 address their policy with respect to cancellation. The part of payment which will be refunded to you in the case of a cancellation, the time period and everything is covered.

Kenwood Travel Booking Conditions

Before travelling with them, Kenwood Travel has some essential information to share with you. You can check out the mentioned page in case you want to learn about the travel insurance, US visa program, and special assistance. Your possible curiosity regarding the arrival of your travel documents can come to a resolution if you check out the page talked about earlier. Other than this, for more information about booking conditions, you can always check out the Terms and Conditions page or contact the Kenwood Travel customer service.

Kenwood Travel Contact Tips

Though all the channels where you can get in touch with them have already been discussed earlier, joining Kenwood Travel on social platforms would ensure that you are up-to-date with all the news, offers and happenings there. To constantly be aware of all of it, you can connect with them on:

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