Kwik Fit Insurance Contact Numbers

Kwik Fit Insurance Contact Numbers
Kwik Fit Insurance Customer Service

Kwik Fit Insurance UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Sunday Closed

Kwik Fit Insurance provides insurance covers for homes, cars, vans, motorbikes, and pets. Even though they are not taking any new customers now, existing customers would continue to use their insurance services. Since it might be a little hard to find all the relevant contact information for getting in touch with Kwik Fit Insurance for different matters and their various insurance departments, being a customer service entity that All Services is, we have brought together all the essential bits of contact details for them at your disposal in the following work. We hope you find it useful.

Kwik Fit Insurance Phone Tips

Kwik Fit Insurance Departments UK Contact Number
Home Insurance Customer Service 0800 183 6116
Breakdown Cover 0300 000 1400
Breakdown Policy Books 0800 183 3223
Car Insurance Claims 0800 561 0600
Motorbike and Van Insurance Claims 0800 479 0110
Amend Car Insurance Policy 0800 952 4141
Renew Car Insurance Policy 0800 014 1257
Amend Motorbike Insurance Policy 0800 980 1927
Amend Pet Insurance Policy 0800 952 0692
Breakdown Cover Policy 0800 561 1100
Amend Van Insurance Policy 0800 027 6645
Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy Complaints 0800 280 2206
Pet Insurance Claims 0844 335 1201

Kwik Fit Insurance Home Insurance Customer Service

Kwik Fit Insurance homepage

If you wish to amend your home insurance policy, you would need to contact at the Kwik Fit Insurance home insurance customer service number 0800 183 6116. That being said, for any changes to your existing home insurance policy, add or subtract a clause, you can reach out to them and they will make the necessary changes. As for making your claims over the insurance, you would need to call the number of the insurer mentioned on your policy.

Moreover, in the case of filing a complaint with respect to their home insurance policy, you can let them know over the phone. You do not like the way your claim was settled, or you think the claim was unjustified in accordance with what as promised or any other aspect, let them know on the number provided.

To learn about their opening hours and various other means of contacting them, Kwik Fit Insurance contact us page would be very helpful!

Kwik Fit Insurance Breakdown Cover Claims

You can give a call at the Kwik Fit Insurance breakdown cover claims number 0300 000 1400 in case an emergency situation arises that has been covered by the policy you bought with them. This would mean that if you have a car breakdown anytime at any place, you call at the given number and the situation will be taken care of and paid or via the insurance policy you bought with them.

All kinds of claims can be made 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Kwik Fit Insurance Breakdown Policy Books

The Kwik Fit Insurance breakdown policy books number 0800 183 3223 can be called if you have any issues with respect to the breakdown policy book for the cover you opted for. These books have everything mentioned, what is covered and what is not. There are books for recovery, full UK recovery, roadside, roadside plus, and a couple of others. In case anything is unclear or you want additional information, you can simply give them a call and all your queries will come to a resolution.

Kwik Fit Insurance Car Insurance Claim

Other damages to your car can be settled via your car insurance policy if you dial the Kwik Fit Insurance car insurance claims number 0800 561 0600. If a situation arises that cause harm to your car and as been covered by the policy you bought with Kwik Fit Insurance, you can make your claim by calling the given number. This also applies to you windscreen damage claims, implying if the windscreen is crushed or cracked, the claim on your policy will take care of it. If you have opted for additional claims, you can check out the car insurance claims page on the Kwik Fit Insurance website and find all the respective numbers there only.

Kwik Fit Insurance Motorbike and Van Insurance Claims

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Claims numbers

Your claims on the policy for motorbike and van can be claimed if you call the Kwik Fit Insurance motorbike and van insurance claims number 0800 479 0110. Therefore, in emergency situations involving your motorbike or the van, you would be calling on the shared number if the situation has been covered by your policy. However, for optional policies’ claims on both of these, for example, excess protection and helmet cover in case of the motorbike, and personal accident and key cover along with usual van insurance policy, then you would be calling the corresponding numbers displayed on the motorbike insurance claims and van insurance claims page respectively.

Moreover, in a case of any dissatisfaction and unhappiness with your motorbike insurance policy, the way the claims were handled and the amount which was settled against the policy, you can let them know on the given number. They will act on your complaint as soon as possible and try rectifying where they went wrong with providing promised high customer satisfaction.

Kwik Fit Insurance Amend Car Insurance Policy

Kwik Fit Insurance opening hours

You can dial the Kwik Fit Insurance amend car insurance policy number 0800 952 4141 if you wish to change the terms of your cover, make some additions or subtractions to the clauses. Whatever there is that you need to update with respect to you ca insurance policy, add optional policy covers as well, you would be calling the given number.

Likewise, if you have issues with our policy, or you are not satisfied with how you claim was settled, you can file your complaints through the given number as well. The number is also to be called upon if you are a breakdown cover customer and have issues and complaints with respect to your breakdown cover policy.

Kwik Fit Insurance Renew Car Insurance Policy

To renew your car insurance policy, give a call at the Kwik Fit Insurance renew your car insurance policy number 0800 014 1257. Usually, if you are paying via instalments or debit/credit card, they will automatically renew your policy 5 days before the renewal date. However, payment authorization is required for this. Therefore, if you need to get your policy renewed and continue using it, please give a call at the given number and the agents available will help you further.

Kwik Fit Insurance Amend Motorbike Insurance Policy

Any changes to your motorbike insurance policy will be made by dialling the Kwik Fit Insurance amend motorbike insurance policy number 0800 980 1927. For adding optional claims or subtracting the one you already have with your usual policy, or to make some other changes to the usual motorbike insurance policy you bought with Kwik Fit Insurance, the given number will come in handy. Get in touch with them if the stated need arises.

Kwik Fit Insurance Amend Pet Insurance Policy

Kwik Fit Insurance customer service number for Pet Insurance

You can contact at the Kwik Fit Insurance amend pet insurance policy number 0800 952 0692 if you need to make changes to your existing pet insurance policy. You are no longer required to be covered by a certain clause stated in the policy or you need some other aspects covered, all of this would require changing the existing policy. Therefore, you can do so by contacting their agents on the given number.

In addition to this, any complaints you have with respect to the pet insurance policy you have, they will be filed with the agents available on the other end of the telephone line. Therefore, be sure to let them know of any inconvenience caused to you.

Kwik Fit Insurance Breakdown Cover Policy

Breakdown cover customers can dial the Kwik Fit Insurance breakdown cover policy number 0800 561 1100 if they need to renew or amend the existing policy. The terms for renewal are the same as they are for the car insurance policy. Give them a call if you need to get your policy renewed or in case you do not want to either. Moreover, in the case of bringing about some changes to your policy, adding some extras or taking away some unwanted terms, you can ask the respective agents to do that for you. Any changes can be arranged if you call the given number.

Kwik Fit Insurance Head Office

Kwik Fit Insurance is a trading name of the Ageas Retail Limited, located in Hampshire. To personally visit the agents at Kwik Fit Insurance head office, you will need to know the address shared below. For any of the matters discussed above, for example renewing or amending your policy or filing your complaint, you can get in touch with them personally and get it resolved.

Likewise, if you need to write them, you can post it to their head office address below. To who you address your letter depends on the matter for which you are communicating them. That being said, for example, if you wish to get in touch with the customer service, you will be addressing it to customers relation manager and if the issue is about data protection, you will write to the data protection officer.

Kwik Fit Insurance Services

Deansleigh House

Deansleigh Road




Kwik Fit Insurance Amend Van Insurance Policy

Give a call at the Kwik Fit Insurance amend van insurance policy number 0800 027 6645 to make any desired changes to your existing policy. They will let you know if a certain change is acceptable or not. Moreover, to make the allowed changes as well, in case you want your policy to be that way, you will be getting in touch with respective agents. To get the optional claims or cancel the ones you have right now, the number would come in handy.

Kwik Fit Insurance Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy Complaints

You can dial the Kwik Fit Insurance commercial vehicle insurance policy complaints number 0800 280 2206 in case you have a complaint to file with them. If you are commercial vehicle owner who has been insured by Kwik Fit Insurance’s respective policy, and you are not happy with a certain aspect of your policy or the settling of the claim, you can let them know via given number. They will try to overcome the shortcoming as soon as possible.

Kwik Fit Insurance Pet Insurance Claims

The Kwik Fit Insurance pet insurance claims number 0844 335 1201 can be dialled if your pet faces an emergency situation which has been covered by your policy. The situations and conditions under which you are liable to make a claim are well explained on your policy only. You will need your policy reference number and the details of the accident or the situation upon which you are making the claim to be able to do so.

Kwik Fit Insurance Contact Tips

Kwik Fit Insurance LinkedIn page

Apart from all these numbers and the address, if you still feel the need to know other sources of staying in contact with them, you can make use of their social media profiles. You can join them on:

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