Lebara Mobile Contact Number

Lebara Mobile Contact Number
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All Days 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Have you been trying to get in touch with Lebara Mobile but were able to find adequate information? You have surely come to the right place! At All Services, we aim to provide with a handy guide as to how you can contact various companies across the UK. Lebara Mobile is a mobile telecommunications service company in the UK, providing an ease to stay in touch with the loved ones almost all across the globe! You will find helpful information for contacting them in the work below. Enjoy!

Lebara Mobile Phone Tips

Lebara Mobile Department UK Contact Number
Lebara Mobile Terms and Conditions Customer Service 0203 036 3000
Lebara Mobile Customer Service 0870 075 5588

Lebara Mobile Customer Service

Lebara Mobile support

If you want to get in touch with the customer service team, you would need to contact at the Lebara Moble customer service number 0870 075 5588. You will be charged 10p for the whole call. Specialising in catering to the mobile voice and data communications needs and demands of the people of the UK, Lebara Mobile provides a variety of telecommunication services along with the SIMs. Through their roaming agreements with other mobile networks, services of Lebara Mobile can be used internationally as well. It has its own handsets as well. Among numerous services that it offers, you can:

  • Activate mobile internet
  • Call internationally to over 200 countries
  • Leave voicemails
  • Activate Text Bundles
  • Share multimedia messages

In case you have inquiries about any of the products and services offered by the Lebara Mobile, you can reach them on the given number and all your concerns will be addressed satisfyingly. Even though they have very comprehensively mentioned all their offerings on the Lebara Mobile website, they welcome any question from their customers with respect. Therefore, go ahead, give them a call and request any additional information that you need to!

In case there is a complaint that you need to file with them, you can do so 24 hours a day and 365 days a year using the number mentioned above. However, their Engineers attend to faults and reports between the hours of 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, excluding the public and national holidays. They have a comprehensive complaint handling procedure, therefore you can rest assured that any of your concerns will be addressed and acted upon in time.

Lebara Mobile Terms and Conditions Customer Service

To reach the customer service for terms and conditions, you need to contact at the Lebara Mobile terms and conditions customer service number 0203 036 3000. Lebara Mobile follows an all-inclusive set of terms and conditions, incorporating terms for:

  • Promotions
  • Additional services
  • Call credit transfer
  • General terms and conditions

All of these terms and conditions are enlisted and well-explained on their website only. Each of the categories has been discussed separately and addresses every possible bit of information which the customer will need to know. However, if anything is unclear or you wish to learn more about it, you can always give them a call at the given number and they will readily help you out.

There might be questions about placing your orders with them as well. They can be anything relating to the procedure of ordering, how your order will be delivered, attached charges, so on and so forth. For any order related queries, you would need to get in touch with the customer service team at the aforementioned number. In case you have placed an order but are not sure about its delivery/arrival, or want to check on its status, then too you can reach them on the number provided. Your order related requests for additional information can be made using the Lebara Mobile UK contact number. Feel free to give them a call whenever in need.

Lebara Mobile Head Office

Lebara Mobile operates all across the UK, with its head office in London. You can get in touch with them via posting them on Lebara Mobile, 25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, UK. The matters that you can write them about can constitute of absolutely anything that you need to ask them about their products and services. They will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you have. However, when you write them, be sure to clearly mention your name and contact details on which to get back to you. The matter for which you are writing them for should also be very coherent and written out quite precisely, without beating about the bush. Therefore, in case you cannot get them on their UK phone number, you always have an option to write them!

Lebara Mobile Terms and Conditions Customer Service Email

You would need the Lebara Mobile terms and conditions customer service email [email protected] in case the number does not work out for you. Writing them precisely about your query or simply requesting additional information about a certain term or condition via email will get your queries resolved soon. They will get back to you at their earliest possible and provide a solution for your concern. Hence, dropping them an email might be a nice idea!

Lebara Mobile SIM Services

Lebnara Mobile how to activate sim

Lebara Mobile has a number of services to offer when you buy their SIM card. They have a pay as you go service, which means that whenever you need to make a call, send SMS or use data, you need to make a top up and you are good to go! You can reach them by emailing them at the Lebara Mobile customer service email [email protected] if there is anything that confuses you about the services that they are offering, or about getting the services activated or simply you want to have general information. The sim can be ordered online and after you receive it within 48 hours, you will be able to use it and check your balance online through the MyLebara tab. The options available for the SIMs are displayed on their website. They have an option for a free SIM as well!

For using the services, you might have to activate a couple of them. For example, to be able to use data and send multimedia messages, you need to have the service activated. Though they have all the directions for each of the service activation on their web page, like you can visit the How to activate internet and MMS settings page for learning about the respective service, in case you are having trouble with any, you can leave them a message with your email, or the Lebara phone number – if you have one – via the Contact Form. They will get back to you within two days. With respect to any queries as well, you can leave them a message using the form.

Lebara Mobile Rates

Just like most mobile networks, Lebara Mobile lets you make international calls as well. Even more so, with their roaming services, you will be able to use your Lebara Mobile SIM card even when you are out of the UK. To learn more about the local mobile rates, international rates and the charges for roaming services, you can visit their Lebara Mobile International Call Rates page. They have enlisted all of the tariffs there. However, if you any reservations or are not clear about anything, you can reach the customer services representative using the “Click to Chat” option flashing on the Lebara Mobile Contact Us page. Their friendly advisors are available online from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm weekdays and 9:00 am to 5:30 pm at weekends. For your convenience and to get your matter addressed effectively, it would be wise to contact them via their chat option during the hours mentioned.

Lebara Mobile Plans

Lebara Mobile Pay as you go plans

Aiming to provide quality services to their customers with reasonable prices, Lebara Mobile even have plans made out which are economical, as well as viable to use. They are a mix and match of data, calls, and messages. Basically, they are the packages you can avail to use their services with some pretty good leverage in terms of prices. You would have paid more if you would have used the same amount of those services otherwise. The plans include:

  • Data Plans
  • All in One Plans
  • International Plans
  • National Plans

You can learn more about these plans on the Lebara MobilePay as You Go Mobile Plans page. You can browse for the one you like and go for it online as well. If you have any queries with respect to the plans, you can always reach the customer service at the Lebara Mobile UK contact number.

Lebara Mobile Contact Tips

If you fail to reach them via any of the means discussed earlier, you always have an option to catch them on their social media profiles! Therefore, if you contact them there, they will get back to you within a fair amount of time, with an answer to your problem. In case you want to stay updated on all that happens in Lebara Mobile, their recent offers, and everything, then too, connecting them on these profiles would be wise! You can catch them on:


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