Littlewoods Contact Numbers

Littlewoods Contact Numbers
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

All Days 7 am to 11 pm

At All Services, we are aware that a customer time is precious. Scouring through the internet and various database searching for contact details for different company snatch most of your valuable time. Thanks to All Services as you now you don’t have to waste time doing the searches- We have gone deep the company database and got the contact details that will connect you with Littlewood’s customer service.

Littlewoods is an extensive online catalogue in the UK. Though it is difficult to communicate to Littlewoods via email, they have active forums where customers can get most of their queries answered. For more details on how to connect to the helpdesk, visit Littlewoods contact us page.

Littlewoods Number List

 Littlewoods Department   UK Contact Numbers
 Littlewoods Customer Service  0344 822 8000
 Littlewoods Customer Service  Ireland  +3531 811 2222
 Littlewoods Home Insurance  0800 072 6350
 Littlewoods Lost or Stolen Credit Card  0800 052 1686
 Littlewoods Cardholder  0800 052 1684
 Littlewoods Payment  0800 952 4966
 Littlewoods General Account  0333 000 0606
 Littlewoods General Account International  +44 333 000 0031
 Littlewoods Online Account  0344 481 0842
 Littlewoods Online Shopping  0844 822 8000

 Littlewoods Customer Service

Littlewoods contact us page

Customer Service handles many issues over the phone, in stores and online. It’s true that a company cannot survive without support team as there will be no one to process the payment, and to answer the questions asked by the buyers.

Littlewoods Customer service is always are professionally trained to handle their clients. A reason as to why a customer could be searching for the support team help include:

  • Query about making payment.
  • Didn’t receive Littlewoods Catalogue.
  • Your order is missing, or late.
  • Charges confirmation.
  • You want to cancel an order or even make a complaint.
  • Tracking an order
  • Arrange and discuss with the customer service about a return.

Have in mind that Littlewoods is an online catalogue and they don’t have a physical shopping centre. Thus, customers are expected to make an online account on their website and use the account to make purchases. In case you have issues creating an online account, dial Littlewoods customer service 0344 822 8000.

Customers who are abroad and have queries related to their accounts should dial the Littlewoods international number +44 333 000 0031.

Other ways to contact the customer service include:

  • Secure webmail. Expect a response within 24 hrs. To access this platform, log in to your account, proceed to the “My detail” Proceed to click report queries. You can always choose the platform anytime of the day
  • Follow them on social media such as Facebook
  • Visit their website and proceed to the online chat section
  • Use the FAQs link on the site and get a ready answer

Littlewoods Catalogue

In case you have been searching for an online catalogue that can meet almost everything you require, then go to From men wear, women clothes, baby clothes and toys, electronics, gaming products, beauty products and much more you can find all of them online.

On their catalogue, you will find an extensive selection of products from which you can choose a product from and enables the buyers to make purchases at one place. In case you like shopping brands, you can get the top brands on their website. The site interface is simple making it easy for the customers to navigate and the arrangements of the products make it the easy for shoppers to identify and make purchases.

In case you didn’t receive the catalogue, you can contact Littlewoods phone number, and they will have it sent to you. The helpline will also be of assistance if you have queries regarding the discount on products on their catalogue. In case you want your picture printed in the catalogue, you can make the request.

Littlewoods Online Shopping

Littlewoods Online Shopping

To make it convenient to their customers, they have introduced online shopping on their platform. You can shop anytime, at midnight with your pyjamas, where else can you do that? With Littlewoods, online shopping, the customers can make purchases within minutes, and they don’t have to create queues. Customers who need help accessing the online account should dial Littlewoods online account number 0344 481 0842 and an agent will guide on how to log in.

Other benefits include, you can compare prices, you can leave items in your cart and continue shopping later. Also, Littlewoods online shopping exposes the customers to an extensive catalogue of products that are discounted.

Customers who want to place an order online should dial the Littlewoods Placing an Order 0844 822 8000. By calling the above secure helpline, customers can make payment using credit cards procedure that will be given by the company advisors.

Littlewoods Returns

Did you receive a product and don’t want anymore?  Well, customers who shop at Littlewoods have 28-days to return a product. They can ask for a replacement or a refund. However, the customers are asked to return the product in the same condition they bought them, that is, in the box and they should have tags.

To confirm about the few things that should not be returned, Phone the Littlewoods Contact Number today. The friendly customer service team will be glad to take you through these products. In case you need instructions on how to make the return, dial the helpline, and you speak to a human agent.

Littlewoods also allows collect+ method when returning items. The click and collect are free of any charges, and the customer is expected to return the product to their point of collection. The refund may take up to three business day before reflecting the account. In case you wish to learn more, use live chats during their open hours.

Littlewoods Head Office

There has been no number provided that will put you directly in the Littlewoods Head Office. However, in case any issue arises, you can use the customer service number provided on this site. Customers who want to avoid the long wait calls, you can choose the old-fashioned method of letter writing. The postal address to use is:

Shop Direct, 1st Floor, Skyways House, Speke Road, Speke, Liverpool L70 1AB

Please remember to:

  • Add your personal details such as phone number, postal address to make it easy for the team to send a response to your queries.
  • Send the letter using special delivery services.
  • Avoid providing sensitive details to your personal account.

Littlewoods Home Insurance

The company provide several schemes that will help you protect your products. For instance, if you buy electronic products from their store, you can also buy a house insurance cover that will cover all the appliances, including the electronics for the next 5-8 yrs. To review your policy cover or ask for a quote, dial  Littlewoods home insurance number 0800 072 6350 and an agent will be ready to assist.

Littlewoods seems to provide cover for everything. In case you have any queries related to their policies, call the Littlewoods contact number UK. Get the best home insurance from Littlewoods!

Littlewoods Complaints Department

The company has trained all its staffs to deal with any issues that may arise with the customers. They are always dedicated to resolve any complaint and bring about customer satisfaction efficiently. Thus, if you have any problems with the product or service providence, call Littlewood’s customer service number from 7 am to 11 pm. No problems are big or small in the eyes of the customer service. They make efforts to ensure the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

Other methods of making complaint includes:

  • Sending email to [email protected]
  • Use the phone number or online contact us page.
  • Send a letter to Sandringham House, Sandringham Avenue, Chelmsford, CM92 1LQ

Littlewoods Make a Payment

While shopping at Littlewoods, be sure you can afford everything! To make sure you buy what you desire, you can quickly spread the cost in a manageable way. They have a payment scheme that is friendly to the clients. Customers who are devoted to shopping probably have across monthly instalments- you don’t have to pay all the cash at once. After every 28 days, they will send to a statement of your accounts with all the transactions you’ve made.

Customers can also choose “Buy Now Pay Later” who major advantages are that they have no fees or interest charges. In case you have master card or credit card, you can make the payments at once by logging into “my account”, choosing the payment section. In case you have more queries regarding making payment, dial the Littlewoods payment number 0800 952 4966, and they will take you through the process. In case you want more details about Littlewoods Make a Payment, proceed to the Littlewoods shopping page.

How to Close my Littlewoods Account

Closing Littlewoods can be a hassle. No company wants their customers to leave thus the cancellation page may be somehow tricky to fill. Whichever the reasons as to why you are closing your account, you can contact Littlewood’s phone number 0333 000 0606, and you will be instructed on how to close your online account. There are two ways you can close your online account:

  • Temporary to resume later.
  • Permanent

The customer service will assist you through the process. However, you are expected to read the terms and conditions online before making the decision to close the account.

Littlewoods Fraud Team

Did you spot a suspicious activity in your account? Report to the Littles Fraud team immediately. Use the Littlewoods contact number as it is the fastest method available. Certain measures may be taken such as the temporal closure of the account. Identity theft can happen to anyone and to keep their customers safe they advise you to:

If you lose your credit card, make sure you let the support team know as soon as possible. The fastest method is by contacting them through Littlewoods lost or stolen Credit Card 0800 052 1686 which is toll-free.

Though it is not advisable to write a letter to the fraud team, you can pay them a visit to the following address:

Identity Theft Team, Shop Direct Group Ltd. Thynne Street, Bolton, BL3 6AX

Littlewoods Ireland Phone Number

Littlewoods Ireland Phone Number

Littlewoods is the leading departmental store in Ireland. You can enjoy a wide range of services such as free deliveries and returns. They offer both sales and after services to their customers. In case you have queries regarding Littlewoods Ireland store, call Littlewoods Ireland Phone Number +3531 811 2222, and the support team will be glad to provide all the details you require.

Connect to Littlewoods On Social Media

Social platforms have become one of the most influential platforms in business, and Littlewoods is no exceptional! Luckily, we have the important links that will sail you to their online platform.

  • Post on their Facebook wall.
  • Send tweets to their support advisors on the Twitter page.
  • Join Littlewoods circle using Google+.
  • Check the company pinned pictures on Pinterest
  • Watch fun videos and adverts on their online YouTube channel
  • Read their blogs for more details.

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