Lloyds Customer Service

Lloyds Customer Service
Lloyds Bank Customer Service

Lloyds Bank UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7

Lloyds Phone Number Tips

 Lloyds Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
Lloyds Customer Service Toll-Free  0800 096 9779
Travel Insurance  0800 731 4044
Complaints  0800 072 3572
Lloyds Bank Customer Service Number  0345 300 0000
Textphone  0345 300 2281
Business Accounts Phone Number  0345 072 5555
Abroad  +44 1702 278 270
Internet Banking Queries  0345 300 0116
Fixed line Contact  0800 023 4567

Lloyds Bank Overview

Lloyds is a retail and a commercial bank with its subsidiary located in different parts of Wales and England. The company was founded in 1865 Birmingham, in the UK. However, the bank has grown to provide its brand to millions of UK customers. Currently, Lloyds headquarters are located in London, UK. It is the leading bank in the UK with over a million customers.

Lloyds banks have taken most of the UK streets businesses providing it support to over 1 million banks in the UK streets. The commercial bank aims to incorporate over 5,000 brands. If you are a customer owning a business, either small, medium or large, then Lloyds is the place to visit.  Lloyds Customer Service works hard to make sure that they provide the best services to their customers. If you have any enquiry, Contact Lloyds by visiting their official website or by using Lloyds Helpline provided by this site.

Lloyds Services

Lloyds Bank offers a broad range of product and services just to mention:

  • Savings and current accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Mortgages and loans
  • Travel services

More information about Lloyds Customer Service can be found on their website. With these services being available the commercial bank has made it easy to enquire about any service. For example, the Lloyds Bank Contact Number 0800 731 4044 is free to call for customers who wish to ask about travel services such as insurance.

The Lloyds Bank Customer Service Number 0800 096 9779 is also toll-free, and it’s all you need. Use the number to ask about any credit card services, loans and life insurances.

Contact Lloyds Helpline

Contact Lloyds Customer Service

Lloyds bank support team are always eager to assist you with any enquiry that you might have. There are various reasons why you would wish to use Lloyds Helpline. For example, Lloyds Bank contact number 0345 300 0000 is available for general enquiries. Make a complaint by dialling the toll-free Lloyds contact number 0800 072 3572In the case of lost or stolen card, or you have experienced illegal transaction in your account, then you can call Lloyds Bank Customer Service Number provided above by the site.

Lloyds has made it easier for their clients to get assistance. If you have travelled outside the UK, Contact Lloyds using  +44 1702 278 270 and share your feedback.

Alternatively, you can seek help online. Visit their official website and use the Lloyds Bank contact us page to directly connect. You can also use the FAQs section for quick answers. Besides, you can use their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Lloyds Customer Service

Write to Lloyds Customer Care

Need to contact Lloyds Customer Service with ease? Then avoid the drag phone calls and write to their help desk. For customers who have a hearing impairment, you can text using  Lloyds Bank Contact Number 0345 300 2281If you cho0se to use the traditional method of writing letters, then use the following address:

Lloyds TSB, 25 Gresham St, London EC2V 7HN, UK

Lloyds Helpline Tips

While all general queries can be addressed to the common number available for the Lloyds customer service desk, it is important to know other specific numbers or addresses, for when you want a specific problem to be addressed. Keeping those numbers handy will ensure that you are easily connected with the right department and that your queries are quickly resolved. You can also have your issues resolved at the nearest retail store. Use the store locator to find the nearest branch.

The different numbers have different availability. Visit their website for more details.

Lloyds Customer Service
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