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Lyreco Contact Numbers
Lyreco Customer Service

Lyreco UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

We, at All Services, realise what of an effort it must take to know the right number to get in touch with a certain department of the respective company you need to talk to. Therefore, we are delighted to serve you in bringing forth the contact guides for various companies and organisations across the UK. This once, though, we have compiled a guide to contacting Lyreco, which ranks amongst the world’s top workplace supplies solutions companies. To get in touch with them, the following work would come in very handy, enjoy!

Lyreco Phone Number List

Lyreco Departments UK Contact Number
Lyreco Customer Service 0845 767 6999
Lyreco Head Office 0195 229 3000
Head Office Fax 0195 229 0670
Lyreco Customer Service Fax 0845 076 2698
Ireland Contact Number
Lyreco Ireland Customer Service +353 1850 882 276
Ireland Customer Service Fax +353 1850 882 277

Lyreco Customer Service

Lyreco website homepage

You can get in touch with representatives of this company at the Lyreco customer service number 0845 767 6999. The number is applicable for all of their stores within the UK only. Whatever office supplies you need, ranging from papers, pens, pencils, printer cartridges, and office desks, to the hygiene related workplace products and the facilities supplies, the company has got everything covered for you.

They are there for you in the case of any help you need with respect to buying with them, implying if you are unable to find a certain supply you are looking for, or are stuck with browsing for the supplies or even if you are unable to place an order online. Moreover, you are not sure what office supply you will be needing the most and how much of it, they will guide you through this problem as well. If you need to know about the availability of a certain item, you can give them a call and ask. Not only this, but you can place an order with them there and therein over the phone as well if you like. To learn about their delivery and payment methods as well, the number would come in handy. If you need to return a bought item, then again you will be getting in touch with the Lyreco customer services team to help you arrange one. They will also be arranging for customised stamps if you need them to be so.

The customer service team will also enlighten you about their specialist account management services and the e-biller if you wish to learn about these. You can call them between the hours of 8.30 am  – 5.30 pm to ensure that your issues and concerns are addressed within the right amount of time since they are operational during the mentioned hours.

Lyreco Head Office

Lyreco head office building

Lyreco UK has its head office in Telford which can be contacted using the Lyreco head office contact number 0195 229 3000. The number would come in use when you need to speak to the higher level managers and officers at this company, probably for business enquiries. You might as well get in touch with them if you have some complaints which were not handled by the customer services representatives the way you expected them to be. Moreover, to get an advice on bulk orders and arranging for multiple supplies at one time, you may talk to one of the experts at the head office. For any other issues that you think you need to get in touch with the officials at the head office, you would know where to call now!

In addition to this, you can pay them a visit in person as well. The head office address has been shared later in the work. You can go there and then arrange for your purchases and make a deal or talk to them about whatever is that you needed to get in touch with them. There are there for you if you need help with any advice and guidance with respect to the workplace supplies and essentials. Post your hand-written letter to the following Lyreco head office address for complaint redress:

Deer Park Court, Donnington Wood, Telford, Shropshire TF2 7NB

Lyreco Head Office Fax

Likewise, you might make use of the Lyreco head office fax number 0195 229 0670 to get in touch with them. If there is a certain issue which you think would be better considered if give in writing, then you can make use of the fax number. You can use this method of contact for absolutely anything related to higher management issues and business matters.

Lyreco Customer Service Fax

You can use the Lyreco customer service fax number 0845 076 2698 to contact the respective department. All that you could ask them over a telephonic conversation, you can fax them as well. This implies that if you have an order to place, a complaint to file, an advice to seek or some piece of information to request, you can address all such matters by faxing them to the mentioned number. for ordering via fax though, you will need to fax the form enclosed in the catalogue. The number can be used for absolutely any purposes that are under the customer services representatives at this company. Just make sure you are reaching out to them when in need.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service

If you are Irish, you will be dialling the Lyreco Ireland customer service number +353 1850 882 276. Basically, the Ireland branch of this company can be contacted using the mentioned number and orders that are to be placed for delivery within the Ireland, customer service team on the other end of the line would be of great help. People living in Ireland can make use of this number for all the matters discussed earlier for the UK customer service number, implying for every issue which you need to address with them. For getting customised workplace supplies, requesting information about available products and to avail other services, the number would come in handy. Any other matter or concern relating to their website, e-shop and the services will also be addressed by their Ireland customer support team.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service Fax

You can also reach out to the customer services using the Lyreco Ireland customer services fax number +353 1850 882 277. For placing an order via fax, send in the filled form that is enclosed in the catalogue. For any other issues, however, you can make use of the number as per your need. People living in Ireland can use the mentioned number for getting any of their customer services issues resolved or addressed.

Lyreco Alternate Contact Details

Apart from the numbers discussed earlier, there are a couple of other contact channels too through which you can initiate a conversation with them, and we will be discussing them in the following work.

Lyreco Jobs

Lyreco careers page

Do you think you have got a chance working at this company? Well, if such is the case, you need to check out the Lyreco careers page. You will find all the vacancies listed there and if you click on the one you think you are eligible for, all the information, such as the job description and job specification, will be displayed before you. To apply, you will have to follow the apply now option flashing on your screen. You can also filter the jobs instead of going through them all. If you do not find the job opening for the post you were hoping, you can simply subscribe to their job alerts using the option on the mentioned page and the next time a respective vacancy arises, you will be informed instantly!

Other than this, you might as well explore your career opportunities at this company via Lyreco LinkedIn page. They also have an option for applying for the vacancy from there.

Lyreco Write Us a Message

If you do not feel like giving them a call, you can use the form on the Lyreco contact us page to get in touch with them. By filling in the information for required fields, choosing the matter of the message, and then writing down your message in the given space, you will be good to send the message. They will get back to you on the medium which you will have selected for them to get back at you. Whatever it is you need to reach out to them for, the form is a very convenient option.

However, you might as well check out the Lyreco FAQs to see if the issue you have been trying to get in touch with them has already been addressed. In case it is not, you can contact their customer services team using any feasible option.

Lyreco Contact Tips

Lyreco UK twitter page

You might not be satisfied with all the information shared earlier with regard to contacting Lyreco. Well, you do not need to worry. You can join them on their social media profiles to stay connected with them. On these profiles, you can also share your concerns and they will get back to you promptly. If you have an urge to stay updated on every happening at Lyreco, new promotional offers, press releases and every other thing, you can join them on:

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