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You will find on this page information about Marks and Spencer British retailer customer services along with a list of phone numbers where you can call if you need anything. Marks and Spencer is one of the largest retailer companies in the Uk, having the headquarters in London. The company which was founded in 1884 has had a net revenue of 10.3 billion GBP in 2015. The founders of the company were Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Find below a list of phone numbers related to Marks Spencer products and services.

Marks and Spencer Phone Number List

Marks and Spencer Helpline UK Contact Number
Marks and Spencer Customer Service 0333 014 8000
Marks and Spencer Contact Number from abroad +44 208 090 9564
Dedicated Sparks team 0333 014 8423
Furniture Enquiries 0333 014 8000
Furniture after-sales 0333 014 8111
Food to Order 0333 014 8222
Lunch to You 0333 014 8333
Store Queries 0333 014 8555
Marks and Spencer Contact Number For Business 0333 014 8444
Marks and Spencer Phone Number for Energy 0800 975 4754
Gas Emergency 0800 111 999
Electrical Emergency in England 0800 072 7282
Large appliance queries 0333 014 8411
Order Personalised Greeting Cards 0333 014 8441
Journalist Corporate press enquiries 0208 718 1919
Retail customer services 0333 014 8555
Shareholder enquiries 0345 609 0810
Recruitment enquiries 0845 300 3725
Retail Customer Servicess 0333 014 8555
Corporate Registered Office and Head Office 0207 935 4422
Marks and Spencer Loans Contact Number 0800 363 400
Marks and Spencer Car Insurance Phone Number 0800 107 1827
Lost/stolen cards 0345 900 0900
Customer Services/Complaints 0345 900 0900
Card Security Team 0345 602 1568
Credit cards textphone 0345 300 1815
Current account Sales/Applications 0800 756 7777
Credit Cards Customer Services/Complaints 0345 900 0900
Card Security Team 0345 605 2629
Credit Cards Contact textphone 0345 300 1815
Travel Money 0800 363 484
Travel Contact textphone 0345 300 1815
Loans Applications 0800 363 400
Loans Contact textphone 0345 300 1815
Premium Club Customer Services/Complaints 0345 900 0900
Premium Club General enquiries 0345 900 0900
Premium Club textphone 0345 300 1815
Everyday Savings Account Existing customers 0345 900 0900
Everyday Savings Account opening 0808 001 3131
Everyday Savings textphone 0345 300 1815
Unit Trust ISA 0808 005 5555
Cash ISA Existing customers 0800 028 2824
Cash ISA Account opening 0808 002 2222
Fixed Rate Savings 0808 001 1111
Home Insurance Claims 0800 111 4901
Home Emergency Claims 0800 121 4074
Home Insurance Quotes 0800 068 2742
Home Insurance Queries 0800 068 2742
Car Insurance Sales/get a quote 0800 107 1827
Car Insurance Complaints 0344 858 6877
Car Insurance Customer Services 0344 871 2349
Travel insurance Customer Services 0800 028 1927
Travel insurance Claims 0330 024 6848
Travel insurance Complaints 0800 068 3918
Medical Assistance Travel Advice +44 203 283 8548
Legal Expenses Claims 0344 770 1055
Pet Insurance Customer Service Complaints 0800 980 8740
Pet Insurance Claims 0800 980 875
Vetfone 0800 980 5583
Life Insurance Claim 0345 745 6125
Life Insurance textphone 0345 766 0391

Marks and Spencer Customer Service

If you want to send a letter instead, you can do that to the following address by department: For existing orders, you should write to Marks & Spencer Plc, PO Box 3001, Sheffield, S97 3GN, UK. If you need to write to Furniture Aftersales, you should do it to the same address as above, if you want to contact Marks and Spencer Energy, you should write to Grampian House, 200 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 3GH. For Shareholder Enquiries, please send a letter to Equiniti Limited, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA. For Marks and Spencer Bank, write to Kings Meadow, Chester, CH99 9FB. If you want to write to your locate store, you should click Store locator. If you need to make a complaint you will find below in this article the Marks and Spencer Complaints Address.

Marks and Spencer Sparks Loyalty Card

Marks and Spencer SparksMarks and Spencer Sparks is a loyalty card to give exciting experiences. You will have access to exclusive offers, you will be first to access the seasonal previews and sales. You can get your Sparks card in the nearest store, then you have to register it online inside your M&S account and each time you shop at Marks and Spencer store, you will get sparks on your card. The more you collect, the more benefits you will have.

Every time you shop in an M&S store you will get 10 sparks, then for each £1 you will spend you will get another 10 sparks, for every review you will write you will get 25 sparks, and for every shwop you get 50 sparks. A shwop is an action of dropping your old clothes to Showp Drop bins in Marks and Spencer stores, these clothes don’t need to be from M&S. Then they send it to a specialized shwopped clothes store, Oxam, where it will be resold online in the stores worldwide.

With your Sparks card, you can get amazing tailor-made offers, and every time you shop online ar at a store, use your card to collect more sparks and so you will get even more offers. If you collect 3000 sparks, you will be among the first people to see the newest items. If you collect at least 14000 sparks, you could be invited to special events with catwalk shows or exclusive shopping evenings. If you collect 17000 sparks, you can get a dream trip to a Marks and Spenceer vineyard. Click here to start your adventure with Sparks. Call Marks and Spencer Phone Number 0208 090 9564 to find more about Sparks Cards.

Marks and Spencer Loans

Marks and Spencer LoansWith M&S Personal Loans from Marks and Spencer Bank you can get a lot of benefits, you could have fixed monthly repayments, for loans between £1,000 – £15,000 you could repay in 1-7 years, and from £15,001 to £25,000 you could repay in 1-5 years, you will have no hidden charges, you can apply by phone or online and it takes only a few minutes. You need to have at least £10,000 as your annual income, you need to have at least 18 years and to be a UK resident. If you already have a Marks and Spencer Loan but you need to borrow more, you can call the Marks and Spencer Loans Contact Number 0800 363 400.

If you have a dream to buy a new car or to improve your home or to go to an amazing holiday, you could loan from M&S Bank and fulfill your dream. You can apply online for a loan or just call the Marks and Spencer Loans Contact Number 0800 363 400 to talk to a representative.

Marks and Spencer Car Insurance

With Marks and Spencer, not only you can buy great products or loan money, you can even purchase Car insurance. With M&S Car Insurance you will have many benefits: if for example you are an M&S bank cardholder you could save 15% for a new policy or for an existing one, and you will receive 1000 M&S points when purchasing a new policy, if you are hit by an uninsured driver, you will be covered by M&S car insurance, you will be covered for up to 90 days if you drive inside the European Union. Call Marks and Spencer Car Insurance Phone Number 0800 107 1827 to find more about new and existing policies.

There are two car insurance policies available, premier or standard. If you choose the premier car insurance, you will get guaranteed car replacement and motor legal protection. If you are an M&S bank cardholder you can get a 35% discount between February and May. You could receive 1,000 M&S points when purchasing a new policy if you are an M&S Bank Cardholder. Please call Marks and Spencer Car Insurance Phone Number 0800 107 1827 to find more about this.

Marks and Spencer Complaints Address

If you want to make a complaint about the Mark and Spencer Customer Service you should write a letter to Marks and Spencer Complaints Address: Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Road, W2 1NW; call Marks and Spencer Phone Number  0208 090 9564. If you download any of the Marks and Spencer apps for smartphones, iPone or Android, you could make a call to the Marks and Spencer Contact Number directly from those apps.

Mark and Spencer on Social Media

Marks and Spencer on FacebookYou can find Marks and Spencer on every important Social Platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or Google+. On Facebook, you will find a page with more than 4 million likes where you can see great photos and watch amazing videos about the Marks and Spencer products and services. The Mark and Spencer Facebook customer service will answer all of your questions almost instantly, so if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. You can comment on photos and videos along with other Mark and Spencer customers.

There are almost 15,000 photos posted by other people on the Facebook page and more than 2,500 photos posted by the Marks and Spencer Facebook team. You can watch amazing videos in different categories like TV adverts, Food and Wine, Women’s Fashion, Beauty and Lingerie, and more. You can also find the nearest Marks and Spencer store in the Location section if you can’t find it, just contact Marks and Spencer Customer Service.

On Twitter, Marks and Spencer page has more than 275k of tweets with more than 524k followers and you can see great photos and videos and see constantly tweets from the Twitter support team. You can send a tweet to Marks and Spencer or send a message and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. You will see great deals you can get from their online store, following the links you find on the Twitter page. On Pinterest, you will see a page full of great photos, a page with more than 26,000 followers.

Marks and Spencer page on Instagram is a page with more than 499k followers with more than 3,000 posts, great photos with products you can find in their stores. You could see great videos and photos on Google plus also. On Youtube, you will find a channel with more than 45,000 subscribers and you can see amazing videos about Marks and Spencer products, great videos about Marks and Spencer advertising and you can comment on any video along with other customers of Marks and Spencer. For example, the most viewed video on Marks and Spencer Youtube Channel is an ad for Christmas that you could see below. This video has more than 7 million views after just a month.

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