MasterCard Contact Number Helpline

MasterCard Contact Number Helpline
Mastercard Customer Service

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Mastercard Phone Number Tips

Check and contact the relevant Mastercard helpline numbers based on your issue.

Mastercard Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Mastercard Customer Service (Toll-Free) 0800964767
General enquiries (landline)  020 75575000
UK Office  02075575000
Outside UK  1-636-722-7111
Mastercard emergency (Lost or stolen card)  +1800-627-8372

Mastercard Overview

MasterCard is a multinational prepay/credit card and payments systems company that links consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and governments worldwide. The company was founded on December 16, 1966, as a venture between Wells Fargo, Bank of California, Crocker National Bank and First Interstate Bancorp. The three wanted to provide multinational financial services not just in the US but also other parts of the world.

MasterCard Services

MasterCard UK provides buyers and sellers around the world with a secure way for making and receiving payments. Its solutions are designed to make financial transactions and commerce easier, faster, safer, and efficient for consumers and merchants. More than 1.9 billion individuals and merchants use MasterCard around the world. The card enjoys distribution in around 210 countries and supports transaction in 150 currencies.

Additionally, the Mastercard contact number helpline was set up to be the easiest way to learn more about your Mastercard and its offerings. If you want to know whether your currency is supported Contact Mastercard today or visit their website.

Consumers can buy goods and services from merchants and pay securely via their Mastercard debit or credit cards.  Most merchants accept Mastercard as a form of payment than any type of payment in the world. Just about anyone can receive payments via its payment network  from brick and mortar stores to medium sized companies in various industries and sectors. Mastercard is equally popular with travellers since its accepted in more than 40,000 ATMs worldwide. For now, cardholders cannot access MasterCard login on its website but through their respective issuing banks or financial institutions.

Apart from facilitating consumer payments, Mastercard UK also supports government transactions and global remittance. Anyone can send and receive money fast and securely from family or friends in the diaspora.  Some value-added solutions and services that the company provides include Loyalty & Rewards as well as MasterCard Advisors. Owing to the rising use of smartphones, Mastercard now supports digital payments via Android or iOS devices.

MasterCard Contact Number Helpline

Contact MasterCard Customer Service

Just like most credit card and payment services, there are various contact Mastercard phone numbers. General enquiries about card or payments should be directed Toll0Free, 0800-96-4767 .  Contact Mastercard at 02075 575 000 if you want to inquire something from MasterCard office in the UK. To report lost or stolen card, the toll-free number is +1-800-627-8372.

If you are outside the UK, you can still get in touch with the International Mastercard phone number, +1-636-722-7111.  Customer service attendants at MasterCard UK are available 24 hours and 365 days a year. You can contact MasterCard helpline for the following issues:

  • Lost or stolen card
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Access to account details
  • Locate ATMs that accept MasterCard
  • Emergency card replacement

Mastercard phone number

Write to MasterCard Customer Care

Who has time anymore to make a phone call? The MasterCard Helpline in the UK welcomes letters from individuals who want to raise concerns or make enquiries. When writing a letter to the customer service, make sure that you indicate why you are writing. We do warn against giving up too much information that is personal and private. So write “complaints” on top of your letter and address it to:

10 Upper Bank Street
Canary Wharf
London, United Kingdom E14 5NP

MasterCard Contact Tips

MasterCard has several toll free numbers that customers can use to contact the customer service department operators.  The toll-free numbers all have the 1-800 prefix. If you need assistance, you should contact the Mastercard Contact Number Helpline during normal working hours on Monday to Friday and from 8am-4pm on Saturday. If you happen to call between 11am-1pm local time, expect delays and wait times.

Customer service lines are less busy between 8:30-10:30 am and from 2pm-4pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Do not call on Sundays and during the major holidays (Christmas day, New year’s day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day). The department is always closed during those days.

Whenever you contact MasterCard helpline, make sure that you have the card details on hand so that you can be assisted quickly. Always keep records of your call or meeting with customer service department personnel including day and time when disputing issues of overpayment. More information on contacting Mastercard is available on the company’s official website.

MasterCard Contact Number Helpline
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    I have been a customer of yours for many years now through Bank Of Ireland in Ireland. My address there is Milltown, Bellewstown, Co. Meath. I live in the UK and was wondering would I be able to apply through you for a UK / Sterling card please?

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