Mastercard Customer Service

Mastercard Customer Service
Mastercard Customer Service

Mastercard UK Operation Hours

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Mastercard Phone Number Tips

Mastercard Helpline UK Contact Numbers.
 Mastercard Customer Service Toll-Free  0800 96 4767
 Emergency Toll-Free  0800 307 7309
 Complaints  0800 627 8372
 Landline Contact  020 7557 5000
 International Number  +1 636 722 7111

Mastercard Overview

Mastercard is the leading company providing customers with electronic payments cards. The roots of Mastercard can be traced back to the California Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of California, Crocker National Bank and First Interstate Bancorp, and it has grown to become the people first choice. More companies in the UK, especially the shopping industries have made it easy and convenient for UK customers to do their shopping all over the country. Mastercard services are enjoyed by over 200 countries worldwide, UK included. In fact, millions of transaction take place globally using Mastercard services. For more information, you can contact the Mastercard Customer Service through their website or use the Mastercard Helpline provided on this site.

MasterCard Services

Mastercard helps customers to shop in any store without carrying cash. Mastercard is a secure way that provides both the sellers and the buyers with a secure way to make or receive money.

Various types of cards provided by Mastercard include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards

Customers can access MasterCard services all over the world. The company has created a partnership with different financial institution globally, allowing the customers to do transactions in any part of the world. You can shop at nearby merchants or favourite retail shop using the MasterCard credit and debit cards. With Mastercard, the government can also carry out their transaction using the cards. The company allows transaction of over 150 currencies. As part of the MasterCard Customer service recognition, clients who use their credit card in all their trade earn points that later are redeemed at their website to any gift.

If you are an existing or a new customer of MasterCard, you may want more information on the services and products offered by the company. You can use the MasterCard Helpline to contact the customer service desk or visit their official web page.

MasterCard Customer Service

Contact MasterCard Customer Service

There are various reasons why you wish to contact MasterCard customer care.The reasons might be:

  • Lost or stolen card
  • Emergency cash advances
  • Enquire of an ATM location
  • Check your account details
  • Get immediate replacement of a card

As mentioned earlier, Mastercard usually ties up with the local bank or financial institution and offers its cards as a joint card. Therefore, for most queries regarding your Mastercard, you should ideally get in touch with your bank or local financial institution through its customer service desk. However, in a case of loss of card or theft, you can directly contact Mastercard customer service toll-free 0800 627 8372The number can also be dialled for any complaint. Customers who wish to communicate directly to the client service agents and enquire about services and product, you can call 0800 96 4767. For customers calling from abroad, reach the support team through the service number +1 636 722 7111If you wish to speak with the executive in the central office, use the Mastercard phone number locally, 020 7557 5000.

Customers who have efficient internet need not struggle with the phone calls. You can quickly get assistance through online. Visit the Mastercard contact us page and talk with the support team. Also reach to them on their available platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

MasterCard Helpline

Write to MasterCard Customer Care

Using Mastercard Helpline listed can be exhausting and a total drag. Sometimes, the customer can wait for over 20 minutes before a call is received by an agent. Avoid the long wait hassle and write to Mastercard Customer Service. You can send an email or post a letter. Use the following address:

10 Upper Bank Street
Canary Wharf
London, United Kingdom
E14 5NP

MasterCard Helpline Tips

You can reach Mastercard Customer Service any time you feel to enquire anything related to the company. The support team are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Have the necessary information such as card number and personal information ready for the agents to serve you with ease. In case of a stolen or lost card, make sure you contact the support team immediately.

Mastercard Customer Service
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  • I have a CITI CARD ( MASTER CARD ) also 30 years. Always happy with it.

  • Card expired without being sent a replacement. Since 1 month i am waiting still no card arrived. I will not use it anymore.

  • Mastercard is useless now. Got rid of my credit card years ago. Recently got a debt card which is totally useless for purchasing anything.

  • This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I asked them several times about my bill to send my email. No response. useless people are working.

  • Every time I try to top up my mobile with my MS MasterCard it is always rejected, WHY I have no problems with any other company. I try to put amounts of £30 £40 it always a security problem!!! This is such a nuisance can you help please.EE say it’s the fault of the credit card company
    Thanks Marlene Davies

  • I am working in Zambia and each time I withdraw money (Zambian Kwatcha 4000), I get charged a Cash Fee of £9.89 as well as a Non-sterling transaction Fee: £9.06. This seems excessive and if it is correct I will have to use a different means of withdrawing cash.

    Best regards


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