Matalan Contact Numbers

Matalan Contact Numbers
Matalan Customer Service

Matalan UK Operation Hours

All Days 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

It can be super hard to get in touch with a respective customer service representative in a certain company or organisation for getting a specific issue resolved. Hence, All Services, being a customer service company realised the inconvenience and has brought you a solution for this problem by compiling contact guides for companies across the UK at only a click’s away! Therefore, this once we have put together a contact guide for Matalan!

Matalan, the fashion and homeware retailer, with 221 stores around the UK can now easily be contacted using the information below. We hope you find it all useful!

Matalan Phone Tips

Matalan Departments UK Contact Number
Matalan Customer Services 0333 004 4444
Matalan Consumer Press and Retail Trade Enquiries 0151 556 6657
Matalan Head Office 0151 556 6000
Corporate and Financial Enquiries 020 3727 1000

Matalan Customer Services

Matalan website displaying its brands

To address your queries, contact at the Matalan customer services number 0333 004 4444. Their highly trained and well-equipped with knowledge about Matalan products and services staff is available at your disposal if you have any queries regarding the change of your e-mail address for communication purposes and the else, and to learn about other Matalan stores. In case you ordered with them but the order has not arrived at the expected date, then you can give them a call and address your concerns. Moreover, for information regarding their delivery, payment methods, availability of a product or for any other issue, getting in touch with Matalan customer services would come in handy. For any cancellations as well, you will have to get in touch with them and provide with required details for your cancellation to get in the process.

In addition to this, the number is valid for all their 221 stores across the UK! Be it Liverpool, Halifax, Gloucester, Glasgow City, Hull City or any other Matalan store in the UK, you will have all the related queries resolved by contacting at the given number. For further instructions on the directions of your preferred store, you might get sufficient help from their friendly customer services team. To file complaints with a respective store or generally, the mentioned number would yet again come in handy.

To ensure your issues are addressed in time, please make sure you call them between the hours of 8.00 am – 6.00 pm from Monday to Sunday. Whatever it is that you need to get in touch with them, Matalan representatives are just a phone call away!

Matalan Consumer Press and Retail Trade Enquiries

For press enquiries, call at the Matalan consumer press and retail trade enquiries number 0151 556 6657. The Matalan representative at the other end of the line would be entertaining your questions regarding an upcoming campaign they intend to undertake, or if there is a new release which needs the respective press’ attention or if there is some other question with regard to their press releases. For arranging a meeting or an interview with Matalan officials, the number would come in handy.

Likewise, the number can be used if you have retail trade enquiries, implying if interested people have concerns about their business dealings and related matters. Their operations, involved people, suppliers and other aspects of their retail trade may be explored by talking to the respective representative available on the mentioned number.

Matalan Head Office

Matalan Liverpool Store

To reach out for answers to the press enquiries relating to matters other than consumer press, retail trade, financial and corporate matters call at the Matalan head office number 0151 556 6000. The number would come in handy if there are some other queries which were not resolved by getting in touch with representatives on a couple of other discussed numbers. To speak to the higher level officials at Matalan as well, you would be dialling the mentioned number. They are there for you at every step where you require their assistance.

Alternatively, you might pay them a visit in person by going to the head office in Liverpool. The respective address has been shared below. You can make use of the address for writing them a letter as well. Address it to the Matalan Customer Services, write down the message for which you intend to get in touch with them and post it on the address. Also, be sure to mention your name and contact details clearly so that they can get back to you if required. You can write them a letter for absolutely any query you have, meaning about their products, delivery options, payment methods or the way you can make returns. To make cancellations as well, you can post them a letter and include the details of the order for them to identify your product. However, you might as well post them the cancellation form which is available on the Matalan website and your cancellation will be effective from the moment it is received. To file your complaints and to make requests for any additional information as well, you can make use of the head office address.

Matalan Customer Services, Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Estate, Kirkby, Knowsley, L33 7SZ.

Matalan Alternate Contact Details

You might not have been able to address the issue you wanted to, using the information shared earlier. Well, you need not worry as there are always alternate contact means which you might make use of to get in touch with the representatives at the Matalan.

Matalan Customer Queries Email

You can also make use of the Matalan customer queries email [email protected] to get in touch with them for any questions with respect to shopping online with Matalan or their stores. In case you are having trouble placing an order with them, or you are finding it hard to get your required product, or even if you are facing difficulties returning back a bought item, you can write and email it to them. Moreover, you see something inappropriate on the website or need to file a complaint of some inconvenience caused to you, the email address would come in handy. You can also make cancellations by the email; include the details of the order or attach the filled cancellation form available on the website. Other than these matters, for every matter you could call them, you can send them an email instead.

Matalan Consumer Press and Retail Trade Enquiries

If the respective Matalan representative is not reached using the telephone number, you can email them at [email protected] for any press conference and retail trade enquiries. The related issues which you would have addressed them over the telephone, for example, requests for HD images or the upcoming emails, press releases, downloads and all the other related matters, you could send them an email instead. Same goes for the retail trade enquiries, implying you can easily send out a well-written email at the given address to get your retail trade concerns and queries addressed. They are there for you with respect to any problem you face being their stakeholders!

Matalan International Stores Email

Since Matalan has a number of stores outside of the UK as well, you can drop an email at [email protected] if you have some experience in retail and would like to help Matalan expand their international chain. This implies that if you have queries and questions relating to an opportunity of franchising Matalan, and open an international store with their name, you can email on the given address and address it to them. To request information as to what should be done, the legalities and every other detail, you simply have to get in touch with Damian Hopkins on the mentioned email address.

 Matalan Jobs

Matalan staff in front of one of the stores

Wanting to work at one of the UK’s leading fashion and homeware retailers? You can most certainly check out the Matalan jobs page and acquaint yourself with the available vacancies. Visiting the respective page would not only get you information with regard to the job opening, but you can also discover the reasons as to why you should be working with them. Moreover, for your queries regarding the duties of the available vacancies, the page you will be directed to after clicking on the post will give you all the details. You can apply by using the apply now option flashing on the bottom left corner of the screen. They will have asked some essential information, which after you are done filling and uploading your CV, you will be good to go! In case you have more queries, you can visit the FAQs for their jobs.

Matalan Delivery

You might be curious about your delivery options with Matalan, for this purpose, you can visit the Matalan delivery page. You will find information regarding all the options that are available to you, that is, express delivery, standard delivery, and free standard delivery. The charges that will be applicable if you go for standard delivery or if you go for the next day delivery has also been displayed there. For knowing about the days in which you should be expecting each of your delivery has been mentioned as well. Therefore, all the information is accessible on the mentioned page.

However, if you have issues, you might go through the Matalan FAQs section to see if the matter has been addressed there or else you could get in touch with the customer services.

Matalan Contact Tips

Matalan Twitter Page

Other than these channels, joining them on their social media platforms would get your latest information with respect to what’s new at Matalan! You will get to know about a new product launch, an upcoming sale, a prevailing offer or promotions and even the job openings. You might as well get your queries resolved via Matalan’s social media profile. Stay connected 24/7 with them on:

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