Met Office Contact Numbers

Met Office Contact Numbers
Met Office Customer Service

Met Office UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 4 pm

All Services is delighted to be of help to you. We are here at your service, to provide with contact information for various companies across the whole of the UK. Realising how difficult it can be for you to get in touch with Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, we have brought together a contact guide for you to contact them. Along with the contact channels, we will be discussing the aspects you are likely to get addressed if you choose to go for one contact channel or the other.

Met Office Phone Number List

Met Office UK Contact Number
Met Office Customer Service 0370 900 0100
Met Office Customer Service Fax 0370 900 5050
Met Office International +44 (0)139 288 5680
Met Office Internation Fax +44 (o)139 288 5681
Met Office Press Office +44 (0)139 2886 655

Met Office Customer Services

Met Office technological journalist

To address your queries, contact at the Met Office customer services number 0370 900 0100. Their efficient and effective customer support team will be available for any kind of help that you need with respect to their website, weather updates and forecasts, and all other products and services that Met Office deals with. If you are not sure about using their website, want guidance on reading the units, maps and what they represent, or in the case, your location is changing to City of London every time you are checking the weather in your area, or you are having issues with getting satellite pictures from the Met Office website, you can address all of these using the aforementioned number.

Moreover, they will also be helping you with concerns relating to the climate change and science, implying you are wishing to learn about global warming or climate change in general, increased rainfalls, or how climate change comes about, the effects it poses and all the related issues, you can get in touch with them and they will guide you further.

Met Office Customer Services Fax

You can also use the Met Office customer services fax number 0370 900 5050 to get in touch with them. All the queries and questions that you could have asked them over the phone, you can fax them instead and they will get back to you. This implies that if you have questions regarding the units of measurement, what a certain unit indicates, the conversions, what level is dangerous, or about the weather forecasts, what will it be in coming days or the specific ones you are considerate about, or if you wish to learn about the guides to reading maps, satellite pictures or simply any other bit of information that you need by faxing them to the given number.

Met Office International

If you are calling from outside of the UK, you can contact at the Met Office international number +44 (0)139 288 5680 to get in touch with the customer service at Met Office UK. You can contact them if you are meaning to visit the UK and want to learn about the weather conditions of the days you will be there or just for general information reading the weather and climatic conditions of the UK or a respective city. Even if you are living internationally but have some work to do on the climate and weather of the UK, you can give them a call and ask for the relevant information, whatever it maybe. Your issues relating to navigating their website and the inability to retrieve a certain piece of information can also be addressed with their customer support team available on the other end of the line.

Met Office International Fax

Likewise, you can also make use of the Met Office international fax number +44 (o)139 288 5681 to reach out to their customer support. All your concerns relating to their services and weather would similarly be addressed by them even if you can fax them. The matters and issues discussed earlier can be sent using their fax number as well. Therefore, if you are unable to catch them over the phone or would like to have a written communication with them, use the fax number above and get in touch with them easily. They will get back to you using an appropriate mode of communication in accordance with the nature of the matter. However, you will need to mention contact details of your own for them to be able to do that.

Met Office Press Office

If you are a journalist, you can get in touch with their press officers at the Met Office press office number +44 (0)139 2886 655. They will be addressing your concerns about:

  • Descriptions and Details of the weather and climate related information
  • Arranging for the interviews with Met Office’s climate and weather experts
  • To avail and explore the filming and photography opportunities with them
  • The live and pre-recorded broadcast interviews from Met Office Exeter office via their Globelynx camera

In addition to these, if you wish to contact with any of their climate and weather experts, for example, head of news and social media, senior press officer, and social media manager etc, you can call on the mentioned number and your contact will be initiated. All of them are eligible to talk about climate and weather matters.

Met Office Head Office

Met Office head office

Met Office is located in Exeter and you can reach out to them on their head office address shared below. You can visit them in person as well if you wish to. However, most convenient use of the address is to post a letter. You can reach them in writing by a post as well and you will need to write down your contact details very clearly so that they can reach out to you. To ask for additional information with respect to their weather and climate information, or for requests for pictures, or for other general enquiries about their services or the website, you can post them a letter. You might as well use this channel if you have to learn about the weather warnings, how to interpret them or any other related bit of information. For other customer support enquiries or the press enquiries, you can post them on the address shared.

Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB, United Kingdom

Met Office Alternate Contact Details

You might not have been able to catch the experts via mentioned number or you do not find the details discussed earlier sufficient enough. In either of the case, you can use the following information to get in touch with them.

Met Office Customer Service Email

You can make use of the Met Office customer services email [email protected] to initiate a contact with them. Write down your name, contact details and the matter for which you are contacting them very clearly and send them an email. They will get back to you with a solution to your issue or concern. All the matters which you could address over the phone, for example, enquiries about forecasts and weather in general, climatic conditions and the changes, and just anything about their services and product, an email would suffice as well.

Moreover, you can also make use of the Met Office feedback form to let them know about your experience with them or if there is something that you would like them to work on, or even if you just want to appreciate them for their work. Any dissatisfactions might as well be addressed using the mentioned form.

If you are having issues with their website, you can make use of the Met Office website technical fault form and let them know the area of improvement. For suggestions about improving the website can also be sent using the form.

Met Office Press Office Email

In case the press office cannot be reached via telephone, you can email the Met Office press office officials at [email protected]. The matters discussed for the press office telephone numbers are the same for contacting them through an email. Therefore, a journalist is most eligible to contact them via mentioned channel. They would not be entertaining any abusive contacts. If you are a journalist and interested in Met Office’s work, you drop them an email on the given address.

Met Office Vacancies

Met OFfice vacancies

You surely would be a person open to challenges and ready for change if you are wishing to work at the Met Office! The opportunities are vastly dynamic and there is a huge room for grooming when it comes to working with these experts. You sure need to check out the Met Office vacancies page to look for the role you would be able to perform the best! They have listed the available and open roles over there. To learn more about each of them, clicking on them would direct you to the respective page. All the information about the post, salary, your duties, the qualities and qualifications you need to have, and all the other important bits of information is there. The link to the application for the post is to be found at the bottom of the page. You might as well go for the job alerts if you do not find the post you are looking for at the moment.

Met Office Contact Tips

Met Office twitter page

Other than these mediums, you can always stay connected with them on their social media profiles, where you might as well communicate with them if you wish. They are actively updating each of these profiles. You can join them on:

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