Metro Bank Contact Numbers

Metro Bank Contact Numbers
Metro Bank Customer Service

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All Services is a customer service company, implying it is dedicated to making the process of getting in touch with the right people, at the right department of various companies across the UK, simpler for you! We understood the striving force which you would have put in searching for the right numbers for contacting a respective department for a particular issue.

This one, we have put together a contact guide for Metro Bank, a high street retail bank operating in the UK. If you wish to get in touch with them for any reason, you can refer to the following work to see which number is to be used for what purposes. We hope we are of help!

Metro Bank Phone Number List

Metro Bank Departments UK Contact Numbers
Metro Bank Customer Services 0345 0808 500
Metro Bank Customer Services International +44 203 402 8312
Metro Bank Private Banking 0203 402 8101
Metro Bank Business Banking 0345 0808 508
Metro Bank Head Office 0203 402 7500
Metro Bank Recruitment 0203 402 8320
Metro Bank Media Team 0203 870 6109
0203 427 1485
Metro Bank Company Secretary 0203 402 8900
Metro Bank Broker 0203 427 1019
Metro Bank Registrar 0371 384 2311
Store Manager 0203 402 7780

Metro Bank Customer Services

Metro Bank homepage displaying services

You can contact the representatives at Metro Bank via Metro Bank customer services number 0345 0808 500. They are available for you with respect to any queries and concerns relating to their personal banking services or for general enquiries. This implies if you have to make changes to your personal details, or you have lost your card or got it stolen, or even if you are looking to make a payment but are not sure about the procedure and everything, you can give them a call on the given number and their customer services representatives will be there to help you out. For queries and concerns about personal borrowing and saving as well, the number would come in handy. hMoreover, in case you have not yet started banking with them but considering, then you should get in touch with their customer services to explore their services and your opportunities.

You can get in touch with them whatever time you need, as their London based call centre is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Metro Bank Customer Services International

You need to dial the Metro Bank customer services international number +44 203 402 8312 if you are calling from outside of the UK and have some questions for them. They will be addressing all kinds of queries, be them regarding private banking matters, those related to business banking or you need to learn about the issues discussed earlier for the UK customers. If you are not in the UK but wish to get in touch with their customer service representatives, by now you should know which number to dial.

Metro Bank Private Banking

If you are interested in availing personal banking services by them, you need to contact at the Metro Bank private banking number 0203 402 8101. They will answer all your questions with respect to the private banking services they are providing. If you are meaning to learn about opening an account with them, then you can question about the kinds of account they provide and the procedure to opening each of those, or you wish to get a credit card from them, or you are looking to mortgage and buy-to-let, all the details regarding the stated matters will be addressed by calling the given number. For partnership loans as well, you might give them a call and learn more.

Metro Bank Business Banking

Looking for a bank for your business? Contact at the Metro Bank business banking number 0345 0808 508 to explore the dynamic services that they will be providing for your business. Even if you are looking to borrow for opening up a new business or expand the existing ones, customer service representatives available at the end of this line are the ones to call. To learn how to switch your business bank account from another bank to Metro Bank, the number would come in handy. If you are not sure about the eligibility of your business worth an account with them, you have questions about the service sector businesses that they are catering to, or you have general queries regarding usage of your business bank account, then you need to get in touch with them at the given number.

Metro Bank Head Office

Metro Bank store

Metro Bank has its head office in its Holborn store, which you can get in touch with using the Metro Bank head office number 0203 402 8320. In case you had your account there and have some changes to make, or you are considering opening up an account with this branch, or for queries regarding the specific services they are offering, you can give them a call on the given number. If you wish to speak to the store manager, Keith Fountain, you will be dialling the same number again.

Likewise, you can go and personally meet with their representatives on their head office address shared below. They will be providing excellent customer services, and ensure you are clear on everything that you were previously concerned and confused about. Basically, to get an account opened, to make transactions, deposit money, or for some other reason that you need to go there, the address would come in handy.

You might also write a letter and post it to them. They are very receptive regarding queries and concerns that their customers have, be it in any kind of form. Just be sure you have your contact details written clearly so that they can get back to you if required.

They are operational from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am – 8.00 pm, on Saturday between 8.00 am – 6.00 pm, and on Sunday and Bank Holidays between 11.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA

Metro Bank Branches Number List

Metro Bank Branch Name Metro Bank Branch Number
Aylesbury 0203 402 7860
Basildon 0203 402 7770
Basingstoke 0203 402 7960
Bexleyheath 0203 402 8920
Borehamwood 0203 402 7530
Brighton 0203 402 7830
Bromley 0203 402 7560
Cheapside 0203 402 7710
Chelmsford 0203 402 7930
Chiswick 0203 402 7610
Colchester 0203 402 7950
Croydon 0203 402 7570
Ealing 0203 402 7680
Eastbourne 0203 402 7940
Edgware 0203 402 7720
Epsom 0203 402 7750
Guildford 0203 402 7660
Harrow 0203 402 7850
Hemel Hempstead 0203 402 7640
High Wycombe 0203 402 7590
Holborn 0203 402 7500
Hounslow 0203 402 7600
Kensington High Street 0203 402 7540
King Road 0203 402 7900
Kingston 0203 402 7700
Maidstone 0203 402 7890
Milton Keynes 0203 402 7740
Milton Keynes Oakgrove 0203 402 7760
Newbury 0203 402 7880
Orpington 0203 402 7820
Reading 0203 402 7620
Romford 0203 402 7630
Slough 0203 402 7670
Southall 0203 402 7870
Southend 0203 402 7790
St Albans 0203 402 7810
Staines 0203 402 7690
Sutton 0203 402 7650
Tottenham Court Road 0203 402 7550
Tunbridge Weels 0203 402 7840
Uxbridge 0203 402 7580
Wimbledon 0203 402 7920
Windsor 0203 402 7730
Wood Green 0203 402 7800

Metro Bank Recruitment

Metro Bank staff

Are you interested in working for the Metro Bank? You need to get in touch with the respective team at the Metro Bank recruitment number 0203 402 8320. Their vacancies are shared on the respective page on the Metro Bank website. All other details as well, for example, job description, specifications and qualifications you need to have, are displayed there along with the salary. If you have any other questions regarding your career opportunities with them or about the application for the vacancy, you can give them a call on the mentioned number and their recruitment team will help you through each concern.

Metro Bank Media Team

To get hold of Metro Bank’s press releases and related information, you can contact Tina Coates at the Metro Bank media team number 020 3870 6109. She will guide you through every question you have with respect to the press releases or facilitate you if you need to have some exclusive information. Likewise, if you wish to arrange for an interview with an official at Metro Bank, she will be instructing you further. For any other press enquiries as well, she will be helping you out.

You might as well call Deborah Lewis at another media team number 020 3427 1485 if you cannot reach out to Tina. She will be helping you out with every media and press related queries as well.

Metro Bank Company Secretary

You need to contact at the Metro Bank company secretary number 020 3402 8900 if you are interested in learning about the investor relations. Your queries relating to the stock market share of Metro Bank, or their shares, current prices, dividends earned and other related matters, or you are interested in investing with them, all such matters will be addressed if you call the given number and get in touch with the Company Secretary. If you need to get hold of the annual account report, or the findings of the Annual General Meeting, shareholder information, the respective person will be the one facilitating you through all of it. You may also send out a letter addressing to the respective post on the head office address shared earlier if you need to get in touch for investor relations queries.

Metro Bank Broker

Are you going for a mortgage? Get in touch with the intermediaries at the Metro Bank broker number 0203 427 1019. To learn about the options available to you, putting up an application or to learn about the process of your already existing mortgage with them, you can give them a call at their broker helpdesk and talk to your Business Development Manager. You may also put up a request for meeting with your BDM as well. For any other related queries, kindly give them a call.

Metro Bank Alternate Contact Details

Metro Bank Emails

If you cannot reach out to the customer services via telephone, you can email them using the form available on the give us feedback page. The form can be used for any kind of feedback, good or bad, compliment or complaint, or if you need to ask them something.

Likewise, your queries regarding private banking with Metro bank can be sent out to [email protected] and they will get back to you.

For getting in touch with them for investor relations’ queries, email at [email protected] or [email protected]. All your related issues can be addressed using the mentioned emails.

If you do not want to call the media team members, you can use the email option you will see flashing on your screen when you scroll down the press page on the Metro Bank website.

Metro Bank Contact Tips

Metro Bank Twitter page

Apart from these channels, you can always stay in touch with them on their social media platforms. Join them on:

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