Microsoft XBOX Contact Number Helpline

Microsoft XBOX Contact Number Helpline
Microsoft XBOX Customer Service

Microsoft XBOX UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 1:00AM (EST)
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00AM (EST)
Sunday 9:00AM - 1:00AM (EST)
Microsoft XBOX UK Routing Number
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Microsoft XBOX Contact Number Helpline Contact Number / Email Int’l Number / Email
Contact XBOX Support 800-469-9269 +011 800 469 9269
Contact XBOX Live Support 800-469-9269
+011 800 469 9269
Lost or Stolen Devices Email Here Email Here
Microsoft XBOX Disability Support (800) 936-5900 +1 (800) 936-5900


Microsoft XBOX Overview

Microsoft Xbox is a video gaming console. It was launched by Microsoft on November 15, 2001. In addition to being a gaming console, Xbox offers streaming services. The console has plenty of gaming applications and an online service called Xbox Live. with its own XBOX Live Support.

The gaming console is available worldwide. Although Microsoft suffered a loss of around $4 billion after launching the original Xbox, the company has seen an upturn in fortunes since then. Globally, the company has sold millions of units of the console.

However, the XBOX continues to play a secondary role to brands such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo. The initial release in 2001 was the first time Microsoft made a foray into the gaming console industry.

Microsoft XBOX Product and Services


Microsoft Xbox is a gaming console. Therefore, it has plenty of different types of games that users can play online or offline. The video games in Xbox are all the creations of Microsoft. Some of the most popular games on the console include Halo 5 and Call of Duty among others.

The console comes with other accessories that include media hard drive, wireless controller, charge kits and Kinect. Other accessories include remotes, headsets and communication, cables as well as networking tools. You can learn more here or by contacting the XBOX Helpline number.

Microsoft shows that it cares for gamers by sending photosensitive seizure warnings with the gaming console. This is crucial considering the fact that some of the video games on the console feature flashing images, which could lead to photosensitive epileptic seizures.

Microsoft XBOX Contact number Hotline

Contacting Microsoft XBOX Customer Service

When in need of help with the hardware warranty on your Microsoft Xbox, call 1 (800) 469-9269, which is only for the US customers. On the other hand, dialing 1 (425) 635-7180 will direct you to the department that provides XBOX support number services. There is also a special Xbox helpline number for disability support: 1 (800) 936-5900.

To receive help from live customer service, you should save this number in your phone or contact book: 800-469-9269. If you find telephone calls a bit cumbersome, then consider contacting the company via emails, live chats as well as clicking useful links on the official site. You can also redirect any of your calls to XBOX Live Support by simply choosing that option when made available at the beginning of the call.

Microsoft XBOX Contact Number Helpline

Contact Microsoft XBOX Support Number Tips

It is worth mentioning that all the 1-800 calls you make to contact Microsoft regarding XBOX Support or XBOX Live support related issues are toll-free. Limit yourself to calling the 1-800 numbers between 9am and 1am EST each day of the week.

If you want assistance with games for Windows, the XBOX toll-free 1-800 number to call is as given below. It is advisable to call the XBOX helpline service first for information regarding the availability of the office that handles questions regarding games for Windows before placing the call.

Microsoft XBOX Contact Number Helpline
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  • Microsoft offers a free support line for Xbox 360 players, but the number can be a little tricky to find on their website. Once you are able to dial the number, you’ll need to navigate the automated menu in order to speak to a real person about your problem. Once you do reach a person, be clear and polite to get your problem addressed as quickly as possible.

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