National Rail Contact Number Helpline

National Rail Contact Number Helpline
National Rail Customer Service

National Rail UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday ---
Sunday ---
National Rail UK Routing Number
Press 1 Automated train tracker service
Press 2Speak to an advisor

National Rail Phone Number Tips

National Rail Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Number
Contact National Rail Support  03457 48 49 50
Contact National Rail Support (Welsh) 0345 60 40 500
Contact National Rail  Support (Impaired) 0345 60 50 600
National Rail  Inquiries from Overseas +44(0)20 7278 5240
Toll-free Contact Customer Service 0800-022-3720

National Rail Overview

National Rail refers to the trading name used by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) in Great Britain.  ATOC is an unincorporated association consisting of membership that revolves around the train operating companies in the UK. Currently, ATOC boasts a membership of around 20 train operating companies.

Just like other TOCs, National Rail operates within the national railway network and uses a ticketing structure and national rail journey planner that was inherited from British Rail. National Rail caters for cyclists, passengers with disabilities, and pet owners. The company has been operating in the UK since its launch in 1999.

National Rail Services

National Rail mostly provides online-based train services. Customers can find information concerning train times and tickets on the company’s official website. Navigating the website is easy as it is user-friendly. Customers can check timetables and access features such as the national rail planner. From time to time, National Rail offers discounted ticketing and special offers to customers. Call the National Rail Contact Number Helpline to find out more about their services and offers.

Traveling long distances for work or on business across the national railway network can be tedious and frustration. National Rail makes it easy for friends, colleagues, and families to traverse the UK with ease. Customers can easily find trains and buy tickets online or via smartphones. On their website, there is also a national rail journey planner that lets customers plan their travel across the UK.

Contact National Rail Customer Service

National Rail offers convenient and reliable phone support for customers who use the national railway enquiry network.  Customer service attendants are always available from Monday to Friday. If you have enquiries concerning tickets or train times, call National Rail Contact Number Helpline at 03457 48 49 50. On the other hand, to find information regarding Train Tracker, the number that you should call is found online

Welsh speakers should call 345 60 40 500 to make inquiries about departures and timetables. If you have some degree of hearing impairment, you can call national rail enquiry when in need of answers to concerns regarding train tickets or departure and arrival times in the UK. The dedicated service number is 0345 60 50 600.

National Rail Contact Number Helpline

As for the National Rail planner and Train Tracker text, it is advisable to text the name of the station to 84950. You should be ready to pay 25p for each text that receives a successful reply. When calling the company from abroad, the number to dial is +44 20 7278 5240.

Write to National Rail Customer Service

National Rail values customer information and feedback. If you want to comment about ticket offices or national rail journey planner or would like to ask for a ticket refund for delayed reservations, simply write and send a mail to the customer relations team. Address your letter to:

Customer Relations Team
Suite 410
1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square

National Rail Contact Tips

The best time to call the National Rail contact number helpline for enquiries is from 8.00am-5.00p.m during weekdays.  Customer service personnel are not always available on Sundays and public holidays.  If you travel regularly, you should create an online account so that you can receive travel alerts about train delays or cancellations. Make use of the national rail planner to avoid unnecessary delays as well.

Calling the Train Tracker number from a BT line anywhere in the UK comes at a cost of 10p per minute.  You will incur higher call charges if you make a national rail enquiry from a non-BT line. Similarly, enquiries made to the organization from abroad attract international charges.

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