Nationwide Contact Number Helpline

Nationwide Contact Number Helpline
Nationwide Customer Service

Nationwide UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Nationwide UK Routing Number
Press 1 Lost and Stolen
Press 2Existing Current Account and Internet Banking
Press 3Existing Savings
Press 4Existing Mortgages
Press 5Existing Insurance policies
Press 9Hear the Options Again

Nationwide Helpline Phone Number Tips

Nationwide Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Contact Nationwide (Toll-free) 0800 302 011
Car Insurance 0800 028 56 88
Complaints 03457 30 20 15 
Nationwide Credit Card Contact 0800 055 66 22
New Current account 0800 30 20 10
Personal loans 0800 545 30 00
Financial planning 0800 328 78 12

Nationwide Overview

Founded in 1846, Nationwide is a mutual finance company and the 2nd largest building society in the UK. The company has steadily grown over the years through mergers notable ones being with Portman Building Society and Anglia Building Society.  Nationwide owns 7 subsidiaries and has assets in excess of $209 billion.  The company has emerged as the third-largest mortgage lender in the United Kingdom and is regarded as one of the largest savings providers in the United Kingdom.

Nationwide Services

Nationwide started as a building society , but over the years, evolved into a multi-faceted company with diverse interests. The company specialises in consumer banking, investments, insurance products as well as, household savings and mortgages to customers in the UK. In addition, the company provides current accounts and credit cards to members. Most of its services are available online. Just go to Nationwide and register for an online account.

Nationwide is well known for its banking services as well as mortgage solutions. Nationwide credit card contact specialists are available for customers who wish to open an account today. You can also speak with the Nationwide customer care department to figure out your home needs registration. You can also enjoy the company’s services by opening current or savings accounts. The company accepts new customers and encourages existing customers to transform their status into members. Once a member, you are entitled to a mortgage in addition to opening a FlexAccount. A member is free to open different types of current accounts at the bank; namely, FlexPlus and FlexDirect in addition to depositing funds in a savings account.

If you are ever in need of an affordable mortgage to buy a new home or a savings plan for your future, you can rely on Nationwide to fulfill your borrowing and savings needs. Long-standing members and customers have access to reliable investment services and financial planning services that assists one in their wealth portfolios. And with comprehensive coverage for individuals and businesses, you can rest easy knowing your assets and investments are in safe hands.

Nationwide Contact Number Helpline

Contact Nationwide Customer Service

Just like most multi-faceted companies, Nationwide operates different customer service numbers. Customers with savings accounts who want to report lost and stolen cards can call 0800 30 20 11 anywhere from the UK. Anyone abroad should call +44 1793 65 67 89 to report lost or stolen card. It’s accessible 24/7. For personal loans, the Nationwide toll-free number 0800 545 30 00. Anyone who needs financial planning assistance should call Nationwide toll-free 0800 328 78 12 during normal work hours.

No matter what issue you are facing or what kind of inquiry you would like to make, there is always a dedicated customer service line available for customers. Helpline numbers are available to call throughout the week but between different hours. There will always be a Nationwide Credit Card contact specialist awaiting your call, and toll-free, 0800 055 66 22.

Write to Nationwide Customer Service

Apart from calling any of the Nationwide Contact Number Helpline phone numbers, you can write and send a letter with complaints or enquiries. Letters take anywhere between 5-7 business days. Make sure you indicate the subject or purpose of your letter clearly. Once you write your letter, mail it to:

Nationwide Helpline
c/o The Complaints Team
Nationwide Building Society
NW 2020
Swindon, SN38 1NW

When writing your letter, make sure that you mention your name and address and provide a daytime phone number and account details.

Nationwide Contact Tips

Calling the 0800 and 0500 nationwide helpline numbers from any BT landline or mobile phone in the UK does not attract any charges since these are toll-free numbers. However, calls made through other mobile or landline phone providers vary in cost with some costing as much as 40p per minute. All calls made to 0345 numbers attract the same charges as dialling 01 or 02 numbers. When calling telephone banking number, have your PAN number or customer number on hand.

Alternatively, you can contact Nationwide customer service personnel through Nationwide Facebook page or via their free live chat.

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