Nationwide Phone Number

Nationwide Phone Number
Nationwide Customer Service

Nationwide UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Nationwide UK Routing Number
Press 1 Lost and Stolen
Press 2Existing Current Account and Internet Banking
Press 3Existing Savings
Press 4Existing Mortgages
Press 5Existing Insurance policies
Press 9Hear the Options Again

Nationwide Helpline Phone Number Tips

Nationwide Contact Number Helpline Contact Numbers
Nationwide Helpline (Toll-free) 0800 302 011
Car Insurance 0800 028 5688
Complaints 0345 730 2015
Nationwide Credit Card Contact Helpline Number 0800 055 6622
New Current account 0800 302 010
Personal loans 0800 545 3000
Credit card services 0800 035 0345
Banking services/Personal loans 0800 302 010

Nationwide Overview

When one considers the insurance industry and which company to go with, a name that stands out is Nationwide. Founded in 1846, Nationwide was then known as the Northampton Town & County Freehold Land Society. Yes, try texting that one. They have since grown to become of the largest financial institutions with investments around the world. They also serve as a top mortgage lender and have helped people for decades with the home, automobile and life insurance needs. The senior management team is made up of a board of directors who oversee and run the company. With offices all over the United Kingdom, Nationwide is a strong leader in the insurance industry.

Nationwide Services

The services, features and products that Nationwide UK helps consumers and companies with include home, fire, automobile and life insurance policies. They also help with mortgages and planning for retirement. Because the firm has been around for decades, they are very reliable and can help with setting up policies, sending inspectors out, walking you through claims and assisting in the event there’s a natural disaster, flood or fire and you’ve lost your valuables or you have a home theft and are robbed. While no one wants to think about needing services like these, Nationwide is there to ensure you get your things back, are compensated or at the very least, feel like you can recompose your life and move on from a tragedy even if it means starting over. If you want to discuss your insurance needs, call a Nationwide helpline phone number 0800 545 3000 and speak with an agent today or you can contact Nationwide on their website live chat agents.

If your credit card is missing or lost, you can call the Nationwide credit card contact number toll-free, 0800 055 6622. They will assist you to block it and apply for a new one. You can get more information about loan application requirements, submitted applications and lot more. You can use these services between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, on public holidays and Sunday services are closed.

Nationwide Services helpline

Contact Nationwide Customer Service

To reach Nationwide UK, there are several options available to you. If you are online and want to speak with someone through their switchboard, you will need a pin that you can obtain online. You can visit Nationwide, or you can also reach them at a Nationwide phone number, 0345 730 2015.

No matter what problems you are facing or what kind of inquiry you would like to make, there is always a dedicated customer service line available for customers. Nationwide Helpline numbers are available to call throughout the week but between different hours. There will always be a Nationwide Credit Card contact specialist available for you.You can also visit Nationwide Contact Us page on their website.

Nationwide Services helpline

Write to Nationwide Customer Service

Apart from calling any of the Nationwide Helpline phone number 0800 055 6622, you can write and send a letter with complaints or enquiries. Letters take anywhere between 5-7 business days. Make sure you indicate the subject or purpose of your letter clearly. Once you write your letter, mail it to:

Nationwide Insurance:
Gannon Insurance Associates Inc
124 N 9th St,
PA 19107, USA

When writing your letter, make sure that you mention your name and address and provide a daytime phone number and account details.

Nationwide Contact Number Helpline Tips

You can always call Nationwide UK during regular business hours Monday through Friday with any queries, or if it’s after hours, call a Nationwide phone number 0800 302 011 and the automated prompts can help you. When you are calling telephone banking number, have your PAN number or customer number on hand.

You can contact Nationwide customer service personnel through Nationwide Facebook page or via their Contact Us Page.

Nationwide Phone Number
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