Netflix Contact Number Helpline

Netflix Contact Number Helpline
Netflix Customer Service

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Netflix Phone Number Tips

Netflix Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Netflix Customer Service (Toll-Free) +1800-585-8131
Netflix Toll-Free Technical Problems +1888 638 3549
Existing customers +1-800-585-7265
Potential customers +1-866-579-7172
Contact Netflix UK (Toll-Free) 0800 096 6379

Netflix Overview

Netflix is the largest video-on-demand and subscription-based media streaming service in the world. The company boasts of more than 60 million subscribers spread across 130 countries. Netflix owes its success and uptake to the near absence of advertisements in its programming.

Netflix video services are available in North America, Australia, and some parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company was founded in 1997.  The company was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Currently, the company’s  headquarters is in Los Gators, California.

Netflix Services

As a video-on-demand service, Netflix UK allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows instantly through the Internet.  The company is also renowned for disc rental services as well, but only for the United States customers. Customers can rent discs by mail. New members or subscribers have to pay a monthly fee of $8.99 if they want to add more movies as well as TV shows to their preferred plans. Existing customers will continue paying the old rate of $7.99 for the next two years. If you’re not sure about what rates are charged, contact the appropriate the Netflix contact number helpline from above.

As a subscription-based service, most services offered by Netflix UK are available online. The good thing about Netflix is that signing into your account is easy. You can use your Netflix login credentials or sign into your account via your Facebook account. Once you sign into your account, you can browse videos and subscribe to channels that you like. For now, members can only stream videos not download them.

Contact Netflix Customer Service

Netflix PLC operates different helpline numbers for various countries. Customers in the UK who need assistance with the subscription-based service should always call live operators through the Netflix phone number +1800-585-8131.  If you are  interested in their subscription service and would like to contact Netflix customer care toll-free: +1 866-579-7172. The Netflix helpline is available around the clock, that is, 24/7. Some numbers appear to have a shorter turnaround time and offer customers the quickest solutions than others.

Open your Netflix account today and go to the Netflix Contact Us page. Apart from calling the Netflix helpline, you can contact the customer service through the Netflix app too. These are accessible for all mobile devices and found either at Google Play or Appstore to download for free. Live chat service is available as well on their website.

Netflix Contact Number Helpline

Write to Netflix Customer Care

Subscribers can also contact the Netflix helpline if making a call to one of the many Netflix phone numbers fails. It is a slow way to Contact Netflix. However, it is great if you want to make an enquiry or comment about their service or raise any concern in great detail. Customer service personnel will address all concerns relating to billing, account usage, and technical problems. Letters should be mailed to:

22 Torrington Place,
3rd Floor Suite C Fitzrovia
WC1E 7HP London

Netflix Contact Tips

Contact Netflix Helpline for all service needs, but there are always better times to do it. Calling between 11am-1pm local standard time may lead to busy dials or long wait times. You will also find a lot of useful information on Netflix help page if you don’t want to contact customer service right away. Through the Help Center, you will learn more about common issues and problems that customers face and how to resolve them.

As previously mentioned, some customer service numbers are great to use because of the short turnaround times as well as best results in terms of solutions that they provide. Telephone calls remain the best tools for contacting the customer service department at Netflix and raising specific issues that you want the company representatives to address.

Go to the contact page to see if Netflix customer service numbers are available as not all countries have helpline support. Still, you can reach the customer support via Netflix Facebook page or Twitter handle; a quick and interactive way of contacting the company about problems with its services.

Netflix Contact Number Helpline
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