Netflix Customer Service

Netflix Customer Service
Netflix Customer Service

Netflix UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7

Netflix Phone NumberTips

Netflix Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Netflix Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 096 6379
Existing Customers  +1-800-585-7265
Technical Support  +1888 638 3549

Netflix Overview

Netflix was founded on August 29, 1997,  by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph at Scots Valley, California. The company is an American multinational company that provides on-demand internet streaming media, videos, film, television production, as well as online distribution. The company’s headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California, United States. Only recently has Netflix expanded as a global superpower of online television and movie streaming. The services can be accessed by people living in the Caribbean, South and North America, Europe, Austria, some parts of Africa and much more. In other words, it is accessible all over the world except in Syria, North Korea, Crimea and mainland China. To learn more, you can contact Netflix customer service toll-free, by dialling 0800 096 6379This Netflix phone number is available and open 24/7.

Netflix Services

Netflix offers Internet video streaming services to customers in the UK. By subscribing, you will access to Netflix’s online content library. Though the disk library has more movie titles available, only US-based customers can use it. Those in the UK can access the streaming library which has more Netflix original content (TV shows and movies). When you consider competing for video streaming services available in the market, it is perhaps the most widely supported by and compatible with a range of devices. Thus, you can watch your favourite shows and movies with Netflix, irrespective of whether you are using Wii, PS3, Playstation 4, Xbox, Tablet, PC, Mobile, Mac or any other device. The company also offers:

  • Netflix produced television and movies
  • General television distribution
  • Select film distribution
  • Media service provider

Since its UK launch in 2012 when a major part of company’s offerings consisted of US TV shows and movies, it has come a long way. By adding new content on an ever increasing basis, Netflix now offers an enormous amount of UK films and TV shows along with US content, many of which aren’t aired on the mainstream UK channels.

You can browse through Netflix, to know more about the products and services that are offered.

Contact Netflix Customer Service

The company has managed to secure different phone numbers for different countries and departments. If you are an existing customer and you have a complaint or an issue with your subscription, you can call the Netflix phone number toll-free, +1-800-585-7265 for assistance. In addition, if you are facing any technical issue, you can get in touch with the customer care support team through the Netflix helpline toll-free, +1888 638 3549. The average wait time is six (6) minutes.

Also, all subscribers are eligible to contact Netflix through the mobile device app which is available on Google play store, Apple store and Windows store. The app can be used on all devices. Also, you can chat with Netflix customer care representatives live on the company’s official website. In addition, you can access information from the Netflix contact us page for more information on how to get in touch with Netflix. You can also check out the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Netflix Customer Service

Write to Netflix Customer Care

Subscribers can also contact Netflix customer service by writing an ordinary letter to the company. These can be related to billing services, technical complaints or general enquiries. However, this is the slowest means of contacting the company since it does not get an immediate response and actually might take days for a reply. You can write to the company at their main headquarters in the UK.

22 Torrington Place,

3rd Floor Suite C Fitzrovia,

WC1E 7HP London,The United Kingdom

Netflix Contact Number Tips

UK subscribers can get in touch with the company by dialling the Netflix helpline numbers listed above. However, there are millions of subscribers using the same line. Therefore, it might be a challenge to get in touch with the customer care representatives when you need. Avoid calling Monday to Thursday from 11am to 1pm local time. Beat the phone traffic this way. You can check out the FAQ section which answers most of the common problems that subscribers encounter. Also, the social media platform posts are answered after a few minutes and can also be quite helpful. This is one of the quickest means of communication with Netflix.

Netflix Customer Service
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16 Comments to “Netflix Customer Service”

  • Hi,
    I have Netflix account in Finland, but now I am staying several months in South Africa and just noticed that Netflix does not work here. Could you stop my account until April?
    Best regards, Jenni

  • hi there i recently played the gruffalo, the gruffalos child and room on the broom for my children and these have now disappeared to my childrens disappointment and my own? Why is this, i find it very frustrating when i am paying £8 per month for a service which doesnt have up to date tv shows or movies and when something classic appears it suddenly is removed? Please explain. Mrs yvonne white

    • I notice I am being charged £35.95 per month for my subscription, which was £6.99 per month when I signed up!
      Why has my subscription rocketed without me being informed?

  • Ive tried cancelling via my account but the browser does not reload, your site goes very slow when cancelling
    Please un subscribe me from net flix I don’t think the movies are much good plus there’s not a great deal of choice.


  • Please could u tell me what kind of equipment u need to get nexflix.I have a Sony freeview TV and virgin broadband.
    Many thanks
    Mrs m Williams

  • What a load of crap 1hr into a film i was really enjoying netflix goes on the blink i will not be signing up for this poor product youll say it was my internet connection but i managed to send this in

  • I am trying to find the American historical drama Reign, is Netflix got the rights to show this series before Channel 5 UK buys the series. Will it be shown in the new year?

  • Why has a modern communications company like Netflix not got an email address for complaints, problems etc?
    I will have to cancel my account simply because I can not get a simple answer to a simple question by email.
    Pat McCann

  • Hie

    I just wanted to find out, is it possible to bring back the Daniel Project documentary

  • I was not able to connect to Netflix, so I called their support. Very nice people but useless support.

  • These idiots charged my card, did not supply the movies for two whole months, turned around, charge the card again, (owed me 3 free months) and then tried to charge my card a third time!!! I

  • I like Netflix but the horror movies are getting old and boring I’ve seen all the good ones need new ones starting not watch Netflix at all

  • They need more recent movies to watch instantly…all i watch is instant movies …I give netflix a 3 out of 10 rating.

  • When is the 2nd series pesky blinders on in uk

  • Just had to cancel Netflix for a few months but how do I stop them taking any more payments until I get Netflix later in the year ?

  • We recently went on holiday to The Netherlands and were able to access our Netflix account on the campsite. We discovered that The Netherlands service is alot better than that in the UK with lots more recent films on offer for children and adults and loads of fantastic series too including Mad Men that are not available in the UK.
    Will these films be available over here and why have the Netherlands got a better, more up to date service than we have in the UK?

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