Nissan Contact Numbers

Nissan Contact Numbers
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-2pm

You will find on this web page useful Nissan phone numbers. Discover the nearest address for specific customer support needs. You can also get more information on the Nissan Contact Us Page .

Nissan Contact Numbers List

  Nissan Helpline                                          UK Contact Number
  Nissan UK Customer Care Service   0330 123 1231
  Nissan Assistance   0330 123 1231
  Nissan Electric Vehicles Service   0330 123 1231
  Nissan Fleet Centre   0800 294 0579 
  Nissan Motability Specialist   0800 731 9633
  Nissan Test Drive   0330 123 1231
  Nissan Car Insurance – new policy   0344 335 3780
  Nissan Car Insurance – existing    0344 335 3781
  Nissan Finance Contact   0333 009 0231
  Motor Codes Limited   020 7344 1651

Among the biggest car manufacturers in the world, Nissan is a Japanese multinational company located in Yokohama, Japan. Nissan has become a part of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, a cooperation between French carmaker Renault and Nissan since 1999. In 2013, Nissan Motor was sixths in the world, following other big car manufacturer brands like Volkswagen Group, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford and General Motors. Nissan sells three brands under its hood, Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti.

In the UK, Nissan operates under the Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK name since 1993. Present models made at Nissan Motor UK are Nissan Qashqai since 2006, Nissan Juke since 2010, Nissan Note since 2004, Nissan Q30 since 2015 and Nissan Leaf since 2012. Other models produced at Nissan Motor UK were Nissan Primera, Nissan Almera, Nissan Micra and Nissan Bluebirds.

The most popular Nissan models in the UK are the smaller versions including Nissan Leaf which is a 100% Electric Family car starting from £16,680; Nissan Pulsar – a business class family hatchback car starting from £12,995; Nissan Juke, a compact crossover starting from £23,520. The bigger versions of Nissan cars include Qashqai, a multi-award winning crossover, starting from £18,545; Nissan X-Trail crossover, an adventure seeker starting from £22,395 and Nissan Navara, the pick-up for everyone, starting from £23,520.

You can find a Nissan customer service team to answer all your questions and needs. Their call centre is open 8 AM – 8 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM – 2 PM Saturdays.

You can contact Nissan in different ways:

– Using a Nissan phone number

– Live Chat on You+Nissan

Contact Nissan

There is a list of Nissan contact numbers on this page .

Nissan Phone Number

For any general inquiries, you can contact Nissan and talk to a representative. You can do that by phone at 0330 123 1231. The call centre is available from Monday to Friday(8am-8pm) and Saturdays(8am-2pm).

Nissan Customer Services

If you are dissatisfied with the services provided by the dealers or any of the Nissan UK customer care departments, you can contact Motor Codes Limited which administer The Motor Industry Code of Practice. You can do that by phone at 020 7344 1651 or by accessing Motorcodes or by sending a letter to Motor Codes Limited, 71 Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 2BN.

Nissan Assistance

You can call Nissan Assistance at any time, day or night, if you are a Nissan owner, in case you have an accident, a non-warrantable breakdown or a warrantable breakdown. Phone number 0330 123 1231.

Nissan Customer Service Address

If you want to write a letter, you can do that by adding your personal details in your request to the following address:

Nissan Technical Centre,Cranfield Technology Park, Moulsoe Road, Cranfield, Bedford MK43 0DB

Nissan Electric Vehicles Customer Services

In case you are the owner of an electric vehicle or you have any specific inquiry about this kind of vehicles, you may contact Nissan dedicated team by phone or by email. Phone: 0330 123 1231

Nissan Customer Online Service

As a Nissan existing customer, you are eligible to book online services or visit the customer section. To do that you have to click Nissan-aftersales and book your service by finding a dealer. You will have to enter your postcode to find the nearest dealer.

Nissan Customer ServiceOn You+Nissan website you will be able to find personalized offers, special Nissan UK Customer Care and access to many specific events. Designed to help especially Nissan owners, this website ensures that your experience as a Nissan owner is unique. You may receive special offers as a loyal customer, you just need to register or sign in to receive the latest personalized offers.

Nissan wants you to be fully satisfied with the performance and the quality of your car. In case you have a problem with your vehicle, you may receive a free courtesy car, because Nissan takes care of its loyal customers. Everybody wants their problems solved really fast, that’s why Nissan promise to give you a solution to any problem you may have with your vehicle within 2 working days.

Nissan Driver’s Guide App

You can explore your Nissan on a tablet or your smartphone, by accessing the electronic version of a Reference Guide, on iOS or Android devices. You can download the IOS version on App Store and the Android version on Google Play of this Nissan Quick Reference Guide.

Nissan Fleet Centre

You may contact the fleet centre from Monday to Thursday(9-am-5.30pm), and Fridays(9am-5pm) by phone or by email. Phone: 0800 294 0579

Nissan Warranty

 As a Nissan owner, you will be able to enjoy your brand new car, electric vehicle or van with a Nissan European Warranty available in European countries where Nissan operates. There are three different warranties for each type of vehicles. For new passenger cars you will get a 3-year warranty or 60,000 miles, for the light commercial vehicles you will have a 5 years warranty or 100,000 miles and for the brand new electric vehicles, you will get a 3 years warranty or 60,000 miles. Find more about the Nissan Warranty types.

Nissan Maintenance and Repair

You can receive high-quality maintenance and repair services for your car, at the local Nissan dealers, where qualified technicians and engineers will take care of your needs. The latest technology is used to make sure your car is closest to its brand new original condition. On the maintenance and repair webpage, you will find information about how to book online an appointment at the nearest dealer, tips for car maintenance and service, how to maximize the life of your Nissan vehicle, how to breakdown repair or accident repair, how to maintain your tyres, where to find genuine batteries, genuine oil fluids or genuine parts.

Nissan Service Care Repair

 At Nissan car services you receive high quality in every part, but not only that, you receive also fixed price repairs for small needs. Do you need to clean your air conditioning? You can do that for £29.00, you need a recharge of your car’s air conditioning, you pay £59.00 including VAT. You can change the pollen filter for £40.00, the air filter for £30.00 or the brake fluid for £30.00 including VAT. Find more about the Nissan Service Care Repair.

Nissan Car Insurance Contact Numbers

 Nissan takes care of its customers when they need it the most. With Nissan cover, you receive professional car repair using genuine parts with a guarantee up to 3 years. Their covers include a brand new vehicle replacement if the vehicle is under 12 months old, and up to £5000 benefits for personal accidents. You can find more about Nissan Insurance Policy Documents here.

You can call other Nissan Contact Numbers: for a complete quotation, you can call  0344 335 3780. If you have an existing policy you can call  0344 335 3781.

Nissan Test Drive

To get behind the wheel of a Nissan vehicle for a test drive you have to complete de following steps: select your vehicle, select a dealer, a date and time and submit your details. You will have three options to book a test drive: booking online, requesting a call or contacting Nissan to arrange a test drive. The phone number for a test drive is 0330 123 1231.

Find Your Nissan Dealer

There are 218 Nissan dealers in the UK. You can find the nearest dealer on the dealer locator page. There are 58 Business centres, 198 Sales Dealers, 20 Nismo centres, 218 Service centres, 197 Cared4 Used Vehicles locations, 197 Motability centres, 204 Electric Vehicles dealers, and one Rapid Charging point located in London.

Nissan Performance

Everything you need to know about Nissan Performance, you can find it here. You will find interesting news about Nissan Motorsport, a dominant force in the world racing industry. Find interesting information about sports models like Nissan Juke Nismo RS, Nissan 370Z Nismo or Nissan GT-R Nismo.

Find Nissan on Social Media

Nissan UK Customer Care

Nissan is present on Social Media where you will find stories about the latest events of your favorite car brand. With almost 17.000.000 followers on Facebook, Nissan UK will try to aid you with queries about the UK models. The page is monitored Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm and you will receive answers to your questions as quickly as possible. If you visit the page, you are encouraged to click “Like” if you want to receive amazing prizes. You will learn what are the awarded cars of the brand, for example, Nissan Qashqai was the car of the year 2014 and the best SUV of Top Gear Magazine in 2008, Nissan GT-R was the Best Performance Car in 2009, or Nissan Leaf the World Car of the Year in 2011.

You can follow Nissan UK on Twitter and receive interesting news on your Twitter profile.

A very interesting social profile of Nissan UK is the Youtube Channel where you can watch really interesting videos of the latest models, videos of celebrities advertising Nissan brand worldwide. An example could be a video with Gareth Bale and Sergio Aguero promoting Uefa Champions League. They are Ambassadors of this competition.

You can learn interesting tips by watching videos on the Nissan’s channel, you can find out for example how to drive your Nissan Juke in the fog, or to understand how to charge your electric car, a Nissan Leaf for example. Each of these social media channels can help you to get in touch with other Nissan enthusiasts, commenting and sharing different videos, photos, and information about your favorite car brand.

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