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NS and I is a state saving bank, formerly known as the Post Office Saving Banks and National Savings. It was founded in 1861 by the Palmerston government and the first name was Post Office Saving Bank, then the name has been changed to the National Saving Bank, and it was moved to the Treasury from the Post Office. National Savings and Investment represents an agency of the government offering saving and investment products to the people in the United Kingdom. You will find below the NSandI Contact Number list.

NSandI Phone Number List

NSandI Helpline UK Contact Number
NSandI Customer Service 0808 500 7007
NSandI Customer Number from Abroad +44 125 383 2007
NSandI Textphone 0800 056 0585
Advisor 0800 092 1286

Contact NSandI

How can we help, Contact NSandI

You may want to check the National Savings and Investment help page to get your answers from the customer service team. You will find here information about the Premium bonds and prizes, how to manage your account, Downloads and Forms, General Information, a Contact NsandI page, and top help articles for you to learn more about the National Savings and Investment Agency.

If you click the Contact NSandI page, you will find useful information about how to get in touch with the NSandI helpline. As a first contact option, you will find a Twitter account where you are advised to ask general enquiries, with the option of an answer in just one hour from the Twitter response team. You have to know that it’s not advisable for your security, to send specific issues regarding your investments or accounts.

The main NSandI Contact Number, where you can talk to a customer service agent is 0808 500 7007, you can call 7 days a week, this number is a toll-free number, but you need to know that calls made to this number will be recorded. If you are outside of the United Kingdom when you make the call, you can use the phone number +44 125 383 2007. Another NSandI customer number is 0800 056 0585 for a textphone. In case you need to manage your personal details or your account, you will need to have your NSandI number to hand. This is an identification number that you received when registered for the phone service or the online service. When you call the NSandI helpline you have to know this number. The NSandI number is an 11 digits number, starting with 11,21,31,41. You can find answers to your questions regarding a forgotten password and a video help guide on the problems logging page.

On the contact page, you will find also an email form where you may contact the customer service team that will answer your questions and queries regarding your account and investments. You can find also a section where you will be able to find NSandI Downloads and forms. If you prefer instead to write a letter to NSandI, you can do it to the following address: NS&I, Glasgow, G58 1SB. When you send the letter, you must include personal details such your name, your address, date of your birth. You should include also reference numbers such as the NS&I number, other details of your account, and please don’t forget to sign the letter because disclosing or changing any personal information is not possible without your signature.

If you want to contact the media team, you can do it at the NSandI Line 0808 500 7007, every day of the week. Or you can contact the media team by post at 1 Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London SW1V 2QX.

Speak with an Advisor

You can call the Advisor phone number 0800 092 1286.

Managing Accounts

NSandI Manage Account

You can easily manage your NSandI investments and savings by telephone or online service. You can pay money, review your transactions, check your investments, change the details of your account or choose your Premium Bonds prizes to go directly to your bank account. It is much easier for you to have an online account to apply by phone or online for a new investment. You can manage online or by phone your Premium Bonds, Direct Saver, Income Bonds or Direct ISA. You can also check by phone if your investment worth the money, or you can get an estimated evaluation for the index-linked Savings Certificates. If you want to change your account where the prices, the withdrawals and interest will get into, you can call the NSandI helpline.

If you want your money to be sent to an international bank account in your name, you can do that from an NSandI account. By clicking International Payment Service link, you will find out that NSandI is offering very good exchange rates, without any charges or fees. That means you will not be charged for the international transfer itself, but just for the currency exchange, a fixed percentage.

If you want to close your account and cash your investment, you can do that online or by telephone. If you moved to another country, there is a possibility that NSandI can not provide you services in a country that has some restrictions. For example, if you hold a Premium Bond in the UK and now you live in the US, this means you can not hold a Premium Bond anymore, due to the strict lottery and gaming laws. If you live in a country where this restriction does not exist, then you can apply first by post, and then register online or by the telephone.

You will find an option named going paperless, meaning you will not receive any more paper record with the post, you will receive just online the history of your transactions on your account. You can view online account statements, information about fixed term investments, terms and conditions and product key features or the statement for closing an account. NSandI offers this paperless service for Premium Bonds, Income Bonds, Direct ISA, Direct Saver and 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds. If you are not registered for the online and phone services, you can do it on the Register online and phone service link.

On NSandI you can manage accounts on behalf of other people under the Power of Attorney, or as a Receiver or a Deputy. If someone dies and you are a member of his family or the Executor, you can find out more from the Death claims guide and you will have to fill the Death claim form. You can find the pdf form on the Help page.

Premium Bonds and Prizes

NSandI Premium Bonds

What are the Premium Bonds? These are savings products where the lottery decides the interest. This system was introduced in 1956 by Harold Macmillan. This bond is issued by the UK National Savings and Investments agency know as NSandI. Do you want to know if you have won a prize? You can do that the easier way by using the prize checker app from App Store or Google Play or you can check your prizes online.

The prizes are ready to be paid into your bank account if you opted for that option, otherwise, you will receive a check by post mail. If you win any prizes, you may reinvest it again. Every month there are more than two million in prizes so it may take a while until your prize gets to you. The jackpot winners of £1 million will be announced first, and then the smaller prizes will get to each winner.

If you moved to another location and you won a prize, there is possibility that NSandI could not get in touch with you, that’s why you can ask for a prize history writing a letter including your name and address, NSandI number and Premium Bond’s holder’s number and you will receive back an answer about your prizes.

NSandI on Social Media

NSandI on Facebook

NSandI has a constant and active presence on Social Media with account and pages on every major platform. You can find NS&I on Linkedin where you can make new connections and find out that National Savings and Investments has more than 25 million customers with over £120 billion invested.

On Twitter, NSandI is a constant presence with more than 2.000 followers and 600 tweets. Here you can find photos and videos related to the National Savings and Investment agency, you can find the latest news about Premium Bonds, about the latest winners of prizes and you can read interesting winning stories of people like you.

Another method to Contact NSandI is through Facebook where you will find out there are more than 40.000 followers and you can read and post comments on photos or videos and share your experience with NSandI to others. They also have a Youtube account where you can watch great videos about the NSandI products, adverts and stories of lucky Premium Bond prize winners. You could watch interesting videos with testimonials from people who won the Premium Bonds big prize and you could learn what to do with a million pounds if you will be the lucky winner or you can watch old advertising from 1957 when the Premium Bonds prizes were introduced for the first time.

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