O2 Phone Number

O2 Phone Number
O2 Customer Service

O2 UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
O2 UK Routing Number
Press 1 Billing payments and account changes
Press 2Orders,upgrades,repairs or if you're thinking of leaving us
Press 3Help using your phone or device
Press 4Speak to O2 insure about a loss,stolen or damaged claim
Press *Hear the Options Again

O2 Helpline Phone Numbers Tips

O2 Helpline Number Helpline Contact Numbers
O2 Customer Service Number 0344 499 0202
O2 Helpline Toll-Free 0800 977 7337
Pay-As-You-Go  0344 809 0222
Top Up  0345 606 2277
Pay Monthly 0344 809 0202
Staff Accounts 0800 131 211


O2 Overview

When you’re ready to buy a new phone or upgrade your internet speed or features, you want to go with a service that offers the most features and is one of the best in the world. Consider O2 UK, which is a privately owned telecommunications firm with locations in the United Kingdom. It is owned and operated by John Carrington and is located in Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom. The company O2 began in 1985, has about 21,000 employees and is part of the Telefonica parent company. It began as a way to merge the internet, financial services, and phone together to be utilised in the UK.

The company provides amazing services to fulfil needs of customer 24/7. O2 also sells wide-ranging handsets and deals. It’s coverage in the UK is good enough for most people, and upgrades are a consistent feature of the O2 customer. All the mobile phone packages that the company has are only available on 2-year contracts. This allows customers the opportunity to benefit from the services but also leave with a fee if they are dissatisfied. The company has around 23 million customers around the world.

O2 Services

The services, features and products that O2 UK offers include their popular pay as you go service, internet service, mobile phones service and popular ‘no contract’ featured plans per month. They offer ever increasing broadband service and are doing more work in setting up fibre optic broadband for the internet via cable service. This means, if you have an O2 customer service number 0344 499 0202, you may want to combine your plan with your cable company to get a greater savings package and lower your monthly costs. Other popular features include a mobile wallet application or app that can help with bill payments and allow you to readily access your money.

The Live Chat is another to O2 helpline and is worth trying out although you might have to wait while the agents attend to other customers as well. Calls to 02 pay monthly mobile are a free while from other providers may attract fees. If unsure about the O2 customer service number 0800 977 7337, you can Contact O2 the online support service, which is open 24/7 to contact the company.

O2 Customer Service Helpline

Contact O2 Customer Service

To reach O2 UK, there are several options to reaching them via the internet. If you would like online support and want to hear about their new products, phones, and features, you can visit O2, or you can contact them at an O2 helpline number, 0800 977 7337 in Edinburgh, or 0800 131 211 in Glasgow.

The O2 customer service is good and efficient in handling customer issues. The public Wi-Fi hotspots that the company put up all over the country ensure that customers have access to stable connectivity 24/7.

O2 Customer Service Helpline

Write to O2 Customer Care

Like most people, you may not want to always be on the phone, waiting to speak to a person. This is totally legit, as you are a respected O2 customer and your time is money! Thankfully, O2 customer service offers other methods to contact O2. You can write and send an ordinary letter via the post to:

O2 Shop Leigh
2, Spinning Gate Shopping Centre,
Leigh WN7 4PG,

O2 Contact Number Helpline Tips

As the website doesn’t list the phone numbers readily, we found that you can reach an O2 representative by calling one of their main stores. If you want to reach them via Telefonica, you will have to leave a message or email and have someone reply back to you. If you call O2 Helpline 0800 977 7337 a store location, though, you’re guaranteed to get help right away, Monday through Friday or Saturday with store hours anywhere from 10:00 am to mid evening closures depending on the location. They can help with any customer service type issues or you can try calling the O2 Customer Service Number 0345 606 2277 after hours to see if it forwards to their main Telefonica location and access common features through the voice prompted system for help with your bill or to reach technical support.

O2 Phone Number
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