Octagon Insurance Contact Number

Octagon Insurance Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 4:00PM

What do you think of when people ask how do you protect your possessions and properties? Insurance.

Insurance has become quite important these days, especially when it is the best way to give protection to your possessions. It can be considered as a sort of risk management, where you can avoid major financial losses were something unfortunate to happen to the things you own, like your car and your house. You can even protect yourself when you’re travelling with a travel insurance.

There are a lot of insurance companies on the rise in the United Kingdom, including Admiral Insurance, Hastings Direct, AXA UK, and Octagon Insurance. Now, Octagon Insurance might not be as known to the world as AXA and Admiral, but they are still one of the most reliable insurance agencies in the country.

This article is a guide to all relevant Octagon Insurance contact numbers that can help you in getting in touch with the company if you wish to. You will also be provided instructions on how to reach out to the insurance broker that do not require you to make a phone call.

Octagon Phone Number List

Octagon Helpline UK Contact Number
Octagon Customer Service 0344 561 4615
Claims 0344 815 4975
Windscreen Claims 0800 011 3685
Third Party Windscreen Claims 0344 381 4529
Direct Debit 0344 736 9836
Car and Van Insurance 0145 441 0534
Breakdown Assistance 0344 561 4616
Extended Personal Accident Claims 0370 241 4539
Legal Expenses 0344 815 4975
Lost Keys 0344 381 4541
Tools in Transit 0344 381 4570

Octagon Customer Service

octagon customer service

Octagon’s main aim of running the company is to provide customers with the top most satisfying services. They are dedicated to offering a minimum insurance policy, and exceptional support to their customers. They do not tolerate any mistakes or delays committed by the customer care team they have constructed because it will hinder the customers further than they should.

At Octagon Insurance, they believe that their top priority ought to be the customers – you – and it is. With you in mind, they deliberately constructed their insurance policies to be flexible so that you won’t have any difficulties choosing your preferred policy. Customers are given the freedom to choose the parameters of the policies they have taken up, and Octagon will be there to help you pull it off.

Have any enquiries that you wish to make? Did you move and wish to change your address with Octagon? Or maybe you feel like switching to another policy, but you are unsure if it is a wise decision? You can always direct your enquiries to their customer service team on the Octagon phone number 0344 561 4615. They will pick up your calls from between 9a.m. to 7p.m. Monday to Thursday, 9a.m. to 6p.m. Friday and 9a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday. They will, however, not be working on Sundays and public holidays.

As an alternative, your online account gives you the option to submit your enquiry online. You can also send them an email by looking for their full email information on the Octagon Contact Us page.

When making calls or sending emails have become inconveniences to you due to circumstances, like documents you wish for Octagon to see, please write a letter with the documents attached and deliver it to this address:

Octagon Customer Services
Europa House
Midland Way, Thornbury
BS35 2JX


Unfortunate events are undesirable, but they are unavoidable as well. There will come a day when you find your vehicle involved in an accident of some sorts and you will be looking for the best way to go about it. Well, Octagon is an insurance provider that also gives customers the easiest way to file a claim with them.

The only thing you need to do is place a call on this Octagon Insurance number 0344 815 4975 and report your incident. They will assist you by either providing you with a courtesy car, helping you to deal with the loss, or some other way. Besides contacting Octagon, you are also obligated to make your report to the police. If you already have an existing claim and you wish to learn of Octagon’s progress with your claim, please contact Octagon on this number as well. This Octagon number is online all day, seven days a week.

If your windscreen is damaged, you can make a claim for repair or replacement through the Octagon helpline 0800 011 3685. Third party damages to your windscreen, such as theft, should be claimed when you reach out to Octagon on 0344 381 4529. As opposed the other claim numbers, the third party number is only available from 9a.m. to 6p.m. Monday to Friday.

An extended personal accident extra is a cover that covers injuries that arise from accidents. You can register such a claim by dialling this number 0370 241 4539.

Direct Debit

There are two ways to make your payment with the insurance company. One is to make annual payments with a debit or credit card.

The second way is the easier way, which is making your payments through direct debit. It will be a monthly payment, and you will be paying through Octagon’s third party premium finance provider, Premium Credit Limited.

If you wish to learn more about how to go about paying for your insurance via direct debit, feel free to contact Octagon Insurance number on 0344 736 9836. You can also call this number if you want to change your direct debit details.

Car Insurance

octagon car insurance number

Octagon Car Insurance provides customers with Comprehensive Insurance cover or Third Party Fire and Theft cover. The basic benefits of a car insurance with this insurance broker is a service by the UK call centre, personal belongings cover, and windscreen cover. You can also choose to add some extras to your policy, like legal expenses cover, lost keys protection cover, replacement vehicle cover, and breakdown cover.

To learn more about their car insurance policies, contact Octagon on the Octagon phone number 01454 410534.

You can either retrieve a car insurance quote online on the Octagon website, or you can get a quote by calling the same number as well.

You might even find answers to your questions by visiting the Car Insurance FAQ page.

Van Insurance

octagon phone number

Do you have a van? Do you use them for personal use? Or maybe you have vans for your business? Well, it does not really matter, because Octagon Insurance provides cover for all of them. You can get the same benefits that you get for a car insurance with their van insurance, and the same extras too. All these, and they don’t even cost much.

You can acquire information about the Octagon Van Insurance by calling the Octagon Insurance number 0145 441 0534.

To retrieve a quote, there is an option for you to do so online, or make a call to the same number above.

Help yourself to the Van Insurance FAQ site to see if your questions have already been solved before engaging with Octagon customer service.

Octagon Breakdown Assistance

What happens if your vehicle happens to break down in the middle of the road when every place is closed down for the night? You should definitely call for help by dialling the Octagon helpline 0344 561 4616. This number is open all day, seven days a week.

Once a call is placed, they will send an expert to you to help you with your vehicle troubles and send you on your way in no time. Your breakdown cover policies include:

  • Rescue 20 – insurance within 20 miles (except at home).
  • Rescue UK – the whole UK.
  • Rescue Europe – Europe-wide insurance.

Legal Expenses

If you add Legal Expenses as an extra to your policy, the agency will cover up to £100,000 of your legal costs. Uninsured costs can add more salt to the pain you have sustained, and Octagon seeks to help you with that.

If you wish to enquire about this featured extra, you can do so by calling the Octagon phone number 0344 815 4975.

Lost Keys

Their Lost Keys protection cover is to cover the financial loss from the inconvenience of losing your keys. They offer up to £1,500 of cover, and your lost keys claim will not affect your No Claims Discount in any way.

Learn more about the Lost Keys cover by reaching out to the Octagon helpline 0344 381 4541.

Tools in Transit

The Tools in Transit cover is made especially for your vans. Maybe you have tools in your vans that are costly and you can’t afford to lose them, but what if you really do lose them? You can find a peace of mind by getting the Tools in Transit extra along with your van insurance. That way, in the case that you lose your tools, at least you will be financially compensated for them.

Make a call to the Octagon Insurance number 0344 381 4570 to learn more about this extra.

Contact Octagon via Social Media

contact octagon

You can easily get in touch with Octagon customer service through their social network outlets as well.

Octagon Insurance Overview

octagon contact number

A provider of private car, private van, and commercial van insurances, Octagon Insurance is a renowned insurance company that currently services a little over 200,000 car and van customers across the UK. They are a subsidiary of Octagon Insurance Company Limited and was launched for business in 2009.

While they do not necessarily write the motor policy, they are in close affiliation with Horizon Insurance Company Limited and they act as an insurance intermediary.

With this insurance agency, you are given an easy way to register your claims. Octagon understands that some insurance companies can be quite complicated with their insurance policies, and they want to distinguish themselves by developing their policies to be easy and convenient. While doing that, you are also given the option of coverage in the case of damages or some other incidents that you did not expect.

The following are the means to contact Octagon:

  • Dial the Octagon Insurance numbers given to you in the above table
  • Look for full contact information on the Octagon Contact Us page
  • Send a letter
  • Drop an email
  • Use the Octagon Live Chat system
  • Download the Octagon mobile applications
  • Social media
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