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Did you need the phone number for On the Beach or some local travel agency? When you go travelling, you want to be relaxed and not have to worry about anything. It is troublesome when you have to book air tickets, browse for viable hotels, search for exciting locations to explore, and you have to do all these while adjusting them to your budget.

Travel retail agencies have made a surge since the discovery of easy travel with the help of such agents. Travel retail agencies exist to help customers to ease their travel planning process by assisting in booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, and giving exciting itineraries for customers to enjoy without much trouble. Many of the travellers have now started to approach travel brokers to help plan their vacation while they can go about their lives.

UK-based, On the Beach, ensures customers the best vacation holiday with their help in these processes. The company also offers customers premium brand customer service to guarantee satisfaction and enjoyment. This post will outline the important On the Beach contact numbers and other means to get in touch in order to obtain great care to suit your needs.

On the Beach Phone Number List

On the Beach Helpline UK Contact Number
On the Beach Customer Services Toll-Free 0800 085 8859
Head Office 0161 448 4622
Travel Insurance/Car Hires 0371 474 3000
Finance and Investment 020 3727 1000
On the Beach Complaints 0800 0858 859

Contact On the Beach Customer Services

Contact On the Beach Customer Services

On the Beach believes in full customer satisfaction with their care service team. Their travel agents are adamant to put in all efforts to plan your vacation at an affordable price but with the best outcomes. They believe that the whole purpose of their company is to offer customers the best. On the Beach customer services guarantees that they could see their customers happy and satisfied.

Besides offering a host of wonderful travel packages that would make a traveller’s dream come true, and be easy and fun, there are also additions of trustworthy optional extras to help you more in your travel.

All of these are covered under ATOL approved protection, so you won’t have to be afraid of any dramatic financial losses once you have made your booking. You are allowed to pay for your travel package planned by OTB in instalments after paying a deposit amount that is as low as £20 per person.

You are welcome to call On the Beach customer services line toll-free, 0800 0858 859 if you wish for help regarding your vacation plans.

There is also a customer care address you can write to if you would like to request assistance from customer care:

Contact On the Beach Limited
Park Square, Bird Hall Lane
Cheadle, SK3 0X

You are, of course, advised to include personal contact details in order to allow their representatives the ability to contact you as soon as your letter has reached them.

Nevertheless, given that it is an online travel retailer, it is always easier to make your bookings or just to look for any help on their website, which is easy to navigate with a simple design.

There is also an automated service bot that is online for 24 hours per day where you can ask any question and get your answer.

 Travel Packages

On the Beach Contact Number

The On the Beach helpline offers packages for holidays and also a number of options for flight and hotel booking, and destinations to travel.

Their holiday packages:

  • Cheap Trips – Go on low cost holidays by paying instalments to the company for your travel package
  • All-Inclusive Trips – Everything is taken care of and you only need to enjoy the trip as you go

As you book your holiday packages, you will also be booking your flight and hotel at the same time, which makes the whole thing simple.

Call any On the Beach contact number to acquire more informational details that could help you in your choice of holiday package.

Head Office

If anything does happen and you wish to speak to someone who is an expert to your issues, reach out to the Head Office On the Beach phone number, 0161 448 4622They will assist you in managing your booking and looking up details that will be helpful to you.

Travel Insurance/Car Hires

On the Beach Phone Number

Travelling, while fun, can still be dangerous if you are not careful and aware of your surroundings. After all, you are travelling in a strange place, miles away from home, filled with strangers who do not know you and know more about the streets than you do.

Ask yourself, what do you do if you contract an illness overseas and you need medical attention? What if there are unexpected issues with the airline and you cannot make your scheduled departure?

A travel insurance might be the only thing that could save your dream vacation from turning into a monetary nightmare. That is why you are advised to always buy a travel insurance policy before travelling off somewhere that you do not know of.

A travel insurance is a form of insurance meant to cover medical expenditures, trip cancellation fees, lost luggage, unprecedented flight accidents, and other losses that might be incurred while travelling, either out of the country or within. There are also other services that are provided with a travel insurance, such as concierge service and emergency travel assistance.

The travel retailer offers various travel insurance policies while you are dependent on them to help you in planning your vacation. They want to make sure that you do not encounter any unwanted losses if you were to come to any difficulties while overseas.

Contact On the Beach phone number centres at 0371 474 3000 for their policy options and information. Do not forget to ask about anything you want so that you have an inkling of what best suits you to protect you from suffering any severe financial damages.

These On the Beach contact numbers allow you to make car hires if you need them overseas. By calling you will correspond with car rental companies and liaise with them to get you a car hire while you are there.

Finance and Investment

As a thriving travel retailer, it comes as no surprise that there will be parties who are interested in being a part and investing in On the Beach. The phone number for On the Beach financial and investment enquiries is 020 3727 1000Their financial team will provide all the necessary details so that you can make a sound decision.


On the Beach complaint

The company’s belief in complete customer satisfaction also includes handling complaints with efficiency and effectiveness. They understand it would be impossible to please everyone, however they aim to please as many as possible, which means that they would be more than happy to resolve your issues and learn from what they have done wrong so that the same mistake would not be repeated.

In any case that you are displeased with the service that you have gotten from their customer service team, do not hesitate to dial toll-free, the On the Beach contact number for complaints 0800 0858 859. The company personnel will try to solve whatever issues you might have as quickly as possible and without need for follow-up.

Other than the On the Beach phone number provided, you can also mail a letter of complaint to the same address as their customer care address, which is:

On the Beach Limited
Park Square, Bird Hall Lane
Cheadle, SK3 0X

Contact On the Beach via Social Media

On the Beach Customer Service

The company has set up a few social media accounts to keep you up to date with their exciting news and updates, and to offer you other methods of getting in touch with them if you need to.

On the Beach Overview

On the Beach Contact Numbers

On the Beach is a UK-based travel retailer, renowned to be the leading online travel agent in the UK for beach holidays. They specialise in short and medium haul vacations to the Europe.

The travel retail agency is founded by Simon Cooper, who formularised this venture in the travel industry while he was still studying in university. He first developed a budget-friendly ski holidays travel retailer On the Piste, gearing the direction of the business venture towards groups of students who prefer to travel on an affordable budget. On the Beach emerged as a start-up travel retailer in a terraced house in Macclesfield, England, until they gained popularity and the company moved their operations office to Didsbury, Manchester, to locate additional employees to handle their business.

Currently, it serves more than one million customers who tend to book their trips at the last minute or are on a tight budget, offering incredible holiday packages that include affordable flight tickets, hotels and travel options. On the Beach also happens to the first online travel retailer to secure an ATOL trust, which means that all your bookings – flight, hotel, and transfer – are financially protected.

Here are the several ways to get in touch with On the Beach Customer Services team:

  • Contact On the Beach phone numbers listed above
  • Drop a letter in their mailbox
  • Send an email
  • Visit their official website
  • Social media
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