Orange Customer Service

Orange Customer Service
Orange Customer Service

Orange UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Orange UK Routing Number
Press 1 If you're already an Orange customer or you've recently ordered service
Press 2If you'd like to join Orange services

Orange Phone Number Tips

Orange Helpline UK Contacts
Pay as you go 07973 100 450
Pay Monthly Customers 07973 100 150
Home Broadband/EE TV customers 0800 079 8586
Small Business Customers 07973 100 345
Lost or stolen mobile device 07953 966 250

Orange Overview

In today’s world, mobile device owner require network connectivity whether at home or when on the move. Staying connected ensures that customers are able to socialize, manage business, learn, keep in touch with family and friends. The Orange Company has devoted to ensure all customers stay in UK with its ideal solution for mobile devices. Orange is innovation oriented, in 2005 it became the first company to launch mobile TV and also the first to launch HD voice. Orange merged with T-Mobile and EE to form one brand all under EE roof. Orange has remained dedicated to offer superb and quick support to their customers.

Orange Services

Orange UK has a range of services and products offered to their customers. They have landline, mobile and broadband packages. Customers who are always on the go can continue to enjoy connectivity with Orange pay as you go plans.

Customers have the flexibility to choose mobile price plans for calls, data and texts. The price plans are named after animals which include, Dolphin, Racoon, Canary and Panther. Other services offered include;

  • Safety and security
  • Phones and devices
  • EE TV and Broadband
  • Accounts, billing and pricing

You can find more services offered at Orange’s website.

Contact Orange Customer Service

Orange Customer Service
Orange customer service desk is open from 8AM to 8PM Monday – Friday and 8AM to 6PM on Saturday – Sunday. Calls made to Orange helplines past those hours from 8PM to 10PM on weekdays and 6PM to 8PM on weekends, are charged at 50p per call.
You can also contact Orange from your phone powered by Orange Services by dialling 150 (free within standard working hours) for pay monthly and for mobile and home broadband queries. For pay as you go queries, ring 450 (charged at 25p per call).

Customers can also be assisted on Orange mobile devices, Broadband and other queries at the Orange stores spread all over UK. You can contact Orange customer service number centre offices, 07973 100 150 to make a mobile device insurance claim. Customers can check on their convenient store by visiting the Orange store finder and visit the nearest store depending on location.

The well structured and organised Orange customer care team is always ready to help customers on all queries made through Orange helplines. Some of the queries handled involve; Orange account, top ups, billing, phones, tablets, internet, TV, connectivity, benefits and plans, add-ons and other mobile devices.

Customers can contact the Orange customer service number 07953 966 250 for stolen or lost mobile devices. The Orange number is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. From an EE landline, you can contact Orange on 07973 100 150 or 0800 079 8586 Toll-Free.

For more information or queries to Orange helpline, you can get-in-touch with Orange customer care for services and solutions.

Write to Orange Customer Care

Orange customers have the option to write to customer service desk regarding their queries or concerns on the service. Customers are required to provide their contact details (phone number) to enable Orange customer care to easily revert back during the day. Other details to be provided include; customer name, address, EE mobile number or account number. All mobile phone will receive a text from Orange customer care to acknowledge receipt of the letter and an email acknowledgement is sent to broadband customers.

You can write to Orange customer service on the address,

EE Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

Contact Orange Helpline Tips

When you contact Orange customer service numbers, provide your details (phone number), mention the actual problem or query clearly, be it a technical or service issue, to get speedy redress.

You can also write to Orange on their social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook.

Orange Customer Service
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23 Comments to “Orange Customer Service”

  • I am at the end of my tether with Orange. The telephone service is absolutely atrocious and costs a fortune. Satisfaction with their Customer Service is virtually nil.

  • I have been waiting for 1 year to receive £40 that was never credited to my mobile phone. Customer service says that the money was repaid. It was not.

  • Whilst trying to get assistance, after losing my Orange mobile phone, the operator tried to transfer me to another location without success. Re-dialling the number again resulted in a statement that nothing could be done !!!!
    I wonder who or what designs such systems for customer services?
    Yours Frustratedly,

  • Could you please tell me why I can no longer get a balance on my orange phone, also can I get a balance on the internet.thank you

  • Is it that hard to put an e-mail address to customer service, in some visible place and help to contact with Orange without charge for every call???
    They aren’t very customer friendly company, that is my opinion.

    • There is NO SIMPLE DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS for customer services due to the undeniable FACT that Orange/EE receive well over 500 COMPLAINT CALLS EVERY DAY.
      So imagine how quickly there ‘inbox’ would reach its CAPACITY and think of HOW MUCH MONEY THEY WOULD LOSE FROM THESE COMPLAINT CALLS, it reaches into MILLIONS of £ EVERY YEAR.

      All because there ‘infallible system’ kept on charging me 3 times for EVERY CALL I MADE. Their answer….”if it shows on your bill then you MUST have made the call”… even though the calls were ALL made at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME, TO THE SAME NUMBER, FOR EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME and were ‘CHARGED AT EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE’. But Orange/EE continually insisted that ….’THEIR SYSTEM NEVER MAKES ANY MISTAKES’.
      Eventually, after 9 months of ”investigations” the ‘ESCALATED COMPLAINTS UNIT’ had to admit ‘DEFEAT’ and ‘ADMITTED IT WAS A GLITCH IN THEIR SYSTEM’, they apologised that it had taken so long to identify the issue and correct it, and then begrudgingly returned the money they had STOLEN, and then advised that they had….”added an extra £5 credit as a gesture of GOODWILL.

  • I am having problems making calls while in Germany to German numbers in my address book. Call to the uk go through ok. Tried to get help from customer services after 17 mins on international rate I was cut off and the problem unsolved. Orange used to be so good but since various takeovers the service has become unfit for purpose.

  • I am so upset about the service from Orange and EE, don’t go for a contract with Orange or EE, I never ever recommend anyone to join Orange or EE.

  • I am so upset about the service from Orange and EE, don’t go for a contract with Orange or EE, I never ever recommend anyone to join Orange or EE.
    more than 10 times I called them to get a proof of usage but they promise me that they are going to send it to me but I am still waiting about 2 weeks

  • i am waiting for £50 to be returned to my account .has any one else had the same .

  • I have tried 4 times in the past 6 months to have a landline which I do not need disconnected. I have had all sorts of excuses made and tactics used and still I am having to pay for the line. Caveat emptor

  • For those of you in London, my Orange coverage has been far superior since I switched from EE. The internet runs faster and I have less dropped calls.

  • I have had a dolphin tariff payg for many years toping up when needed by £10.00 I only use phone for text which I only do now and again never phone, well I toped up with £ 10.00 the middle of January never got any free texts plus today I had a look at my balance which should of been just over £8.00 but was told its now zero how can this be can you tell me why this is as I am not very happy if the money has been lost for no reason ,thanks

  • I use an Orange pay as you go for work. I’ve topped up and need a receipt. I’ve called 5 times. Each time I’ve had to pay, and been told they will email and post this. How hard can that be? But in 3 months they’ve not done it. Each time they ‘guarantee’ it will be done. It’s infuriating that something so simple is proving impossible. Doesn’t bode well for bigger issues.

  • Over charge for everything.
    I feel when we have enough consumers on line we need to boycott companies for a year.
    I promise when they feel it hit their bottom line that’s when they will listen to customers.

  • I just called Orange and they cancelled the additional charges this month (about £30) as this happen for the first time due to problems with my phone and Facebook application. Great customer service, very polite and helpful

  • At one time I thought that Talk Talk were the worst service provider bar none, now Orange an EE have taken over that mantle, I am unable to access e-mails or contact customer service for help, never mind the paddle I feel like I have no boat!!!!

  • Faulty phone, again, second 6 months, told up to 24 hours for sim card to activate now well over, still no card transferred to business, on phone so far 20 mins!!!!! Used to be good now scrupulous. Avoid avoid avoid!

  • I’ve been with vodafone and o2 and orange is the best for signal out of all of them. I’ve been with them for 5 years now and never had any problems so that has to be a good thing. Prices are good as well

  • Good customer support. Thank you for all the help this is a very good thing to use online and also study blue which you can sign up for free it is brill to make flash cards

  • 40 minutes wasted trying to find out what has happened with my £10 I topped up with the customer service team! Absolutely terrible service, no idea how to resolve the issues and seemed only interested in trying to sell me a contract! Massively frustrating!

  • Have been Orange customer for many years. My phone plan includes IOM mobile numbers, prefix 07624, but lately when dialling such numbers recorded message announces that these numbers are chargeable unless in your price plan.
    As I’m intending upgrading my phone I request that you verify that ISLE of MAN mobile numbers currently still apply to my phone plan.
    I anticipate your response imminently and am unable to proceed upgrading without your confirmation.
    Kind regards.
    Jim Westerman.

  • It may well be that I am thick but I don’t see why I am billed by both Orange and by EE.
    I thought they were one and the same.
    More pertinently why I pay the same rates as someone say in London but get practically no service most of the time.
    Can you advise and help or tell me who will provide a proper service?

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