Ovo Energy Contact Numbers

Ovo Energy Contact Numbers

Ovo Energy UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8.00 am - 8.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Ovo Energy Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0800 358 3523
Pay Monthly Customers 0800 599 9440
0117 930 3100
New Customers 0800 408 6610
0117 332 6945
Pay and Go Mobile 0117 370 1041
Press Team 0203 697 6375
Advice Helpline 0345 404 0506
Consumer Experian Help Service 0844 481 8000

Ovo Energy Customer Services

The Ovo Energy customer services free number is 0800 358 3523. In case you have been wishing to know more about their energy supply services, how they are energy efficient and the prices they will be charging you for either electricity or gas supply, this is the number you would be calling on. If you have been through their energy plans but are not sure which one to opt for and need guidance in accordance with it, then the customer support team available at the end of this line would prove very helpful. You have questions regarding your smart meter, need further information about the guides, or you need to learn more about saving less, you know where to call now.

Their opening hours are 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on Friday and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday. Therefore, if you wish to get your queries resolved in time, ensure you are following these hours.

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly Customers

The Ovo Energy pay monthly customers free number is 0800 599 9440. All your queries with respect to paying monthly will be resolved by the customer service representative available at the other end of this line. This includes learning about the statement and balance, getting a refund in case your account is in credit if there is a change in Direct Debit amount, the In-Home-Display (IHD) and its use, and about using the app for pay monthly. Other than this, even if you have encountered some other issues like a calculation error, or you are finding it had to read the smart meter, you can always give them a call at this number and your issues will be resolved.

Pay Monthly via Mobile

You will need to know the Ovo Energy pay monthly customers mobile number 0117 930 3100 if you are a pay monthly customer calling from a mobile. All the issues and matters discussed above will be addressed by their customer services team on this number as well. You might as well request additional information if required.

Ovo Energy New Account

The Ovo Energy new account free number is 0800 408 6610  if you are calling from a landline. Basically, if you want to learn about switching to this company and the procedure that is followed, or you are already aware all of that but want to make arrangements for the switch, this is the number to dial. Moreover, if you wish to know about the methods of payments available to you, how they work, the working of the required equipment, such as smart meter and the IHD, you can give them a call and they will let you know all about it. Being their new customer, whatever it is that you wish to learn about their energy supply services, you simply call them at the given number and all your queries will be addressed.

New Customers via Mobile

The Ovo Energy new customers mobile number 0117 332 6945 is to be dialled if you are calling them from a mobile phone. This implies that all the new customers’ related issues and queries that were being resolved through their landline number, will also be addressed over the mobile through the mentioned number.

Ovo Energy Pay and Go

The Ovo Energy pay and go number is 0117 370 1041. In case there is an issue with credit in your account, you want to learn how to add credit to either your IHD or smart meter, if you have a debt so how much of your credit will go towards repaying the debt or learn to use the IHD to ensure you do not run out of credit, the customer services team representative on the other end of this line would prove largely helpful! If you have any other questions with respect to their pay and go service, you simply give them a call and all your queries will be resolved.

Ovo Energy Press Team

The Ovo Energy press team number is 0203 697 6375. If you are a journalist and want to learn about all that is happening at this company, you can easily get in touch with their press team at the given number. To get hold of press releases, latest news and activities and to arrange a meeting with a higher level official, the number will come in handy. Even in case you want to get hold of some statistics and figures, calling their press team might be helpful. All other media related queries will also be resolved by calling at their press office number.

Ovo Energy Head Office Address

1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6ED, UK

Ovo Energy Alternate Contact Details

Other than the contact information shared above, if there are still some queries that remain unaddressed, then you might find the following alternate contact details useful.

Ovo Energy Complaints

If you are a pay monthly customer faced with some unpleasant experience, you can email them at [email protected] and they will get back to you at their earliest possible. Their complaints procedure is as follows:

  • Initiate contact and file your complaint
  • Customer Services Team will try resolving it for you
  • In case they fail, ask for Ovo Energy Complaints Team
  • The complaints team will try their level best to get the problem resolved within 5 working days
  • The Citizen Advice can be contacted at any point
  • In the case it is not resolved by 8 weeks, they will ask you to speak to The Ombudsman Services: Energy
  • If you agree then they will follow what The Ombudsman Services say.

If you are a pay monthly customer then you will call the respective customer service number for making a complaint and same goes for the Pay and Go customers.

However, pay and go customers might as well use the email [email protected] to file their complaint.

Ovo Energy Contact Tips

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