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Find useful information about Oyster Card on this page and how to get in contact with the support team in case you need anything about this electronic ticket. So what exactly is Oyster Cards? It is a blue contactless card used in public transport in London, in the United Kingdom. Can be used on London Busses and Underground, National Rail services, Docklands Light Railways, trams and some river boat services. You can get your Oyster card at Oyster Ticket Stops, Stations, Visitors Centres, at the Tramlink Shop in Croydon and at the Emirates Air Line terminals. Find below Oyster Contact Numbers where you can find more, or browse the Oyster Card Contact Us page.

Oyster Phone Number List

Oyster Helpline UK Contact Number
Oyster Sales Line 0343 222 1234
Oyster Textphone 0800 112 3456
Congestion Charge 0343 222 2222
TfL Customer Services 0343 222 1234
Fleet Auto Pay 0207 649 9860
Oyster complaint 0343 222 1111
Textphone complaint 020 7310 8999
Santander Cycles 0343 222 6666
Taxis and minicabs 0343 222 4000
Dial-a-Ride 0343 222 7777
Lost Property in Trams 0208 681 8300

Using the Oyster Card

Oyster Card

It is very easy to use your Oyster Card, you just need to touch the card readers. On Tube, London Overground, Emirates Air Line, DLR, TFL rail and National Rail services you have to touch the yellow card reader, in and out. On the buses and trams, you have just to touch it in. You are advised also to touch in your Oyster card to the yellow card reader when you are asked to do by a member of the staff and also you need to touch out at the end of the journey.

When you see a Pink Card reader you have to touch the card to pay your fare, when you change trains avoiding traveling in Zone 1. If your balance is negative and you don’t have any more credit to pay for a journey, you are able to make a journey on a bus and you have to refill the credit as soon as possible to clear your negative balance. You need to know that there is a limit of time for every journey you take in each zone. For example, In zone 1,2, 2-3, from Monday to Friday 4:30am-7pm, the limit is 90 minutes, after 7pm is 100 minutes and on Sundays, the time limit is 100 minutes. There are limits for every zone and you can see these limits by visiting the Maximum journey times page. The Oyster Card can be used only for one person per journey. If you travel in a group, every member of the group needs an Oyster card.

Oyster Account Online

Oyster Account CreationYou can not use Oyster Cards on journeys that stars or finish outside the area pay as you go. Also, the Oyster Cards will not be accepted on Hull Trains, Virgin Train East Coast Services, Grand Central, Virgin Trains or East Midlands Trains. It is very helpful to know that you can create an Oyster account online that will help you to protect your Oyster Card or to see the history of your journey, renew the Travelcards, top up your credit or apply for a refund when you have incomplete journeys. If you want to open your Oyster Account online, you will need to fill some information: your name and address, an email address and your Oyster Card number. You can get online your Oyster Card if you are a UK resident or if you are just visiting London, you can get a Visitor Oyster card.

You will have to confirm that you really are the card holder when signing up for an Oyster account and you will be asked to confirm a security question along with your answer and provide details of your last journey that you made with your Oyster Cards, a journey that has been made within the last 2 months. If you haven’t used your Oyster Card in the last two months, you should call the TfL Customer Services at 0343 222 1234, every day from 8am to 8pm. On your Oyster account, you will be able to check your pay as you go balance when your card will expire and also you could renew the Travelcard.

Having an online account will give you the opportunity to add and renew the Travelcard, you can check what is the expiration date of your Buss, and Tram Pass. You can protect your Oyster Card once is added to your online account. In case you will lose it, you could report it as lost or stolen and no one could use it again and you could also receive a refund for the remaining credit on your card. Having an Oyster account online will give you the possibility to see your journey history up to 8 weeks, a history that can be downloaded as a CSV text file.

Oyster Customer Service

Contact OysterYou can contact Oyster Customer Service by calling at one of the Oyster Contact Numbers from above or by visiting their Help and Contact page. On this page, you will find questions and answers that may help you when you decide to purchase your own Oyster Card. You will find how to get in touch with different customer services, how and where to make a complaint and useful links.

In the Contact us about fares and payments section, you will find out that it is very important to know how to touch in and out correctly because otherwise you could be charged more, a maximum fare. So if you travel in Tube, London Underground, DLR, National Rail services and TFL rail, you have to touch the yellow card reader with your Oyster Card in and out. In Busses and trams, you just have to touch in, when your journey starts.

If you want to reset your online account password, you just have to visit the forgotten password page where you will have to enter the username and your postcode and your old password will be reset and you can choose a new one. If you have any difficulties, you should call 0343 222 1234, option 2, and then option 5 to ask for a new password, and you have to have your Oyster Card number and also the security number to confirm that you are the holder of that account.

In case your Oyster card is lost or perhaps stolen, you can report this event online or if you don’t have an account, you have to call 0343 222 1234. You can call this number for a stolen or lost Oyster photocard. If you need a statement of your Oyster card journey history you just have to log into your Oyster online account and download the information needed in a CSV text file. You can call the same number when you want to make a complaint or if you need more help from the Oyster Helpline. You can also Contact Oyster by Textphone at 0800 112 3456, seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm. If you think it’s more convenient for you to get in touch with Oyster, you can do it by sending a handwritten letter to the following address: London TravelWatch,169 Union Street, London, SE1 0LL.

Oyster Refunds

You may apply for a refund if you have a TfL online account, sign in and see if you are eligible for a refund for incomplete journeys. There is a possibility to apply for a maximum of three refunds per month. In the case you have been charged more than normal, for example, a maximum fare, you have to sign in to your online account to see if you are eligible for that refund. If there is a delay of 15 minutes or more on DLR services or Tube, 30 minutes on TfL rail services and London Overground, then you may be eligible for a refund.

You will be also eligible for a refund if you touch on the yellow card reader, at the same time your contactless payment card and your Oyster card, this being called a card clash. You should Contact Oyster at the Oyster Helpline page, filling an online form. There are also available two Oyster Contact Numbers to ask for a refund: phone number 0343 222 1234 and text number 0800 112 3456. You have to make sure to touch the card reader only with the card you intend to pay for your journey.

Oyster Travel Services

You should contact the Oyster phone number above for travel services in case you need anything related to Tube, Buses, DLR, Trams, London Overground, TfL Rail and Transport accessibility. You will find on the help page, for example, if you can take a bicycle on the Tube here. If you want to make a complaint about the Tube services, you could call at Oyster Phone Numbers 0343 222 1234 or textphone 0800 112 3456.

On the Oyster Card Contact Us help page, you will find out questions and answers for traveling with Bussed. You will learn that buses are cash free and you can pay with an Oyster Card, contactless payment card, Travelcard or a Visitor Oyster Card. You can find Timetables of your busses where you may need to select the route number. If you had a bad experience in one of the busses, you can make a complaint using an online form or by telephone. The same information can be found on the Oyster Card Contact Us page, for DLR, London Overground, TfL rail, Trams, and Transport accessibility.

Oyster on Social Media

Oyster Card on FacebookThese days, social media platforms are used every day by millions of people, that’s why you can find Oyster on major social media platforms. On Twitter, on the Transport for London page, you will find useful information about Oyster Card services. There are 1.7 millions of followers and more than 27K of tweets. On Facebook, you will see a lot of information about the Transport for London, a page that has almost 400.000 likes. You can find also a Google+ page and the Youtube channel where you can watch interesting videos about the Oyster Card.

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