PAYPAL Contact Number Helpline

PAYPAL Contact Number Helpline
PayPal Customer Service

PayPal UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 9:00PM
PayPal UK Routing Number
Voice recognition menu - no further details available

PayPal Phone Number Tips

Paypal Contact Number Helpline UK Phone Number
Paypal Customer Service 0800 358 7911
Paypal Contact Us 0800-358-7911
Contact Paypal Directly 02086 100 150

PayPal Overview

PayPal refers to an American company whose full name is PayPal Holdings Inc that operates a global online payment scheme. The company was founded in December 1998. It operates as a public company from its headquarters in San Jose, California. The company operates in the financial services industry.

The company has several subsidiaries such as Braintree, Paydiant, Venmo, PayPal Credit, and Xoom Corporation. Currently, the services benefit more than 173 million users around the world. The company has operations in more than 2003 markets. It supports the sending, receiving and holding of funds in 26 currencies globally. PayPal customer service is one of the most efficient payment solutions in the globe. It serves you with respect and ensures that everything that clients need is professionally performed. PayPal UK is one of the locations of the large company establishment that clients can use, time and again. If you reside in the London or other locations, you can simply use PayPal UK to send and receive payment. This can be done via PayPal login. Get more information here.

PayPal Services

PayPal UK mainly provides the platform that allows users to either send or receive payments online. On the other hand, it has also been serving customers by allowing them to set up merchant accounts. However, users can only begin using the services of the company after registering with nothing other than a single email address and password.

The company now supports payments made or received through mobile apps. To enjoy this service, customers should use PayPal login to get linked to their account. It’s checkout services on mobile websites are among the most popular in the world today. Users can now send and receive payments through mobile phones or websites with the help of the services that the company has to offer.

Online shopping is now much easier as long as the website supports payments made through PayPal login feature. Paypal Contact Us is a special service that helps with problems. Without the services that the company provides, online financial transactions would be much harder to carry out around the world. Without the company, payments for online auctions, buying or selling goods and services and donating or receiving donations would be impossible. If there is any inconvenient experience on the company’s website, clients can simply consult PayPal contact number helpline service. This platform will help you swiftly by contacting a special PayPal account number on the website.

Contact PayPal Customer Service

For all services and offerings, you can officially contact PayPal phone number  0800 358 7911. The number serves customers who need help or information regarding fees, security and apps on or through which users can send and receive payments. Users can call the PayPal customer service department of the company as either registered users or guests.

Write to PayPal Customer Service

Contacting the company is not a difficult task. Users can write at Swallow St, Mayfair, London W1B 4EZ.

PayPal Contact Number Helpline Tips

Remember that you can reach Paypal Contact Us on their main page or by calling the Paypal phone number 0800-358-7911. The service department is open from 4am-10pm and 6am-8pm between Monday-Friday and Saturday-Sunday respectively.

Be ready to persevere through a 10-minute wait or hold time before a company representative picks up your call. Another PayPal phone number to call in case you encounter any problem is 02086 100 150.

The online communication is available only to registered users who log in and submit their concerns through an email. The official website of the company has a special PayPal account number allocated to most problems. To ensure that you are the genuine account holder and protect your account, the company will call and request a one-time passcode from you. Customers should not hesitate to reach the company via PayPal contact number helpline service.

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