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PDSA Contact Number
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PDSA is a charity organisation in the UK that takes care of injured and sick animals, it is the biggest vet charity with millions of consultation a year. You can find below a PDSA Phone Number list of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals where you can call if you need any information related to PDSA.

PDSA Phone Number List

PDSA Helpline UK Contact Number
PDSA Customer Service 0800 731 2502
PDSA Supporting and Donations 0800 0199 166
PDSA Volunteering 0800 854 194
Fundraising PDSA Helpline 0800 508 8323
PDSA Emergency Helpline 0800 917 2509
PDSA Helpline Fundraising Complaints 0800 0199 166
PDSA Vet Helpline 0800 731 2502

PDSA Customer Service Address

If you want to write a letter instead, you can do that to the PDSA Head Office, Whitechapel Way, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire TF2 9PQ or if you want to make a call, then you should get the PDSA Head Office Phone Number. If you want to write to the Home and Business collection boxes or if you require help for your pet, you should address your letter to National Customer Service Centre, Prospect House, North Hylton Road, Sunderland, SR5 3AD. If you want to find more about the ways of getting in touch with PDSA, visit the PDSA Contact Us page or simply call a PDSA Contact Number from the list above. If you want to get the PDSA Head Office Phone Number, you should visit Head Office page.

PDSA Taking care of your pet

PDSA Quizz
With the help and advice from PDSA, you can learn interesting and helpful tips to help you making your pet happy. If you never had a pet and you are interested in having one, it could be a really challenging task to take care of its needs in the beginning. If you take the quiz located on the Choosing a pet page you will learn the basics of the pets world. You will be asked first about the sizes of your garden if it is secure, small or medium of it is a big garden. Let’s say you choose the secure big garden. Then you will be asked if you are an active person because a dog will need a lot of walks and play.

If big dogs need a lot of space, the smaller dogs may be happy even if playing the house. If you choose the third answer, where you are an active person and you are willing to walk your dog all year round and not even the bad weather will stop you. On the next questions, you are being asked how much of free time do you have for your pet and you will learn that pets and especially dogs need a lot of your attention, it is advisable that they aren’t left alone more than 4 hours because they can become anxious, distressed and lonely.

On the next question, you will be asked how much can you afford per month or per year for your pet’s needs because it’s not so important the initial cost of getting your dog, instead it is very important to know the costs of having a pet, for the food, treatments, pet insurance, toys and other vet bills. You will be asked on the next page how much do you know about the pet you are going to have, and how important is to know about their diet, environment, companionship, health and behaviour. After completing the quiz, you will get a list of pets recommendable to you. From your answers, you can get the recommendation to get a fish, or indoor birds, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, small dogs or large dogs. Call PDSA Contact Number 0800 731 2502 to find more.

PDSA Get Involved

PDSA Get InvolvedYou can get involved in PDSA projects by making donations helping poorly pets, by volunteering, helping pets in need, gaining new skills and making new friends. You can donate goods like clothes, gadgets, mobile phones and others, that can be sold to get funds for PDSA; even if you are a young person you can help PDSA by playing fun games to helping PDSA aims, or you can help PDSA if you are a business, foundation, school or trust. Click the Donation link and you will find out that you can donate £5.00 to pay for needles used in operations, £15.00 to help a pet in need or £25.00 to pay for the nursing care of the pets that staying overnight, or you can choose your own amount that you want to donate.

You will be able to get involved in a fundraising by organising an event, by creating a group with your family, colleagues or friends. You can call PDSA Phone Number 0800 508 8323 to find more information about the fundraising and how you can help. How would you register an event? First you need to contact PDSA by email, on the PDSA Contact Us page or by calling the PDSA Contact Number 0800 508 8323, then ask your family, colleagues, friends or neighbours to complete the sponsorship forms that you can find on the Fundraising page and then send the collected money to PDSA so they can help even more pets. You have to send it to Community Fundraising Team, PDSA Whitechapel Way, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 9PQ or call PDSA Head Office Phone Number to find more.

Browsing the Fundraising page you will learn more about the Seasonal Fundraising, what you can do in Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer. For example in the Autumn you can organise an event on Grandparent’s Day on October 2nd, you can create an event for Halloween, Bonfire Night, Dicken Day or St Andrew’s Day. For Halloween, you could organise a carving and painting event and when kids come, you could ask them to contribute to PDSA. In the Winter you could organise an event on Christmas Day, on Boxing day, New Years Day, Burn’s night, Chinese New Year or Valentine’s day. In the Spring, you can organise events on St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day, or Bank Holiday. In the Summer, you can organise an event on Summer Solstice, on Wimbledon or Summer bank holiday. More fundraising events could be hosting a BBQ, a duck river race, a garden fete, an event on the beach, cars washing or care treasure hunt. Call PDSA phone number 0800 508 8323 to get more info and ideas about these events. If you have to make a complaint about a fundraising, you should call PDSA Helpline for Fundraising 0800 508 8323.

PDSA Vet Services

PDSA Vet ServicesOn the PDSA Vet Services page you will be able to find out if you are eligible for Pet Services, you can understand and learn more about your pet symptoms, you can learn more about the First Aid, you can have your PetCheck at the mobile vet vans around the UK, or you can get a Pet insurance. You can ensure your dog, ensure a cat or even buy a £15 voucher to spend in a PDSA online store.

If you want to see if your pet is eligible for PDSA services, don’t wait until your pet is sick, just call PDSA Vet Helpline 0800 731 2502 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and see if you can get any help. In case your pet is sick or injured, you don’t have to panic, just call your vet or call PDSA Emergency Helpline, and don’t try to deal with serious injuries of your pet, by yourself. You have to be prepared for an emergency always, keep your vet’s phone number, and keep a Pet First Aid kit at home to be prepared all the time.

If you see a traffic accident involving pets, don’t panic and keep calm. Avoid sudden movements because the animal could get scared, get a vet on the phone, and speak gently. In the case of an emergency, please call PDSA Vet Helpline 0800 731 2502 or PDSA Emergency Helpline 0800 917 2509 or visit the PDSA Contact Us page to find more telephone numbers.

PDSA on Social Media

PDSA on FacebookYou can find PDSA on most of the major Social Media platforms. On Facebook, you can find a community page with more than 200,000 likes where you can see the latest photos and videos from the PDSA events, you can comment along with other PDSA followers on different topics, or helping other with advice on different topics. On Flickr you can see a lot of photos from PDSA events, they have also a Google+ page, an Instagram account with more than 3,000 followers, a Linkedin page where you can find more about this organisation, a Pinterest page with more than 900 followers and 1.6k pins, a Twitter account with more than 60,000 followers and 26,000 tweets where you can see great photos and amazing videos with PDSA Vet patients, before and after. They have also and a YouTube Channel where you can see their latest video adverts or you can watch amazing videos with PDSA patients, dogs and cats, pets that once were in great need, and now you can find them happy near their new friend that have adopted them. If you want to get in touch with them, please visit the PDSA Contact Us page where you can get all the emails, address and contact numbers that you need in case of an enquiry or of an emergency.

PDSA Contact Number
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