Plusnet Contact Numbers

Plusnet Contact Numbers
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 10:00PM
Saturday 7:30AM - 10:00PM
Sunday 7:30AM - 10:00PM

The following page is for Plusnet Members. This guide will provide you with all the Plusnet contact numbers you can use to contact the Plusnet Member Centre. In addition to any of the Plusnet customer service phone numbers below, we will also provide you with an address that you can use to get in touch with the company through the post. There is also general information provided too, about the company.

Plusnet Phone Numbers List

Plusnet Helpline UK Contact Number
Plusnet Customer Services Toll-Free 0800 432 0200
Plusnet Support – Sales Team 0800 073 1120
Home Broadband Sales 0800 432 0080
Residential Cancellations 0800 013 2632
Service Status 0800 917 6714
Business Support 0800 028 0282
Business Sales 0800 023 2221

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Plusnet Customer Service Address

Plusnet prides itself on the strong relationship that it has with their customers and the level of satisfaction their customers enjoy as compared to other competitive services like Virgin and Sky. This is the best television experience you will find in most communication markets in the UK, and the Plusnet customer services are run by a crew of smart and efficient representatives. These individuals will not only guide you and assist you in arranging new services for your business or home but also quickly resolve any issues that you may be facing. The Plusnet Member Centre exists online where you can log in with your details and access different settings to better customise your subscription.

But if you are not a people person, or simply have no time to sit and wait on the phone, you may want to connect with the company via regular post. In case you want to write to the Plusnet support through mail, you can use the below address:

Plusnet plc

The Balance

2Pinfold Street


S1 2GU

Note: Please be advised to be clear and concise in your communications with the customer services department through writing. If you explain your problem well, the representative on the other end will also be able to assist you better and more efficiently. It is also not recommended that you write to change a service plan or to upgrade. Usually matters of compliments and complaints are forwarded via post, but nothing about specifics on your account.

Contact Plusnet Helpline

The UK-based broadband provider runs a highly responsive customer service that will be able to resolve your queries and complaints in a timely manner. If you need to contact Plusnet support, you can do so all week long, as the centre is open seven days a week. However, you may want to avoid calling at the busiest times, which is 11am to 1pm Monday to Thursday.

Broadband Assistance

Plusnet broadband services rate very highly among the main service providers in the UK. This is due to the fact that since its inception in 1997, the company has always kept a very strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality of service. This has led to very strong infrastructure and character of the company making them a highly valuable service for its customers. If you have any questions regarding the different packages offered by the broadband provider or would like to contact Plusnet member centres for complaints and enquiries, you can easily do so by using the following Plusnet contact number, toll-free, 0800 432 0200.

This is the main Plusnet helpline for all the different services offered by the company and thus can be considered your all-purpose Plusnet phone number. You will find these lines open seven days a week as per the following schedule, 7:30am to 10:00pm.


Contact Plusnet

Plusnet currently caters to over 700,000 customers in the UK. Its business model is primarily based around the idea that its users should refer the broadband service to the people around them in their social circles. Once you refer another customer, you will receive monthly benefits as long as you and that user stay on the network, this can make referrals an extremely lucrative option for some of its customers. So get in touch with the Plusnet customer services regarding sales and to discuss your various options for using the referral offer.

Use the following Plusnet contact number to get in touch with customer support and learn more about signing up friends to get major benefits, 0800 073 1120. The sales department is open all week long, but with various hours:

  • 8am – 8pm: Monday to Friday
  • 9am – 7pm: Saturday
  • 9am – 6pm: Sunday
  • Closed for Public and Bank Holidays

Home Broadband

Plusnet Member Centre

The slogan for the Plusnet services is “Broadband that loves you back”. When you subscribe to the company’s broadband services, you will be sure to enjoy a great internet provider in return. Plusnet home broadband service ensures that you are up to date with the world around and also enjoy an uninterrupted connection in your home.

For Plusnet Home user subscriptions, contact the following Plusnet helpline number toll-free, 0800 432 0080.

Residential Cancellations

Plusnet prides itself for its quality of service. The company has shown user growth every year since it was acquired by British Telecom in 2007. The company has had problems with bandwidth in the past, but ever since its acquisition, it has consistently been able to offer a quality service to its users without any bandwidth limitations. However, if you still aren’t satisfied with your broadband quality and would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so by calling the following Plusnet contact number: 0800 013 2632.

This customer service number is available 7 days a week and your request will be processed as soon as possible by the company’s technical staff. Also contact Plusnet customer service number representatives if you want to discuss package deals and other technical replacements of the hardware.

Your Service Status

If you are having interruptions in your Plusnet service, you can call the Plusnet helpline for technical support: 0800 917 6714 in order to find out about the status of the company’s service in your locality. This will help you figure it if the issue is only specific to your connection or is it a wider issue. If it is a wider issue, you can be sure that the company is working fast to resolve the problem else you can use the Plusnet support number and register your complaint.

plusnet contact numbers

Business Accounts

The company also offers its customers with different offers and packages for their business needs. If you are looking to find a great broadband service provider for your office space or want to set up an internet plan for your business, you can browse through the Plusnet business packages and find one that seems suitable to you. Use the Plusnet helplines to communicate with the company’s representation and figure out a business solution most suitable to your needs. There are a variety of services and packages that Plusnet offers in the UK and some of them are highly economical for all your business needs. If you are an existing customer or want to set up a Plusnet business account for all your connectivity needs, you can dial any of the Plusnet phone numbers.

If you are having technical issues with your Plusnet business account, then you can contact the company’s business support helpline to find a solution for you. The customer representation is highly qualified and will solve your problems in a clear and effective way. They are highly trained to produce a quality troubleshooting service to all the Plusnet users so that the customers are satisfied with the service.  Use the Plusnet contact number 0800 028 0282 to get in touch.

The Plusnet Member Centre can also be a helpful resource in this regard.

Business Sales

If you are looking to buy a new connection for your business, the Plusnet support can help you in this regard. All you have to do is use the Plusnet phone number 0800 023 2221 to get in contact with the sales team who will further guide you in this regard concerning different packages and prices for Plusnet Business Broadband.

Contact Plusnet via Social Media

contact plusnet

Being primarily an internet company, Plusnet maintains a healthy social media presence on three of the world’s biggest social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You can contact Plusnet customer support through these portals and also communicate with other Plusnet users regarding your experience with the company. Find out the latest news or outages in your area simply by following or sending a message their way. It is unlikely to resolve a payment issue via these channels, however.


Plusnet is a triple play provider based primarily in the United Kingdom. The company was initially founded in 1997 as a broadband provider but went through many alterations before it arrived on the brand name “Plusnet” and became a sizable player in the UK broadband market. The Plusnet service was bought by British Telecom in 2007 after which the company has experienced a growth in its customer base and also significantly added to its infrastructure so that it can support its 700,000 satisfied customers around the United Kingdom.

The company basically deals in broadband services and offers its connection to both home and business users. The Plusnet services also included additional brands like Metronome and Plusnet Pay As You Go but the company has decided to shut these companies down since January 2016 and instead started to consolidate all of its services under a unified brand called “Plusnet”. This has helped define the brand in a clear way to its customers and helped massively with sales and brand recognition.


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