Pruhealth Contact Number

Pruhealth Contact Number
 Customer Service

UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Pruhealth is great insurance company providing health services in the great Britain. It’s one of the most dominant body in the UK that rewards people who live a healthy life. Below are valuable Pruhealth contacts to get you started. You will also find updated Vitality Contact Numbers on this page. Furthermore, if you have internet access, you can surf through Pruhealth website. This page also provides you with their opening hours. Learn how to contact Pruhealth quickly by reading the following guide step by step.

Pruhealth Phone Number List

 Pruhealth Helpline UK Contact Numbers
 Pruhealth Customer Service Number  0808 250 1098
 Pruhealth Helpline Support  0808 301 7915
 Pruhealth Claims Contact Number personal  0345 602 3523
 Pruhealth Claims Number Corporate  0345 279 8865
 Pruhealth Care Plans  0345 602 3437
 Pruhealth Health provider  0800 092 9400
 Pruhealth Head Office Phone Number  0207 133 8600
 Vitality Health Phone number  0345 279 8863
 Vitality Life Insurance Quote  0808 273 6518
 VitalityLife Adviser  0345 601 0072
 Pruhealth Complaints Number  0345 602 3523
 Vitality Complaints Number  0345 601 0072

Pruhealth Contact Us 

Pruhealth contact us

Pruhealth is a health company with the aim of providing the best customers service to their client. They have created numerous channels and made them accessible on Vitality contact us page. From phone calls, email, letters, just name them which are very effective to reach Prehealth Customer Services.

Pruhealth Contact Numbers have become the most popular method to customers who want immediate help. For example, if you have general enquiries, call their free phone number 0808 301 7915 and discuss with a customer service. You can have insurance cover for all members of your family making them access treatment when they need it. If you have issues in your mind, don’t be shy! Punch the Pruhealth Customer Service Number 0808 250 1098 on your phone and a Pruhealth agent will pick up your phone and provide a solution.

Pruhealth Telephone Numbers operates from Monday to Friday from 8 am- 7 pm, Saturdays 09:30 am- 2 pm but remained closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. If you are already a customer, don’t hesitate to use any of the phone numbers.

You can also send your enquiries by drafting a letter and posting it to their address. Remember to choose your method of contact depending on the urgency of your queries. If you decide to send an email, expect a response within a 24 hrs of posting. Customers who choose to show their efficient writing skills by drafting a letter, they should be clear and concise. Please also note that adding your personal details will enable the support team to get back to you as soon as possible. Use the following address:

70 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0XL, UK

Pruhealth Claim Contact Number

Customer who wants to make a claim can do this online. It will only take a few minutes of your time. The company online platform is available 24 hrs seven days a week. Once a customer raises a claim through the website, the Pruhealth support team writes a letter. Prehealth claims can also be made by calling the following phone numbers. These numbers can be found on Pruhealth contact us link on the official website. If you want to make a personal health care claim, dial Pruhealth Claims Contact Number

These numbers can be found on Pruhealth contact us link on the official website. If you want to make a personal health care claim, dial Pruhealth Claims Contact Number 0345 602 3523. Do you have a business and you want to register a claim? Call Pruhealth Corporate claim number 0345 279 8865 and provides the detail. Its is better to note that once an application is authorised, you can have an appointment with a specialist. If this meeting doesn’t assist you, ask for a refund.

PruHealth Plans Numbers

If you want to be part of Pruhealth community, dial 0345 602 3437 and talk to Pruhealth Customer service. All queries related to health plans, either personal or corporate, should be directed to this number. Pruhealth customer care is dedicated to providing the best customer service and to get tips on how to make the best insurances cover, speak with someone using the provided number.

Please note that Pruhealth insurance comes with healthy living benefits, special rewards and discounts. Also, the line is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. please don’t bother to call on Sundays as there will be no one to pick your call.

Pruhealth Health Provider Contact Number

Are you a health provider? If the answer is yes, then direct your queries to Pruhealth toll-free number 0800 092 9400 and enquire any health provider questions in your mind. The line is open from Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 6 pm they will listen to you and provide immediate solutions.

If you are having trouble with e-billing services, sign-in issues or password resetting issues, let a Pruhealth technician be of help by calling 0800 012 4648 which operates from 8 am to 6 pm weekdays. More of this information can be obtained by proceeding to Health Provider section.

Vitality Customer Service

Vitality Health Customer service

Vitality support team can be reached through a Phone call. If you have any queries related to vitality, either on their products, insurance, benefits or whichever the case, dial Vitality Health Phone number 0345 279 8863. Vitality customer service is very reliable, and they will get down to your problem as soon as you register with them.

Other ways to reach to Vitality help desk is visiting them online,  posting a message in form of a letter or through the social media platforms. As said before, the channel you choose depends on the urgency. Vitality contact numbers are the fastest whereas letter writing the slowest but still efficient.

Vitality Life Insurance 

Vitality life offers various insurances such as illness insurance, life insurance, and mortgage insurance. If you have retired at an old age, seek Vitality life plan insurance solution and enjoy life without fearing illness. If these insurance covers interest you then apply by calling Vitality Life 0808 273 6518 Insurance, contactVitality Health Phone Number provided and request for a quote.

Want to speak to Vitality Insurance advisor? Dial 0345 601 0072 and you will end the call a happy person. If you want to have human conversing at the end of the line, call at their open hours which is from Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Enjoy the benefits of healthy living with Vitality!

Pruhealth Vitality Complaints

If you are not happy with the services that you receive, use Pruhealth complaints number 0345 601 0072. The Vitality Health team will try and resolve your complaint as soon as you call. If you don’t receive help, write to Vitality Customer relations team and let them investigate the issue further. They will investigate the complaint and make sure they address the issue efficiently.  If you have a complain about Vitality Life insurance, you can email them at [email protected].

If you are not happy with the outcomes, you can always file a complaint with Pruhealth Head office. To get in touch with the executives, call 0207 133 8600 from Monday to Friday 8 am – 7 pm and on Saturday 9 am – 1 pm.

In addition to the above customer methods, you can post a letter to with details your issue to the following Vitality address. VitalityHealth/VitalityLife Customer Services, Stirling, FK9 4UE. Other options include visiting the online company portal.

Contact Vitality on Social Media

vitality social network

For feedback, suggestions and Vitality Health product and services reviews, you can follow them on their social media. They have more than one account available for queries, and you can choose the method that you meets your needs. Remember, when posting your questions, address them adequately. Sometimes you have to wait for a response within 24 hrs depending on the channel you choose. You can also follow their social media accounts if you want to be receiving updates on the latest Insurance policy updates. Here is a list of their active social media accounts:

Pruhealth Overview

Pruhealth, currently known as Vitality Health is the United Kingdom-based company that specialises in selling health insurance covers with great offers and incentives. It’ s popular and it has been the dominant body insurance Programme service providers. If you are a looking for private health insurance that will provide better health plans, then Vitality Health UK is what you need. Pruhealth is widely known for its retirement benefits and health insurance investments.  The company was developed under the largest health insurance, and along the path of development, it merged with Discovery and Prudential. Pruhealth is currently selling as Vitality health. Find more on their official website.

Pruhealth will save you both time and money. The Pruhealth Customer Support team is dedicated to providing the sustainable support and quality treatment when you and your family need it. Flexibility is the word to use when describing the insurance company. The private health insurance gives you the opportunity to fix an appointment with a consultant on your own schedule. Health Insurance and Life Insurance are the two grand plans especially to people working in dangerous environments and those fearing age maladies.

Contacting Pruhealth helpdesk has now been made easier. Here are the available channels:

  • Use Pruhealth Contact Number Listed above.
  • Show your efficient writing skills by drafting a letter.
  • Send an email to Pruhealth support team.
  • Visit their website and proceed to contact us page.
  • Follow Vitality health on social media.
  • Download their IOS Apps and have 24 hrs access to private GP video consultant.
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