QuickQuid Customer Service

QuickQuid Customer Service
QuickQuid Customer Service

QuickQuid UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
QuickQuid UK Routing Number
No phone menus - you get straight through to the service

QuickQuid Phone Numbers

QuickQuid Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Quickquid  Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 056 1515
Collections 0808 234 4561
Complaints 0800 016 3114
Press inquiries 0808 101 7453
Office inquiries +44 (0)20 3542 5565

Quickquid Overview

Founded in 2007, Quickquid is one of UK’s most trusted lenders of short-term loans. The company provides employed and salaried individuals with quick cash to deal with emergencies or financial needs. More than 1 million individuals in the UK borrow via the company’s online service.  The firm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Quickquid Services

Quickquid UK offers personal loans, short term loans, and flexible loans to customers. It’s a short lending service aimed at meeting the pressing needs of individuals. Loan repayment varies from 6 to 12 months. Customers who repay their loans quickly don’t incur an extra charge and may be eligible for top-up amounts and extension. The borrowing limit depends on your credit worthiness.  To eligible, you are required to:

  • Operate a valid UK bank account
  • Be employed and receiving a regular paycheck
  • Be a resident of the UK
  • Be at least 18 years old

New customers can apply for up to £1,000 while returning customers are eligible for £1,500 in loans. Applications are reviewed quickly. If you have a query, call the Quickquid contact number toll-free, 0800 056 1515, and put your question to the firm’s representatives. Details of your application and contract are accessible in your online account. If successful, money is credited to your personal account within 10 minutes. You will also receive a confirmation email from Quickquid customer service.

Quickquid contact number

Contact Quickquid Customer Service

The Quickquid helpline operates several telephone number centres that are accessible during the weekdays. Customers who have issues relating to payments, complaints, or collections should contact Quick representatives for help. For general inquiries, the Quickquid contact number is toll-free, 0800 056 1515 . Representatives will handle your issue and provide you with information on your account.

Similarly, call the above QuickQuid phone number when you want help in updating your debit card details or bank account number. Support is equally available for customers and visitors on live chat during normal working hours. So consider it as an alternative to the QuickQuid helpline especially when you’re in an environment where you’re not supposed to make a call.

Whenever you want to speak to a representative about late or delayed payments, call the Quickquid contact number for collections which is 0808 234 4561 .You may ask for an extension or seek their advice if you’re stuck. Anyone who wants to lodge a complaint to the company’s representatives should do so on 0800 016 3114. QuickQuid takes complaints seriously so you can rest assured that your issue will be resolved promptly.

So what if you want to contact the company for office and press inquiries? QuickQuid contact number agents are designated for either purpose. For office inquiries, the contact number is +44 (0)20 3542 5565 while for any press inquiry always remember to contact 0808 101 7453. Customers who dial any QuickQuid phone number from landlines don’t incur charges.

Write to QuickQuid Customer Care

When you have an issue that would you like to elaborate at length, it’s advisable to write and send a letter to the address below instead of calling a potentially busy Quickquid contact number:

483 Green Lanes
N13 4BS

Contact Quickquid Tips

The company’s representatives always ask for particular information from customers. Make sure that you have your branch sort code or debit card number handy before you contact Quickquid. Calls may be recorded for either training or quality purposes when you make a call. For those who have an active social media lifestyle, consider send a message on Facebook or send a tweet to Quickquid customer service.

QuickQuid Customer Service
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7 Comments to “QuickQuid Customer Service”

  • how can i ever get a loan if when i fill in the questions i have to fill in all the fields even when they don’t apply to me at all. i am unemployed and on benefits yet they want me to fill in works phone number, the length of time working there and how much i get paid etc. all i want is a loan of £650 and to be able to repay it over a 5 year period. why is it so impossible for me to get one?

  • Their service is great. Always really helpful.

  • well i took a £5000 loan as i was in some trouble, they paid me an hour later, i forgot my payment dates so the woman (tiffany) on the chat service was really helpful and polite 10/10 for an affordable loan, 10/10 for custoer service

  • Great customer care and quick response in time.

  • Honestly, as payday loans go, they have good customer service and value loyalty. I don’t get accepted for any loans, even payday loans. But quickquid always accept, and I always pay within the dates.

  • Do NOT take out a loan with this company. They advertise themselves as a UK, London based company, but all their customer support is based in the US.
    My son took out a small loan, and due to illness and loss of job he was unable to make payments. I offered to pay the loan in full, but it was when I tried to contact Quick Quid customer support that the problems started. I phoned them 3 times, on every occasion I was passed form one operator to another, i was kept hanging on the phone for ages (the call centre is based in Chicago) and they quoted me 3 different settlement amounts! It was only when I told them I’d recorded the phone calls that they reluctantly decided to take my money.

  • I applied for loan this morning and didn’t receive any money yet. Several emails have been unuswered unfortunately. I normally only had excellent experience with you, but this is really embarrassing and unprofessional on your behalf.

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