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QVC is a satellite and broadcast multinational television network specialised in Home shopping. Searching the Customer Service Numbers of QVC? QVC Phone details are a hassle to find. The reason is unclear, but likely the company disguise the information from people calling for other reasons, other than purchasing. Here we have managed to obtain helpful information to get you connected with QVC.  Find all the QVC Contact Number with detailed step by steps on how to contact QVC on this page. QVC Phone Number to Order, QVC Outlet phone numbers, Complaints Number and any other number related to the company has been listed here. Customers can also find the QVC Contact Number by browsing through their official website.

QVC Phone Number Tips

 QVC Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
 QVC Customer Service Phone Number  0800 514 131
 QVC Account Phone Number  0800 504 030
 QVC Quick Check Number  0800 534 333
 QVC Phone Number to Order  0800 504 030
 QVC Warrington Outlet contact Number  0192 581 3725
 QVC Shrewsbury Outlet Contact Number  0174 336 6667
 QVC QCut order Free Number  0800 524 232
 QVC Complaints UK Number  0800 514 131

QVC Free Phone Numbers

Do you have questions about teleshopping? QVC Customer Support has been branded the best customer service winning several awards on customer service fields.  The company is providing its services to millions of customers, and the support team is dedicated to providing outstanding services. Dial QVC Customer Service Phone Number 0800 514 131 if you have any enquiries related to the company products and services. The number is free and available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Don’t shy off! Use the number and express your comments, give a feedback and also to get assistance.

Contact QVC through the phone number provided above. If your enquiry involves a return or a refund,  shipping, Qcard, etc., phone 0800 504 030 which is UK toll-free number. This contact can also be used to open an account or resolve any complaint you have. An agent is always at the end of the line and trained to provide solutions related to tracking your order.

QVC Customer Service Address

Have a feeling that you want to this the old fashioned way? Then you can always write a letter. Remember to add your personal details so that they can get back to you as soon as possible. Customers can send their complaints using a special delivery and receive a receipt once delivery is done. This method, however, is slow and very efficient to matters that require immediate attention. Post your letter or visit their head office under the following address. Any return should also be made to the address:

QVC, Customer Operations Centre, South Boundary Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Knowsley, Liverpool, L70 2QA

QVC Account Phone Number

You have the option to call 0800 504 030 free number, speak to one of the QVC support members and seek assistance of how to manage your account. If you are changing your current address or phone number, call the number and let the support team modify the details to your current location. Take note that it is necessary to update account details to prevent future order problems.

Customers having trouble creating an online account can contact use QVC Account Phone Number, and they will be guided through the process. If you are already a customer and experiencing problems, the number above will get you through to an agent who will resolve the issues as quick as possible. Call any time as the number is operational 24/7.

QVC Phone Number to Order

QVC is a company that has made shopping very easy. It has provided options through which customers can make an order and receive the order of their choice. You can make an order online through your QVC account. You can also place the order by phoning the QVC Customer Service. Use QVC Phone Number to Order 0800 504 030 provide a preference of the order and the necessary details.

You can call QVC tool-free  Number 0800 534 333 for any quick check services. This includes checking the status of your order. If you placed an order and wanted to check the condition, you can always use the Quick check contact to speak to an agent. Customers who want to make a return to order they made, use the number and make a request. Please have in mind that,  in the case you return an item to the QVC  company, the replacement fee is catered by you unless the product is damaged, faulty or you received the wrong product where in this case you will be reimbursed.

When it comes to cancelling an order, make sure you do it before it leaves the QVC warehouse, after that it will be a hassle with numerous calls to the support centre. Call the QVC Account Phone Number and let the representative understand why you are cancelling the order. QVC has made it even simpler for you! If you want to whether an order can be rescinded, log in to you QVC online account go to the order number you want to cancel, and if it has not yet been dispatched, a ‘cancel order’ tab will appear.

QVC Outlet Stores Contact Number

QVC Customer support team has stationed several outlets in the UK aimed at delivering more services to the people. The two main known retail stores are discussed below:

You can visit QVC Warrington Outlet retails for more details about products and services. To speak with Warrington Customer Service agents, just enter the figures 0192 581 3725 to address your issues. You can also write your complaint in the form of a letter and send it to the address: QVC Outlet Store, Warrington: Birchwood Shopping Centre, 34 Benson Road, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 7PQ.

The second retail store is located in Shrewsbury. You can have your queries solved by calling 0174 336 6667. You can also proceed to the warehouse if you are in nearby and talk face to face with a support member. The street address is QVC Outlet Store, Shrewsbury: Lower Mall, Darwin Shopping Centre, Shrewsbury, SY1 1BP.

All the QVC outlet lines can be reached from Monday to Saturday 9 am – 5.30pm and Sundays 10 am to 4 pm. Always call during the operation hours to speak to a person.

QVC Complaints UK Number

If you are dissatisfied with any services or products provided by QVC team, file a complaint. The QVC Customer Service can be phoned through  0800 514 131 which is a free Number. They will follow a procedure to address the issue quick and fast. Customers can also email. Proceed to their website and use the ’email us’ option found at the bottom of their page. Note that all email sent are responded to within 72 hours. Other options available is writing and posting a letter to the QVC Head office through the address provided above.

Other options available is writing and posting a letter to the QVC Head office through the address given above. Always look at the nature of your queries before choosing the channel to send your complaint through. QVC Complaint UK Number is the fastest and should be used if the issue requires immediate action from the support team.

Follow QVC on Social Media

QVC have a dedicated social platform where customers can get assistance. They have more than one account through which customers can send their queries, comments, feedbacks and complaints. On Facebook, they have more than 90000 followers, and their pages have numerous visitors. Post your questions and expect a response within 48 hrs of posting. On Twitter, post a 140 character tweet on their page. QVC also has Youtube, Google+ and Instagram where you can follow them, watch videos and pictures.

QVC Overview

QVC which stands for ‘Quality’, ‘Value’, and ‘Convenience’ is a multinational communication service that provides a fantastic shopping experience to the UK residents. QVC roots can be traced back to 1986 and its the efforts of Joseph Segel. QVC business operations are available to over 300 million homes in the UK through television channels and advertisements. Its headquarters are located in West London. QVC is committed to providing both brand and engaging shopping experience. The customer service is dedicated to rendering assistance, whether you want to make a return or want a refund where in this case a 30-day money-back guarantee policy will be effective.

The shopping channel has consistently stayed on top of their competitors selling thousands of products daily, and they don’t seem to slow down at all. The company provides various consumers goods under different categories including Electronics, home and garden appliances, kitchen appliances, beauty and fashion, etc. If a product interest you when watching the channel, you will be instructed on how to make the order. QVC Contact Number receive more calls daily. The reason being that most of the company subscribers prefer to make an order through the phone than the website. The most question asked are QVC products, return and refund which are easily answered on QVC FAQs section.

The company has provided some channels through which you can reach the helpdesk:

  • Use the QVC Phone Number provided above.
  • Write a clear and concise email to their QVC support team.
  • Draft a letter and send it to QVC central office
  • Proceed to the official website and use the Contact us page.
  • Contact QVC on social media.

You can also browse the browse their FAQs section for answers.

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