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RAC Contact Number
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What’s the worst thing that can happen when you are travelling in your car, van, caravan, or motorcycle? Well, it may very well be the moment when you hear the weird noises motoring vehicles make when they are dying out, and then slowly, they slow down to a stop, and you just can’t restart your vehicle no matter how many times you try. There is no way you will be able to push it to a nearby workshop – if there is even one. So what do you do?

Are you clinging on to the hope that your insurance company can offer you roadside assistance even when they’re out of operation hours? Well, RAC is the answer for you. In the UK, there are very few insurance agencies that offer breakdown assistance that lasts the whole day, and RAC Insurance is one of them. You only need to call the RAC breakdown contact number.

This post will outline a catalogue of RAC phone numbers, along with email addresses, online forms, and postal addresses that will allow you to contact the company’s customer service with no problem. Upon finishing this, you will have a clear idea of how to get in touch with RAC.

RAC Phone Number List

RAC Helpline UK Contact Number
RAC Customer Service 0192 243 7000
RAC Breakdown Contact Number 0333 200 0999
Car Insurance 0330 159 1031
Car Insurance Sales 0330 159 1019
Claims 0330 159 1062
Blue Badge Cover 0800 029 029
Caravan Insurance 0800 308 1111
Classic Customer Care 0330 159 0728
Motorbike Insurance 0330 159 1156
Van Insurance 0330 332 8308
Van Insurance Claims 0330 332 8315
Home Insurance 0330 159 0985
Home Insurance Sales and Renewal 0333 202 3044
Travel Insurance 0330 159 0405

What is RAC?


You may be wondering what distinguishes RAC from the other insurance companies in the country. Well, unlike other insurance companies, RAC focuses more on roadside breakdown assistance, rather than insurance policies, although their insurance policies are quite stellar too.

They are an automotive services company, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Since 1897, RAC has been a leader in the motoring industry, starting with the introduction of uniformed patrols to the development of a computer system that beats a lot of other similar systems when it comes to dealing with calls for emergency breakdown service.

The company provides services from three bases. They have recorded a total of 2.3 million rescue breakdowns in the year of 2014. They are, simply put, the main provider for all motoring needs. Following are the means to contact RAC:

  • Reach out to the RAC phone numbers provided in the above list
  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Social media

RAC Customer Service

rac customer service

If you want to talk about progressive, RAC is unarguably the most progressive in terms of providing stellar motoring services across the country. With their customers in mind, they are always on the look out for better system upgrades and product development that can allow their customers to keep up with the increasingly complex technology in recent days. As a standardised protocol, it is compulsory for all RAC patrol vans to carry over 500 parts and tools that will allow them to help their customers to get back on the road in no time.

Their motoring services are comprehensive and complete so that customers will not have any troubles with getting help from the insurance agency. For one, their breakdown cover is inclusive of roadside assistance, insurance, buying a used car, regular vehicle inspections, legal advice, or the latest traffic information. Each of the RAC customer service team members is individually well-trained and knowledgeable for all services that they provide.

You can always contact RAC phone number on 0192 243 7000 to acquire clarifications and understanding of RAC services. For additional documents that you wish for their agents to look over, either attach soft copies with to an email – you can find their full email information on the RAC Contact Us page – or enclose hard copies with your letter and send it to this address:

RAC House
Brockhurst Crescent
United Kingdom

The RAC support team line is open all day, seven days a week. However, you are advised to visit the FAQ page before making any calls, as your questions might have already been resolved.

RAC Breakdown Contact Number

rac breakdown cover helpline

You know that you are getting a lot of good and not losing anything if you sign up on the RAC Breakdown Cover when you know that their coverage is a consistent five-star rated on Defaqto.

Their patrols are capable of repairing four out of five broken down vehicles in the period of thirty minutes, which means that you can get back on the road without having to even head over to a workshop. If things are in less than favourable conditions, they even provide extras such as courtesy cars and key replacements.

You can dial the RAC breakdown contact number at any time on 0333 2000 999 to learn more about their breakdown cover offers. This is also the RAC helpline to call if you do end up stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Car Insurance

They do not have to prove themselves to you because their five-star rating from Defaqto should be enough to convince you that RAC is the real deal when it comes to car insurances. You can choose to insure your child’s first car, protect your car when you are away, or get cover for more than two cars, and the insurance broker will be there with well-designed policies to help you.

Their car insurance policies include basic benefits such as driver promise, five-star rated cover, RAC member discount, and free motor legal protection. Now imagine the extra benefits with each individual car insurance policies that the company provides.

Reach out to the RAC contact number 0330 159 1031 to acquire additional information about their car insurance policies. Payment schedules and coverage parameters can also be checked on by contacting the company on this number, which is available 7a.m. to 10p.m. Monday to Friday, 8a.m. to 7p.m. Saturday, and 10a.m. to 4p.m. Sunday.

You can apply for a car insurance policy on this RAC insurance number 0330 159 1019. If you wish to register a claim or check on an existing claim with the RAC, you have to contact RAC on 0330 159 1062.

Blue Badge Cover

rac special services

RAC is probably the only insurance broker in the whole country to offer a Blue Badge Cover for those with special needs. You are already privileged to the full package of the RAC breakdown cover policies if you are a blue badge holder. Feel free to get in touch with the RAC contact number  0800 029 029 to learn more about it or request for roadside assistance if you are an existing customer.

Caravan Insurance

Caravans are odd things. People sometimes buy them just to put them in a storage space, and make a small and homey space out of it, or they buy caravans for travels to the outskirts and have a fun night under the stars. Nevertheless, it would be wise for you to provide protection for your vans with an RAC Van Insurance.

The RAC number for caravan insurance is 0800 308 1111. You can use this number to either ask about or apply for a caravan insurance.

Classic Cover

When you come across a classic car, it is very hard to let go. It can be even more heartbreaking if you lose it over an accident that you never expected. RAC understands the emotional attachments between classic cars and the proud owners of classic cars, and they want to help you in protecting your precious vehicle for as long as possible, which is why their Classic Cover came into emergence.

They provide coverage for public road rallies and trials, third party liability cover, and agreed value cover with no extra cost. It is a well-endowed cover package that you won’t regret getting your pride and joy.

To learn more about their classic car cover, please reach out to the RAC customer service team 0330 159 0728.

Motorbike Insurance

rac customer on motorbike

For a total of 119 years, RAC has been dispatching rescue missions for bikers. Flexibility is what everyone asks for in an insurance, and RAC provides that with their motor insurance. It does not matter what kind of bike you have, the company will tailor their policy to meet your requirements. You can even get some extras with it, like legal expenses and personal accident cover.

If you wish to acquire clarification about RAC Motor Insurance, do not hesitate to reach out through the RAC number 0330 159 1156. Their representatives will clear everything up for you.

Van Insurance

rac van insurance phone number

Vans are versatile vehicles. They can be used for either personal travel purposes or to carry precious cargo. They are so valuable that it would be careless of you to not try to protect your vans.

Van insurance policies are sold at affordable prices with a wide array of benefits. For example, if you are an RAC member, you are already privileged to valuable discount. As they use vans themselves to perform their patrols, the company completely understand the importance of vans when you use them for business.

You can submit general enquiries about RAC Van Insurance by reaching out to them on the RAC helpline 0330 332 8308If you wish to register a new claim or enquire about an existing claim, you can do so by calling this number 0330 332 8315.

Home Insurance

The most important thing to protect among your properties and possessions is your home. You have formed memories and developed deep emotional attachments to the place that you always return to every day; it would be a shame to lose it over an unprecedented incident and damage. RAC is eager to help you with the protection of your home, which is why they have developed home insurance with unique benefits.

Learn more about RAC Home Insurance by calling the RAC support team on 0330 159 0985. To apply for a home insurance or renew the details in your existing policy, please get in touch by dialling 0333 202 3044.

Travel Insurance

You have to understand that you are not privileged to the same protection you get in your home country when you are in a foreign country. It will be incredibly wise of you to obtain a travel insurance for safety purpose, in case something happens to you overseas.

You ought to call this number 0330 159 0405 to reach the RAC Travel Insurance support team. An agent will provide you with sufficient knowledge about this particular policy and help you make your decision.

Contact RAC via Social Media

contact rac via social media

RAC has set up several social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep users up to date and to give customers more channels to get in touch with RAC.

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