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Banking is a complicated matter, and you should always do thorough research on a particular bank before you trust your money with a bank. In the UK, the one bank you can definitely trust is The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). The Royal Bank of Scotland is a subsidiary of a much bigger group called The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group).

This article will be a thorough guide through all of the important RBS telephone banking numbers that you can call to reach RBS customer service, and other old-fashioned ways such as email addresses and postal addresses that you can use to reach out to the bank as well.

RBS Phone Number List

RBS Helpline UK Contact Number
RBS Customer Service Scotland 0345 724 2424
RBS Customer Service England 0345-900-0400
RBS Customer Service Wales 0345-900-0300
Lost or Stolen Card 0370-600-0459
Personal Credit Card 0370-333-9091
Business Credit Card 0370-154-1234
BusinessOne 0345-300-8460
Private Banking Manager 0333-202-3332
Mortgage 0800-056-3220
Existing Mortgage 0800-056-0567
+44 1216-290-739 (Abroad)
Personal Loan 0800-148-8331
Existing Loan 0345-030-3216
Fraud Report 0800-161-5150 (Personal)
0345-300-3986 (Business)
0800-161-5153 (Personal Credit Card)
0800-161-5164 (Business Credit Card)
Silver Membership 0345-607-5154
+44 2392-666-062 (Abroad)
Platinum Membership 0345-609-0456
+44 2392-668-827 (Abroad)
Black Membership 0345-266-8801
+44 2392-668 814 (Abroad)

RBS Customer Service

rbs customer slogan

Rest assured that RBS Bank takes care of everyone, and by everyone, we mean everyone. As their most common services, they have set up numerous storefront branches across the UK, free for every RBS Bank customer to visit if they wish to. Not only that but they also operate their customer support via phone and internet banking. The people in the rural areas are also well taken care of, what with their “mobile” branches in the form of vans.

They are firmly planted on the objective that nothing is more important to them than their valued customers. A lot of their success is thanks to their high-quality customer service that tries to not let their customers down for as long as they are in operations. They only wish to gain the public’s respect, trust, and loyalty with their faithful services.

All these ambitions and values built up to what they are now, with excellent customer care.

For RBS support team in Scotland, you are advised to direct your enquiries by contacting this RBS telephone banking number 0345-724-2424. Callers from abroad should call the Scotland support team on +44 131-549-8888.

If you desire to learn more about RBS Bank or set up an account with them in England, the RBS phone number to get in touch with is 0345-900-0400. You can reach the England branch on +44 131-242-0017 if you are calling from outside of UK.

Interested in becoming a customer of the RBS branch in Wales? Please get in touch with the local RBS helpline on 0345-900-0300 or the international number on +44 118-373-2181.

RBS customer care numbers are available for calls all day, seven days a week.

If you are in the mood for something old-fashioned and you are not in a rush, you can always write a letter to this address:

Royal Bank of Scotland
36 St Andrew Square
United Kingdom

Or you can reach out through email. Their full email information can be found on the RBS Contact Us page.

Lost or Stolen Card

Kudos to you if you have never managed to lose your credit card or get your credit card stolen; it means you are a very careful person and you understand the importance of keeping your cards safe and secure.

But what do you do if you do find your card lost or stolen? Maybe you have misplaced it somewhere or some shady guy decided to just swipe it from your wallet. Well, the first thing you should do is report the incident to the bank avoid severe financial hazard.

If your card really is stolen or lost, do not hesitate to contact RBS helpline on 0370-600-0459. Their agents will cancel your existing card so that no one can access your money. They will also issue a new card if you request for one. International callers ought to call this RBS telephone banking number +44 126-850-0813.

Personal Credit Card

rbs personal credit card

Personal credit cards from the banking company will privilege you to a number of rewards – depending on which credit card you choose to apply for – and they are specifically designed to suit your needs. RBS Bank was built to give customers everything they need while not asking anything from their customers, because they just want the citizens of UK to be able to enjoy credit card benefits without losing anything.

You can acquire more information about a normal personal credit card from RBS Bank by contacting the RBS telephone banking number 0370-333-9091. If you are not in the UK but you are interested anyway, you can learn about it by dialling the RBS contact number +44 126-850-8018.

One of the special membership credit cards the company provides is the Silver Membership. With a Silver Membership, you will be given a travel insurance, protection benefits for your mobile, and lifestyle benefits like a two-for-one meal. Ticket bookings to theatre, dance, opera, concerts, and more throughout the UK and Ireland will also allow you to get a 25% cash back.

A Platinum Credit Card from the bank entitles you to mobile insurance, and worldwide travel insurance. Your car will also have a breakdown cover. Purchases and transfers are also naturally low rate with this credit card. There won’t be teaser jump rates that will sting you.

What kind of credit card gives you substantial spending power with designed travel benefits? In addition to these, there are also refunds and an annual fee! A Black Membership card from RBS Bank will do exactly that. Your calls will also be prioritised when you reach out to RBS if you are a Black Membership cardholder.

Get in touch with their customer care to obtain more information about each membership credit cards. You can also look for their full email information on the RBS Contact Us page if you wish to drop them an email instead.

Business Credit Card

rbs business credit card

You can go a long way with your business with an RBS Business Credit Card, especially if it is a startup business. A turnover of two million pounds is one of the many benefits with their business credit card. If you have paid your balance in full upon approval of your application, you can even perform purchases free of interest for up to 45 days.

If you wish to learn more about it or apply for one, simply get in touch with RBS Bank on 0370-154-1234. Callers from overseas can call the RBS telephone banking number on +44 370-154-1234.

Business users can also choose to apply for the special credit card service called BusinessOne. It is an all-in-one business service, including travel, entertainment, and general business expenses.

Fraud Reports

When money, assets, or property is obtained through potentially illegal means, the name of such action is fraud. Depositors who are posing as a bank or other financial institutions are also considered as frauds. Frauds can go from stolen cheques to rogue traders, a serious crime that can land the criminals for as long as ten years in prison.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you might be a victim of a fraud or an actual victim of fraudulence, you are to immediately report it to RBS Bank on 0800-161-5150 for personal frauds or 0345-300-3986 for business fraud related victims.

Private Banking Manager

rbs bank charts

Want to have your banking affairs handled with more care and privacy? You can always go to a private banking manager at RBS Bank.

A Private Banking Manager will assist you in all aspects with your personal banking account. They will also inform you at the earliest moment with the latest updates or offers.

Feel free to dial the RBS telephone number 0333-202-3332 to get connected with your private banking manager. If you are overseas, the appropriate number to call is +44 1312-783-507.


You can go to RBS Bank for help for your mortgages. Be assured that your credit score will not be affected in any way if you borrow from the bank. Their main focus when it comes to mortgages is transparency; all they ask from you is to be transparent with them and they will do the same with you.

You can obtain a more informed understanding about it by calling 0800-056-3220 toll-free. If you already have an existing mortgage, feel free to get in touch by calling 0800-056-0567 or +44 121-629-0739.


RBS Bank loans allow you to borrow at a lower interest rate compared to other banks or loaners. Your loans can range between the amount £1k and £25k, granted you will have a payment schedule to make your repayments.

If you wish to borrow from the bank and want to learn more about how they work, feel free to contact RBS on 0800-148-8331. Existing customers can make changes by calling 0345-030-3216 to make changes.

Contact RBS via Social Media

contact rbs

The RBS Bank social network accounts are set up to keep customers informed. Customer feedback can also be submitted through their social media outlets.

RBS Overview

RBS Bank

While the RBS Group is a banking conglomerate with many subsidies, such as NatWest and Ulster Bank, the RBS Bank still remains the most prominent in the UK. They have more than 700 branches spread throughout the country, helping a UK citizen with their banking services at a time. Their main bases are in Scotland, and in larger parts of England and Wales. However, don’t mistake RBS Bank as Bank of Scotland, because they are two entirely different entities.

You can go to RBS Bank for personal, business, private banking, and corporate banking, they have all the suitable banking plans to ensure that your funds are well taken care of.

They are a member of the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Limited, Bankers’ Automated Cleaning Services Limited, the Clearing House Automated Payment System Limited, and the LINK Interchange Network Limited. The Financial Ombudsman service has authorised RBS Bank to run their operations. You can contact RBS team by:

  • Calling the RBS contact numbers given above
  • Finding their full contact information on the RBS Contact Us page
  • Send them a letter
  • Write them an email
  • Download the RBS mobile applications
  • Social media

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