Red Funnel Contact Numbers

Red Funnel Contact Numbers

Red Funnel UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday 10 am - 3 pm

Red Funnel Department UK Contact Number
 Customer Service 0238 001 9192
 Switchboard 0238 024 8500
 Bookings 0844 844 9988
 Fax 0238 024 8501

Red Funnel Customer Service

Dial Red Funnel customer service number 0238 001 9192 and get all the answers to the questions you might be having regarding their services. If you have an online account, call the number above, and the representative will be glad to talk you through the services you can access. These services include;

  • Freight bookings
  • Ferry bookings
  • Events and attraction bookings.

The line is available on Monday and Friday between 8 am to 8 pm, on Saturday from  9 am to 5 pm, and Sunday make sure you make your call between 10 am to 4 pm.

Red Funnel Fax

In case you want to have your queries or complaints answered via fax, the fax line to use is 0238 024 8501. You can even request the support team to fax you the specifications of their services such as bookings.

How to Contact Red Funnel?

Various way to receive assistance from their customer service team are:

  • Calling the Red Funnel UK contact numbers
  • Drafting a well-written letter.
  • Contact them on social media
  • Create an online account
  • Send them an email.
  • Use the FAQs section for ready answers

Red Funnel Promotional Code

In case you have a stable internet connection, use the following link which will direct you to their discounts and promo codes page. Other enquiries that will be answered on this page include, problems with booking or if you can’t find the service you are looking for.

Which is the easiest ferry to the Isle of Wight? Well, it depends on the time you are travelling and what offers are present. From time to time, the company provides their customers with promo codes to use during their travels. Most of these promo codes are available through the third parties and you are requested to confirm with the support team the validity of the code prior to the travel date.

Red Funnel Rewards

For more details, familiarise yourself with Red Funnel My Rewards page through the link provided on this page. Apart from just being a travelling passenger, you can enrol in their customer loyalty program. Sign up to the Rewards and start earning points every time you use their services. Their loyalty card scheme is free to all those who fancies it. Wondering whether the card is of any good or just an additional of a card to your wallet that you will never use? Many customers have recommended the scheme, complimenting that it’s one of the generous scheme ever.

Red Funnel Special Offers

For complete details, visit their Red Funnel Special Offers page. You can always use the special offer today in case you have queries or complaint on the company special offers. Some of the offers that are available include:

  • Caravan offers
  • Saver tickets,
  • Camping offers
  • Accommodation offers
  • Gold card discount offers

Red Funnel Bookings

The Red Funnel booking helpline number is 0844 844 9988. This number exposes the customers to variety of choices where they can make enquiries such as;

  • The availability of tickets.
  • Make a booking by comparing the cheapest fares between Southampton and East Cowes.
  • Get assistance on how to make an online booking.
  • Amend your booking tickets.
  • Make a cancellation.
  • Enquire about group bookings

In case your enquiry is about any of the above, don’t hesitate to call and speak with an agent who will provide you with answers and the correct guidance.

Red Funnel Online Booking

Keeping pace with the current technology advancements, the company provides online booking services, where customers can access tickets online. Just pay a visit to their official website today and make the booking to your favourite destination. The company has been in the service for the past 150 years and operates the biggest car ferries to the Isle of Wight. With the link provided above, you can access various online booking services such as ferry bookings, events and attraction bookings and also the accommodation booking.

Please have in mind that you will receive your e-ticket through the mail for all bookings made online or through the phone.

Red Funnel Head Office Address

In case you would like to write your enquiries, there are several options available. You can send them an email to [email protected]. Please make sure you address the questions or the issues accurately. Apart from email, you can use the old fashioned method of letter writing. Though it’s a slow process, it’s efficient in message delivery. However, in case you are writing to a specific department, kindly mention their respective name on the envelope. For example, in case you are making a complaint to the booking department, the envelope will be addressed to Red Funnel Bookings department. Use the following address;

12 Bugle Street, Southampton SO14 2JY UK

When you send a letter, have in mind that it may take up to 7 days for you to get a response.

Red Funnel Switchboard

Red Funnel switchboard contact number is 0238 024 8500. The company is dedicated to providing their customers with the greatest experience possible and help them enjoy their 55 minutes journey to their destination. In case you have any queries or corporate questions to their head office or you have any services that you want to avail to the company through the head office, dial the above number.

Red Funnel Cancellations

In order to learn the complete details of Red Funnel cancellation, please visit their Terms and Conditions page. The company reserve the right to make changes and cancellation. Once you have made a booking, the staff goes through the bookings and if they have to make any changes to your travel plan, they will notify you earlier- more than 12 hrs remaining. They may offer you some choices in case there is time left before departure.  You can also request a copy of their terms by contacting Red Funnel customer service number, the team is always ready to help.

Red Funnel Contact Tips

  • In case you have to speak to a human, make the right timing and call during their normal open hours. In case you are not in a position to make a call, you can always give them a call or send an email, and they will be happy to get back to you.
  • Always have your details at hand as the customer support team may request for them so as to verify your identity.

Contact Red Funnel via Social Media

In addition to Red Funnel phone numbers, you can also approach the company via social media platforms given below:

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