Scottish Power Customer Service

Scottish Power Customer Service
Scottish Power Customer Service

Scottish Power UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday ---

Scottish Power Phone Numbers

Scottish Power Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Scottish Power Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 027 0072
Textphone 0800 027 8899
Boiler Emergency Helpline 0800 111 4686
Power cuts (central and south Scotland) 0800 092 9290
Sales enquiries 0800 027 6464

Scottish Power Overview

Scottish Power, a leader in renewable energy sources, is a subsidiary of the Iberdrola Group. The parent company is one of the popular energy providing company in the UK with a customer base of more than 5.6 million customers. Scottish Power customer service caters to the needs of residents as well as small and big businesses  through generation, transmission, distribution, and retailing of electricity.

Scottish Power Services

For many years, Scottish Power  has supplied gas and electricity to residents across Scotland and the UK at large. The company offers robust energy plans tailored to meet the needs of customers. Their electricity and gas tariffs are competitive while their maintenance and repair services reliable. For those who have problems with managing electricity, you will be happy to know that Scottish Power supports energy conservation and efficient use of power. Don’t hesitate to contact Scottish power numbers when you need solid advice or support on either issue.

Does Scottish Power offer online services? Yes, customers can signup for their e-service.  Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. Customers who enrol get a chance to manage their energy accounts, billing, plans, and payments. On top of that, they can obtain meter readings, update bank details, and change their tariffs. You’re certainly missing out on a fantastic opportunity to manage your electricity/gas in real-time. So sign up as soon as you can.

Residential customers aren’t the only served by the energy company. Scottish Power also meets the gas and electricity needs of thousands of small and medium enterprises. Energy-related services such as meter reading and maintenance as well as repairs and distribution are handled by subsidiaries.  Contact Scottish Power telephone number services for residential customers to inquire about their gas and electricity services. The best time to make a call is between 8am to 10 am and from 2.00pm-5.00pm when the lines are less congested.

Scottish Power Customer Service

Contact Scottish Power Customer Service

Looking for help from customer representatives? You will happy to know what Scottish Power operates various toll-free service numbers. Whether you are calling from within the UK or from abroad, you can rest assured you find someone on the end of the Scottish power number line to handle your queries.

Customers who want to make broad inquiries should contact Scottish phone number toll-free services, 0800 027 0072. Friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available during normal working hours to attend to you. So feel free to inquire about billing, tariffs, payments and anything in between. Sales enquiries to the company should be made to 0800 027 6464

Do you have speech or hearing problems? You shouldn’t relent from  seeking help from Scottish Power customer service because of your condition. Contact their toll-free Scottish Power telephone number 0800 027 8899the textphone number for individuals with hearing/speech impairment.

Support and help isn’t only available when you contact Scottish Power helpline numbers. You can learn more about tariffs, billings, and payments from their FAQs and resource section. For more details about the company’s products or services, cgo to Scottish Power online or call the support numbers.

Contact Scottish Power

Write to Scottish Power Customer Care

When calling Scottish power telephone number doesn’t work for you, consider writing a mail. Inquiry letters or complaint letters to the customer desk should be mailed to the address below:

Customer Service Director
Scottish Power Helpline
Cathcart Business Park
Spean Street
G44 4BE

Contact Scottish Power Tips

Calls made to the Scottish Power customer service representatives using 0800 landline numbers don’t attract charges. When calling the Scottish Power number, it’s a good thing to have your account details on hand. Calls may be recorded for quality or training purposes.

Whenever there is an emergency, the Scottish Power phone number to contact is toll-free, 0800 111 4686. Representatives are available at any time of day or night. And in the event that you cannot contact Scottish Power telephone number, don’t hesitate to send a tweet or a Facebook message to the service desk.

Scottish Power Customer Service
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7 Comments to “Scottish Power Customer Service”

  • My name is mohamed mazen , I am apart time student in huddersfield university. I am temporarily staying in 47 sommerset street , Huddersfield I have received a letter from The customer service director ( lynda clayton) stating that the company havent recieved a payement of 454.41 which was due on 19th august2014. That was really surprised by this letter for many reassons: First: this is a shared property of 4 residents and we deal directly with the landlord , non of us made any contract with scottishpower or any other company. second: our contract with the landlord include all the bills. third: I am not a permenant resident in huddersfield , Due to the nature of my study I go to Huddersfield for only 2 months every year. I just wonder I think there is amistake Hoever I wonder how does the company knew my name and my contacts without being a customer. hoping for a quick explanation before leaving to Egypt on the 16th of november. My UK mobile is 07425882321 my email: [email protected]
    M. mazen

  • Dear ‘Lynda Clayton’ of customer services

    Despite notifying you of my sisters death, as well as the solicitor and Helen herself being in touch with you before she died, her email account is still receiving emails. These emails are addressed to ‘Late Helen MacLean’, which is potentially the most insensitive correspondence I have received since her death. I would like to request that you refrain from using this callous term in all future correspondence to myself, and other bereaved relatives.

    Rachel Bradley

  • Dear Lynda,

    I have not yet received a response to the letter I sent you, my bill was on lock down whilst I waited for my meter to be checked for malfunction, for the third time Scottish Power engineers failed to attend, and I believe that my bill should continue to be frozen until the Ombudsman has completed their investigation. Despite registering my complaints via the online complaints form, and receiving repeated automated emails assuring me that Scottish Power are dealing and I need do no more, there has been no action or communication whatsoever. The service I have received from Scottish Power is deplorable!

    And you ask me to pay my bill?


    Liz Chapman

  • In October 15 I bought a new house and started a change of supplier process to Eon from Scottish Power. Scottish Power have billed me form a date 9 days before I bought the house. Despite multiple calls, emails and a final letter requesting an accurate bill I have received multiple chases threatening further action for recovery. On the day that I wrote to say that I wouldn’t pay until I got an accurate bill they sent me another letter with 2 separate dual fuel bills in – both had different amounts. I’m now starting the Ofgem complaints process as I find this unacceptable customer service.

  • I have been trying to get Scottish Power to correct my bills after having a new meter installed in September 2014. none of the bills sent to me are correct as they have 3 accounts for me, all stating different figures and charges tha customer services can not explain. The complaints procedure is a joke as you cant get anyone to contact you. I have paid several hundred pounds to keep the balance updated as I thought, but just received 2 new bills stating I owe another £1503.00 for 14 months of charge .I have put in 3 complaints and had numerous letters from scottish power that they are dealing with it but nobody has contacted me even after numerous phone calls. I have still not got past Stage 3 of the complaints procedure (a member of their senior management team ) will contact me, thats a joke. I have now decided to go to the Ombudsman Service.

  • Im grateful for the forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. Smithmyer

  • I fail to understand how I can still be sent invoices as we left Scottish Power in February 2016 – due to the companies inability to differentiate our address from other ‘109 High Street’ in Cambridgeshire resulting in disconnection of service etc etc.
    At the time, I contacted Scottish Power constantly (frustratingly the staff were less than helpful) and in February 2016 was advised that the meter readings taken at the time of the account being terminated resulted in a payment being required from ourselves.
    I duly made this payment (despite believing it to be incorrect) and as far as I am concerned this account was settled (fully and finally).
    I am now receiving demands for huge amounts of money. It seems that they are still reading my meter (or someone else’s that has been incorrectly assigned to my address).
    I have suffered two family bereavements and this is not appreciated it – it is worrying the life out of me as I know I do not owe anything. I do not want further confrontation with Scottish Power and more importantly, do not want to be pursued for money that I do not owe.

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