Secure Trust Bank Contact Numbers

Secure Trust Bank Contact Numbers
Secure Trust Bank Customer Service

Secure Trust Bank UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Sunday Closed

All Services is a dedicated service which serves your purpose to get in touch with various companies and entities across the UK. We ensure that all the contact details that you will possibly need for reaching out to the respective department at an organisation are met. This once, we have brought together a comprehensive guide to getting in touch with Secure Trust Bank, a British retail and commercial bank. We hope you find it useful and helpful.

Secure Trust Bank Phone Tips

Secure Trust Bank Departments UK Contact Number
Secure Trust Bank Customer Service 0345 111 7092
0121 683 6451
Secure Trust Bank Mortgages 0330 303 3490
Secure Trust Bank Personal Loans 0121 693 9106
Secure Trust Bank Current Accounts 0121 693 9100
Secure Trust Bank V12 Retail Finance 0292 046 8900
Secure Trust Bank Head Office 0121 693 9102
Secure Trust Bank Suspicious Email 0345 111 7117
Secure Trust Bank Complaints 0121 683 6444
Secure Trust Bank Press/Public Relations 0330 303 1287
Secure Trust Bank Intermediaries 0330 303 3495

Secure Trust Bank Customer Service

Secure Trust Bank Contact Us

The Secure Trust Bank customer service number is 03451 117 092. They will be answering all your queries with respect to the savings account they are offering. This includes questions about the prevalent interest rates, the minimum amount required to open the account, the maximum that can be saved, payment and withdrawal methods, the prevailing tariff on withdrawals and all the other related queries. Whatever is that you need to get in touch with them for with respect to their savings account services, you should know what number to dial by now.

They are operational from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, on Saturday from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, and on Sunday, they are closed. Also, the team would be unavailable on Bank Holidays.

Secure Trust Bank Personal Savings Account

The Secure Trust Bank personal savings account number is 0121 683 6451. The respective customer support can be reached using the numbers for all the discussed issues. Hence, you are free to use any of the numbers to get your queries with respect to their personal savings account address. The operating hours are same as the first number.

Secure Trust Bank Mortgages

The Secure Trust Bank mortgages customer service number is 0330 303 3490. Secure Trust Bank expresses genuine desire to lend and therefore, has a carefully selected list of intermediaries that will help you arrange for a mortgage. For any queries you have with respect to the mortgage services they are offering, for example how to get in touch with the intermediary or what procedure would be followed or just a general enquiry question, you can get in touch with the respective customer support team.

To ensure all your queries are addressed in the right amount of time, give them a call from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am – 5.30 pm.

Secure Trust Bank Personal Loans

The Secure Trust Bank personal loans helpline number is 0121 693 9106. They are not giving out personal loans to new customers. However, if you have any questions with respect to your existing personal loan or even an application that you have already submitted, give them a call on the given number and all your queries will be addressed satisfyingly. This would include questions about the interest rate that has to be paid, clarifications on the terms of borrowing, or if it is an application you are enquiring about, the question could be about the duration of which your loan would be approved.

Their team is available on Monday to Friday between the hours 9.00 am – 7.00 pm and 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.

Secure Trust Bank Current Account

The number for Secure Trust Bank current account helpline support is 0121 693 9100. Even though Secure Trust Bank has closed down the current account services they were previously offering, if you have any questions with respect to your closed account, you can get in touch with the Reception at the given number and get your concerns addressed.

They are available for you from Monday to Friday between the hours 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Secure Trust Bank V12 Retail Finance

The Secure Trust Bank V12 Retail Finance phone number is 0292 046 8900. They are striving to make your retail business more intelligent and if you want to increase your sales using their V12 Retail Finance services, you will be talking to a representative at the given number. You’re potentials if you become their retail partner can be explored by talking to them, along with which you might also get your concerns addressed, for example, how would it be helpful, the procedure to having it all done, the legalities and formalities involved. They would also be advising you on which is the best product to go for according to your business type, the finance options available to you and the related details. In case you have to ask about Direct Debits for your commercial business as well, you will be calling on the given number.

Their team is available at your service from Monday to Friday 8.00 am 8.00 pm, on Saturday from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm and on Sunday from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Secure Trust Bank Head Office

The Secure Trust Bank head office phone number is 0121 693 9102. If you have any queries for their head office team or if you want to avail the services of Secure Trust Bank directly via their head office. Likewise, if you have some corporate level enquiries you can give them a call!

In addition to this, you might as well pay them a visit at their head office using the address shared later in the work. To avail their services in person and get all the information personally, it would be wise to go and visit their team.

You will also be posting your queries to this address in case you want to reach them in writing. Again, the issues for writing them and posting can be absolutely anything. However, if they are specific to a department, write the respective name on the envelope, for example, if you writing to the complaints department or to the current accounts, you will address it to Complaints and Current Accounts respectively.

Secure Trust Bank Suspicious Email

The Secure Trust Bank suspicious email customer service number is 0345 111 7117 Moreover, if you are suspicious that your account with Secure Trust Bank has been accessed online by someone other than yourself, you will be giving them a call and report. They will guide your further as to what should be done.

Secure Trust Bank Complaints

The number for Secure Trust Bank complaints is 0121 683 6444. Be it your unhappiness with any of their services, of regarding the way your matters were handled by their representatives, or even if you are not satisfied with their way of working, you can let them know. In case you need to tell them their areas of improvement, the number would come in handy.

If you are not comfortable talking to them over the phone, you might as well drop them a letter at their dead office address addressing it to the Chief Executive officer.

Secure Trust Bank Press/Public Relations

The Secure Trust Bank press/public relations telephone number is 0330 303 1287. In case you want to arrange a press conference, an interview with an official at Secure Trust Bank or want access to their media information, you will be contacting the respective team at the given number. Your queries and questions about public relations will also be addressed by the representatives at the given number.

Secure Trust Bank Intermediaries

Secure Trust Bank intermediary page

The Secure Trust Bank intermediaries support team number is 0330 303 3495. If you have to ask about the intermediaries, request information about how this service works or have concerns that need to be addressed to the respective team, give them a call on the provided number.

Alternate Contact Details

Secure Trust Bank Emails

Forward a suspicious email to [email protected] in case you have not responded to it. This is to be done in case you receive a fraudulent email as well. However, please note that this email is protected by spambots and a javascript enabled will be required to view it.

You will be sending them an email at [email protected] in case you do not want to talk to their intermediary support team to get your related concerns addressed.

Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance

For arranging a lump sum amount for your business, you would want to avail the Secure Trust Bank commercial finance services. For discussing your needs and request information, you can reach out to your regional contact information displayed when you open the respective page on the Secure Trust Bank Website. You will also find the links to submit your enquiries regarding their real estate finance products there only.

Secure Trust Bank Contact Tips

Secure Trust Bank Twitter page

To stay in constant touch with the new updates in services and products Secure Trust Bank is offering and to learn about any new job openings there, you can always connect with them on social media platforms. Join them on:

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